Philippines Athletes are confident about their chances in the upcoming 2021 Olympics. On the Women, side of the Track Kristina Marie Knott with Personal Best in the 200M of 23.01 and 11.27 in the 100M appears to be the best on the Team. Pending satisfying Olympics qualification requirements, I expect her to be competitive.

Satisfying Olympics qualification requirements is something most Athletes overlook. However, in the next two months qualification requirements will be Front and Center. Compared to Jamaica, The Philippines Team will travel up the Road to Japan.

Kristina Marie Knott will be an inspiration to her Teammates. Her performances In the Women’s 100M and 200M is impressive. In the Women’s 400M Hurdles, Robyn Lauren Brown has potential. Her technique is good but needs to work on Speed. The 4x100M Women’s Team looks ready to compete with a little bit of improvement. The Women’s Team appears competitive. Women’s Pole Vault will have an entrant from the Philippines that might surprise Tokyo. There are Women Athletes whose mettle will be obvious in Olympics 2024.

On the Men, side of the Track and Field competition, several Athletes standout, but James Deiparine looks promising as well as Eric Cray. Eric Cray’s performances are impressive but he has some major work ahead to improve and be successful in Olympics 2021. The Men’s Team might be competitive in the Field but probably not on the Track.

In the 400M Hurdles, Eric Cray with a time of 50.21 is the best for that event in the Philippines. He has Speed but Technique needs improvement. The 110M Hurdles features Clinton Kingsley Bautista with a time of 13.98 but with tremendous upside. For the100M, Anfernee Talaboc Lopena with a Personal best of 10.61 is the best I observed. He has potential but might not have enough time to be competitive in Olympics 2021. T Anthony Beram, with a time of 20.83 in the 200M and 46.39 in the 400M, in 2021 looks impressive. In the 800M, Carter James Lilly at 1:47.52 with a little bit of work could improve his time to 1:45:00 and be competitive.

The Men’s 4x400M Team should be competitive. Ernest John Obiena should deliver in the Pole Vault, fingers crossed. The fans are expecting improvement in 4x100M. Carlos Yulo should maintain is form in Gymnastics in the Olympics. Swimming and Gymnastics will be frontline for the Filipino Team.

The Philippines Athletes are progressively working on their talents to be as good as Jamaicans on the Track and Americans in the Pool. I sense a Pride of the Philippines among them, or a Burning Spear somewhere.


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COVID-19 caused the rescheduling of Olympics 2020 but Athletics is essential. Sports Fans look forward to seeing Olympic caliber Athletes perform, especially those who compete in Track and Field events including the Marathon. Since there are many events occurring in the world, from the Caribbean to South China Sea, let us give a shout out to all Athletes preparing to perform in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. The event is scheduled for July 23 to August 8 2021 but is still not a certainty. There are Geo-Political issues in the Region that could have an impact on the event.

There is hope all Athletes despite the impact of COVID-19 were able to keep themselves mentally and physically fit. Athletes, who participated in the Diamond League, did well in preparing to be Olympians. If your performance is not good enough, get busy and be psychologically prepared. Let us look at the performance and potential of Athletes who performed in the Jamaica 2021 Olympic Trials. There is Local opposition to the staging of Olympics 2021. Regardless the Athletes in Japan are ready.

Previously the prevailing thought was Jamaica could win about nine medals but base on the performances in the 2021 Olympic Trials, a review of Expectations might be necessary. The following is my expectations of prominent Jamaican athletes as well as some New Faces.

FEMALE: Natoya Goule, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Remona Burchell, Gayon Evans, Elaine Thompson, Stephanie-Ann McPherson, Aisha Praught – Leer, Jeanine Williams, Danielle Williams, Shanieka Ricketts, Kimberly Williams, Danniel Thomas-Dodd, Tiffany James, Sada Williams, Megan Simmons, Aalliyah Francis, Natalliah Whyte, Veronica Campbell Brown, Brianna Williams, Shericka Jackson, and Anastasia Le-Roy.

Elaine Thompson performance in the 2021 Olympic Trials was impressive. Expectations are Elaine Thompson will be a contender in Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Her performance in Rio 2016 was exceptional. She is one of the few Female athletes who can run the 100M in less than 11.00 seconds. She has also proven that she can run the 200M in less than 22.00 seconds. Expectations are she will perform well in Olympics 2021. Winning the Women’s 100M will require a time of less than 11.0 seconds, probably about 10.61.

Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce is doing very well. Twenty-Twenty (2020) was an excellent year for Shelly. She continues to do well in Jamaica Female Track and Field. Absent injuries she is the favorite to win the Women 100M. Her performances look Exceptional. She had a wonderful outing in Doha 2019 and continues to perform at a High Level. Her performance in the 2021 Olympic Trials was impressive.  

Shericka Jackson is a Class act Jamaican sprinter specializing in the 400 meters. She won the bronze medal at the 2015 and 2019 World Championships and at the 2016 Summer Olympics in the 400 m event. The 100 meters is not her event.

Natoya Goule is a star. She will be a force to reckon with in Japan. She needs to exhibit more confidence at the start Line and wave with a little exuberance. Despite finishing sixth in Doha 2019, she continues to improve her performance in the 800 Meters. Goule will be ready to win the 800 Meters at Olympics 2021. She might make more Videos after. It is refreshing to see an athlete step away and establish a new frontier. She is a Burning Spear.

Remona Burchell has potential but base on performance in the recent Olympic Trials, it is unlikely she will be on the Podium in Olympics 2021. Base on her accolades competitive performance was expected. Her challenge is can she run faster than 11.03 seconds for the 100M. Her 200M performance of 23.92 is hopeful. However, making the Team might be a Game-Time decision.

