Sale of assault weapons must be regulated. A “need to have” system must be developed. Otherwise, we will continue to have incidents like Virginia Tech, the Colorado Theater, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Orlando nightclub, Las Vegas massacre, and Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

In the Military, you are not issued certain weapons unless your Military Occupational Specialty requires it. An Assault Weapon compared to a handgun, is the equivalent of purchasing a car when you only need a Wagon wheel. There is no point in purchasing a car if you are not going to drive it. In the same token, there is no point in purchasing an Assault Weapon if you are not planning to shoot it. Yes, you can go to the range but some persons who purchase Assault weapons are not interested in silhouettes or pop up targets. People who purchase Assault weapons are interested in shooting an animal or another human being.

I am appalled that individuals can purchase Assault weapons in a civilized setting without justifiable reasons. How is it possible for it to be legal to sell Assault weapons in a civilize Country? We need to stop selling Assault weapons. This is not a war Zone. Many of the idiots buying weapons would not serve a day in the military because they are physically or mentally incapable or just plain cowards. Unfortunately, those people commit heinous acts.

Except in the unusual situation where someone snaps from imminent danger, there is no understanding use of an Assault weapon in a civilized setting. What happened in Sandy Hook, the Orlando nightclub, Las Vegas, and now Stoneman Douglas High School is Barbaric.

Sales of Assault weapons are not good for the civil health of our society. Gun shops are all about the money. Once again, greed rears its ugly head similar to those who took money to teach individuals how to fly airplanes, even after realizing that said trainees had no interest in learning how to Land. Greed got us into a financial crisis. Greed from the sale of Assault Weapons will create mayhem in our society. We have to regulate the sale of assault weapons. Our Society and way of Life is in danger of falling off the proverbial Cliff.

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy and other school shootings, there is talk about arming teachers. That is a bad, ridiculous, and ludicrous idea. Arming teachers is an idea that has permanent residency in the preposterous.

The simple solution is to take some of that ridiculous money Superintendents of the schools make and install cameras at all corners. In addition, put a security detail together with qualified Guards and CCTV. Use common sense and security measures to ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain access to said premises. Maintenance of such a system will require two shifts of Guards. The second shift on duty until all school personnel leave each day. The second Amendment is alive and well but it is time to restrict or prohibit the sale of assault weapons. Neighborhood facilities are not war zones.