Technologically the concept is good but beyond the apparent, driverless vehicles will have Global Economic and Security impact. For whom are driverless vehicles being made? Whom will the Technology benefit? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is good but at some point, it will threaten Human existence or the survival of some. Technology in the form of computers and the Internet has replaced and displaced some in our Global Community. Barcode scanning replaced Cash Registers and displaced Cashiers.

Driverless vehicles will benefit individuals who have lost Motor Skills or the coordination required to operate a vehicle. However, said persons will have difficulty getting to and inside the vehicle. Clearly, the Human element will still be required, unless a Robot provide assistance. The Robot is Artificial Intelligence.

It is possible that Driverless vehicles will benefit Business entities convinced that automating that task might reduce expenses and increase Revenue. That is imaginable if the intent is to replace the chauffeur or the driver of a Van or Truck. However, you will need someone to open the door or deliver the flowers, unless you intend to replace that person with a Robot. The challenge will be, is it cheaper to purchase a Robot or hire a person.

Not everything new, even that which is good, is better. Driverless vehicles will have an adverse effect on Global Economy. The Technology will have an undesirable impact on the Workforce. All who make a living driving a vehicle, from Taxi Drivers to Truck Drivers; will have to seek alternative occupation.

If driverless vehicles replace Taxi and Truck Drivers, how will those individuals and their families survive? Around the Globe, Millions of people make a Living driving some kind of vehicle. If replaced and displaced, how will they survive?

The knee jerk response is a displaced worker can be re-trained. Good luck in re-training Millions or Billions of people. It has been my observation that those who utter the re-train narrative are individuals who never considered that option for themselves. Many in the Professional/ Vocational ranks should retrain but that would undermine the time and effort invested to attain their status, including Student Loans. We should respect and provide for those who choose to drive vehicles for a Living.

Driverless vehicles will have potential safety risks. Driverless vehicles are the use of a computer system. Computer systems can be hacked. They can also malfunction – intentionally or accidentally. Hardware also age leading to malfunction if not maintained. What are the consequences of malfunction?

Driverless vehicles have potential security risks. In an era where vehicles are used by terrorist or abnormal human elements to kill, it is possible to imagine Driverless vehicles as missiles. You probably have never seen a Land Missile but stay alert and aware, that event is coming to an intersection near you.

The tragedy from those incidents will make the All State and Farmers Insurance commercials depiction of mayhem appear kindergarten. Insurance companies will seek to benefit from the Technology by creating special policies. Profiting from inventions or emerging technology has always been how some business entities thrive – drive on.





It seems to me, that Jamaicans should be proud of the performance. The team placed 11TH out of 43 teams with 27 Medals in total – 7 Gold, 9 Silver, and 11 Bronze. See the Final performance results. Not too shabby for an Island Nation.

Previously I said, “I am expecting improvement in the Field events such as Long Jump, Triple Jump (Hop, Skip, and Jump), Javelin, Discus, Shot Put, Hammer throw, and High Jump.” Oops, it happened.

Fedrick Dacres and Traves Smikle won gold and silver respectively for Jamaica in the men’s discus. Kimberly Williams won gold in the Triple Jump. Shanieka Ricketts won silver in the Triple Jump. Danniel Thomas-Dodd won gold in the Women’s Shot Put. Aisha Praught-Leer won gold in Women’s 3000 meters steeplechase. Alia Atkinson won silver in the 50 meters breaststroke. The Net Ball team won Bronze.

Clearly significant improvement in Field events, since World Championship 2017. I am impressed with the wealth of Talent on the Female side of the Jamaican Track and Field Ledger. Perhaps, that will get the Male athletes to step up. Very soon, I expect the Men to step forward with stellar performance in Field events.

The Hurdles event has caught on. Ronald Levy won gold in the 110M hurdles. Janieve Russell won gold in the 400M hurdles. Hansle Parchment won silver in the 110M hurdles. Danielle Williams won silver in the Women’s 100 meters hurdles. Jaheel Hyde won bronze in the Men’s 400 meters hurdles. Yanique Thompson won bronze in the Women’s 100 meters hurdles. My expectation is that it will require less effort to improve the performance in Hurdling than it will for additional improvement in Field events. I am wondering who will start throwing the Javelin – someone, anyone, Male or Female. It is a unisex sport.