Gayon Evans has potential specifically in the 200M. Perhaps she should focus on that event. 23.18 seconds is a good time. If she can run faster than 23.0, she will be a contender. She appeared to be maintaining form in 2019.

Stephanie-Ann McPherson is still near the top of the 400M runners list. Olympics 2021 might be her final quest for Olympic stardom.  She appeared to be maintaining form in 2019 and should be a contender.

Aisha Praught-Leer should improve on her 2018 Commonwealth Games accomplishments. There are expectations of strong performances in all or whichever event she decides to run. She is also a Classic Nerd and Olympics 2021 could be her final quest for Olympic stardom

Jeanine Williams will be a force to reckon with in the 100M hurdles. She should focus on that event. The 100 meter will be a challenge. There is a possibility she might earn a spot on the 4×100 meter relay team. She is the epitome of a Student Athlete. Olympics 2021 might be her final quest for Olympic stardom.

Danielle Williams is also a force to reckon with in the 100M hurdles. She had great performances in the Diamond League in 2019 and an exceptional performance in Doha. Hang on to your Hats!!! Women’s 100M Hurdles will be hot, get your Tickets now, but brace yourself for a refund. Make-up Tokyo 2021 Olympics is not a certainty.

Shanieka Ricketts should do well in the Triple Jump. One expects improvement since the North American, Central American, Caribbean Championships, and Doha 2019. Olympics 2021 might be her best year for Olympic stardom.

Kimberly Williams is an excellent Triple Jump athlete. However, the Olympics and World Championships have not seen her best performances. Perhaps, 2021 will be the year. The fans certainly hope she makes the Team.

Danniel Thomas-Dodd is ready to take her performance to another level. There is an expectation of improvement since 2018 Commonwealth Games. The competition will be fierce but she can win. Her performance in Doha 2019 is setting the stage. Her training technique and Public Relations presence is excellent.

Tiffany James appears to have some work to do base on recent competition. It will be interesting to see if she can handle performing as an individual in the 400M. Performance at the junior level is recognized but the Olympics stage is more challenging. Regardless she should be competitive.

Anastasia Leroy has exhibited solid performances and has additional potential. For Anastasia the time is now and a strong performance is expected. Despite finishing sixth in Doha 2019, there is still time to be ready for Olympics 2021.

The following is my expectations of prominent Jamaican Male athletes at Olympics 2021.

MALE: Oblique Seville, Kimar Farquharson, Christopher Taylor, Nesta Carter, Yohan Blake, Omar McLeod, Javon Francis, Nathon Allen, Demish Gaye, Tajay Gayle, Ronald Levy, Clive Pullen, O’Dayne Richards, Fedrick Dacres, Traves Smikle, Jermaine Gayle, and Rusheen McDonald.

Yohan Blake did not have a good outing in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. His performance in Doha 2019 did not meet expectations. Olympics 2021 is definitely time for Yohan Blake to perform at his best in the 100M and 200M. The stage is set for Yohan to have solid performances. There is only so much continuous running in the legs of a Professional sprinter. At some point between Training and competing, the body gets tired even if the brain does not. Yohan Blake is approaching that point. He will participate in the 2021 Olympics and then retire. Suffice to say, no athlete is winning the Men’s 100M in Olympics 2021 unless he runs the distance in less than 10.0 seconds.

Omar McLeod continues to impress. His performances have created renewed interest in the 110M Hurdles. The 110M Hurdles is an event in which Jamaican Athletes should excel. Doha 2019 was a defeat but there is still time for Omar to bounce back. Until Omar is defeated at the Olympics, he owns that event. It is time to get ready for Olympics 2021. He has support in his consideration to compete in the 400M Hurdles. However, I have yet to see a recent performance in that event.

Javon Francis appears to be staying in shape. Staying in shape will prevent a repeat of this kind of performance. Will 2021 be the year he talks to the man in the mirror? Will 2021 be the year he rebounds?

Nathon Allen showed promise in 2017 but in 2018, he appeared to falter. Perhaps, there was something lacking in his training regiment. He should be able to resolve the matter and return rejuvenated.

Demish Gaye ran a respectable time of 44.55 for the 400M in World Championships 2017. He ran a competitive time of 44.83 in the Jamaica Senior trials 2019. He has some work to do but he is capable. The way forward is clear. If he can reduce his time to between 43.5 and 43.9 seconds, he will be in the discussion for a medal in Olympics 2021. That will change the narrative of the conspicuously absent Jamaicans in the 400M finals at the Olympics.

Tajay Gayle looks exceptional at the Long Jump. Olympics 2021 is definitely the year for him to continue demonstrating his talent. He looked exceptional in Doha 2019.

Ronald Levy is the Athlete with the best potential to challenge Omar McLeod. He has excellent technique and speed. He is at his prime for the 110M Hurdles. The 2021 Olympics, is definitely the year for him to demonstrate he is a superior athlete in that event.

O’Dayne Richards should be competitive in the shot put and discus throw. He should be able to give a good account of himself in both events. Along with Fedrick Dacres and Traves Smikle, the Men’s Field events squad should Medal at Olympics 2021. If Doha is an indication, Hardware is expected.

Jermaine Gayle still has time to come in from the cold. Excellent performance in the 400M event will require men who will consistently run between 43.01 and 44.5 and women who will consistently run between 48.0 and 49.4. This is a serious challenge. The 400M race is the most exhausting of the sprints.

Rusheen McDonald should be competitive in the 400M sprint. Regardless of any performances not seen in 2021, if he improves on his Personal Best of 43.93, he should make the Team.

I wish them all, HAPPY OLYMPICS. WIN, LOSE, OR DRAW!!!


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