Fans of Elaine Thompson – Herah received a Signature Performance at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, confirming her acceptance to the 10.6X Club. Her performance was a Clinic on how to run the 100M and 200M. If Performances could cure COVID-19, her Fans would be One Hundred Percent Healthy. Elaine Thompson – Herah was the Highlight of Olympics 2021. The Spear was burning in Tokyo.

Elaine Thompson – Herah, performed at an extremely high level. She displayed her talent and made Jamaica proud. Before the Olympics, I declared that the Women 100M Final in Tokyo 2021 was on Track for a Time of 10.61 or better. All 100M finalist knew that if their Personal Best (PB) were south of 10.8X, they would be late for Dinner where dinner is the Gold Medal.

Elaine Thompson – Herah performance in the 200M, was stellar and an awesome display of Acceleration, Velocity, and Speed. She accelerated at the start and maintained velocity for the distance. There is no winning coming from behind in the 100M and 200M. Despite the results of all previous performances, Elaine Thompson – Herah came away with Two Gold Medals.

There is no holding back or keeping anything in Reserve when running the 100M and 200M. Leave it all on the Track. At the start, let your opponents listen for the Gun, you watch the Feet. The moment Opponents lead Foot off Blocks, you BOOGIE. If in the 100M, First 4 Steps “Good morning”, next 4 Steps “Good afternoon”, next 4 Steps “Good Night”. Internal Mantra is “Meet me at the Tape”. If in the 200M, midway the Bend “Good morning”, end of the Bend “Good afternoon”, stabilize and “Good Night”, Internal Mantra is “Meet me at the Tape”.

Elaine Thompson – Herah is a Class Act Jamaican sprinter. She won the 100M and 200M at the 2016 Rio Olympics and repeated the feat at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Elaine Thompson – Herah destroyed the Field in both events. Elaine Thompson – Herah, confirmed that she is capable of running 10.61 in the 100M and Fans believe she can produce a time of 21.2 in the 200M.

Post Olympics, there were sore losers. Animus was abounding among presumed “Sport Fans” from various Countries towards Jamaican Athletes. Some refuse to acknowledge a stellar performance, with the undertone of – there goes those damn Jamaicans again. However, Takeaway from such negative sentiments is that people are not Anti- Jamaicans but rather hate success.

Moving forward it will be difficult to make the Jamaica Olympics Team as a member of the 100M squad. The Era of 10.6X in the Women 100M event is well on the way.


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