Shericka Jackson continues to shine and won silver in the Women’s 200 meters. Anastasia Le-Roy won silver in the Women’s 400 meters. Christania Williams won silver in the Women’s 100 meters. Gayon Evans won bronze in the Women’s 100 meters. Javon Francis won bronze in the Men’s 400 meters. Natoya Goule won bronze in the Women’s 800 meters. Natoya Goule is someone to keep an eye on moving forward. Yohan Blake won bronze in the Men’s 100 meters. Women’s 4 × 100 meters relay quartet won silver. Men’s 4 × 100 meters relay won bronze. Men’s 4 × 400 meters relay won bronze. Women’s 4 × 400 meters relay won gold.

That Yohan Blake won bronze in the Men’s 100 meters and Elaine Thompson did not have a good outing by her standards, is cause for concern. There is only so much continuous running in the legs of a Professional sprinter. Yohan Blake might be approaching that point. I think he participates in the 2020 Olympics and then retire. It might be a good idea for Elaine Thompson to switch camp and work with Glen Mills.

The people responsible for training the Women’s 4 × 400 meters relay team is doing a great job. Over the years that quartet, mix or match, has been competitive or dominant. Perhaps, they should be commissioned to recruit Male athletes to run the 400M exclusively. The 400M race needs new stars. Until there is discovery, nurturing, and development of at least three (3) consistent 400M sprinters, lack of significant representation in the Men’s 400M race will be obvious. Excellent performance in the 400M event will require men who will consistently run between 43.01 and 44.5 and women who will consistently run between 48.0 and 49.4. This is a serious challenge. The 400M race is the most exhausting of the sprints.

Having said the above, what are my expectations for the Olympics in 2020? I have none now. It is too early to speculate. I am confident they will take home some Hardware from Olympics 2020.The results from Commonwealth Games 2018 are impressive. Congrats to the entire team!!!

Performance in the Diamond League will determine Olympic 2020 readiness. I think there will be a changing of the Guard in the Sprint events. There is unlikely to be replacements for Usain and Shelly-Ann by 2020. If you considered Usain – Yohan and Elaine- Shelly-Ann One-Two punches, until proven otherwise I have not seen that male or female athlete. I have not seen another Male athlete capable of running sub 10.0 seconds or a Female athlete capable of running sub 11.0 seconds for the 100M. Yohan Blake and Elaine Thompson have demonstrated they can. However, based on recent performances, they are required to prove they still can.

Warning: no one is winning the Men’s 100M in 2020 unless he runs sub 10.0 seconds. No one is winning the Women’s 100M in 2020 unless she runs sub 11.0 seconds. You can put that in the Retirement Fund.




commonwealth games 2018 logo


The list of Countries scheduled to participate in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, tell a story. Well, at least to a History buff. Do you reflect on the significance of that list? Probably not but this is a list of Countries that remain loyal to England. However, this is not a moment to dwell on that History. The focus is Jamaica consistent with Track and Field expectations for the Games in Australia April 4th to April 15th, 2018.

Previously I mentioned take away from world championships 2017. I said that Nathon Allen emerged as the class of the Jamaican 400 M pool of athletes when he ran 44.19. Demish Gaye ran 44.55, which is respectable time for the 400 M. Both athletes had some work to do but they are capable.

Omar McLeod continues to impress. His performances created renewed interest in the 110 M Hurdles. Until Omar is defeated at the Olympics or does not compete in the Finals in 2020, he owns that event. Elaine Thompson stumbled out of the blocks and as such had a minor slip in her career. It did not appear to be serious. Until Elaine is defeated at the Olympics or does not compete in the Finals in 2020, she will be the favorite in the 100M and 200M events. However, it is time to focus on Commonwealth Games April 4th to April 15th, 2018. So “Wah Gwaan” Jamaica.

The Holidays are over and now it is time to run off the libation. Amidst the expected preparations, there is talk that some Jamaican athletes have or considering switching allegiance. I take exception to the characterization that because Winston Barnes, Jacques Harvey, Shericka Williams, Andrew Fisher, and Kemarley Brown are considering taking their talent elsewhere that they are switching allegiance. This is an amazing moment. If you recall in a previous article I said the following:

“The Era of Speed Merchants has begun. Men and Women who can run fast become Speed Merchants. Equally important, persons will migrate and some will change Nationality in pursuit of their Sprint dream. They will become Track and Field Mercenaries.

I was the one in 2006 who dared to stake claim regarding the potential, capabilities, and abilities of the Jamaican Track and Field athlete. Therefore, since Jamaica might only select three or four persons to represent the Nation for each event, there will be individuals who will feel disenfranchised. As a result, Athletes will seek inclusion by migrating and Countries will recruit them in search of Track and Field stardom. Countries will recruit Speed Merchants. Every Nation will seek strong representation in the Men and Women sprints at World Events.

There will be an Olympics in this Century, sooner than later, where all Eight (8) or Nine (9) Finalist in the Men 100 M will be of Jamaican extract of one form or another. They will be Jamaican by birth or of Jamaican parentage and representing multiple countries including Jamaica. Take note that Jessica Ennis is of Jamaican parentage.

If all Eight (8) or Nine (9) men in an Olympics 100 m Final are of Jamaican extract representing multiple countries and Jamaica is not represented, that would be tragic for the JAAA but also Jamaica. However, the preferred scenario will be multiple countries represented including Jamaica. Do not assume that the Athlete representing Jamaica will win.” Remember Ben Johnson is Jamaican but he represented Canada. Linford Christie is Jamaican but he represented Great Britain.

What are the expectations for the 2018 Commonwealth Games? Who are the athletes on the Track and in the Field that will represent the Sprint Nation? Where is Martin Manley? Excluding Visa issues, I expect all athletes from Olympics 2016 to represent the nation, except Usain and Shelly-Ann.

This is definitely time for Yohan Blake to perform at his best in the 100M and 200M. With Usain Bolt Retired, the stage is set for Yohan to have solid performances in the Commonwealth Games 2018 and Olympics 2020. Unless, Zharnel Hughes is the real deal. I do not think he is but I will keep watching. Seems to me Zharnel was leaning for the tape and not running through it in his face-to-face with Yohan. Akeem Bloomfield is someone to watch in the 200M and 400M assuming he can take his game outdoors.

On the Female side, I have not heard much beyond Elaine Thompson but I anticipate  preparation and appearances from Veronica Campbell-Brown, Kerron Stewart, Aleen Bailey, and Sherone Simpson. Unless someone or all has retired without my knowledge, I anticipate solid representation on the Track and in the Field.

I am expecting improvement in the Field events such as Long Jump, Triple Jump (Hop, Skip, and Jump), Javelin, Discus, Shot Put, Hammer throw, and High Jump. I anticipate Shardia Lawrence will continue improving in the Long and Triple Jump. There is renewed interest in the Field events and the performance of the youngsters is encouraging. Will it translate into Podium appearances at the Commonwealth Games April 4th to April 15th, 2018? I hope there are Podium appearances from the Group of athletes below.

MALE: Everton Clarke, Kimmari Roach, Omar McLeod, Javon Francis, Steven Gayle,Kemoy Campbell, Ronald Levy, Demar Forbes, Clive Pullen, O’Dayne Richards,
Andre Clarke, Jermaine Gayle, Peter Matthews, and Rusheen McDonald

FEMALE:Remona Burchell, Gayon Evans, Elaine Thompson, Dominique Blake,Tovea Jenkins, Stephanie-Ann McPherson, Natoya Goule, Aisha Praught, Rushell Burton, Jeanine Williams, Shanieka Rickets, Kimberly Williams, Daniel Thomas-Dodd, Tiffany James, and Anastasia Leroy.

Overall, even if the medal count is not high, I expect the athletes to come away with an analysis of what will be required to do well in Olympics 2020. Frankly, the Olympics are the stage and all other Athletic events are mere actors.





Sale of assault weapons must be regulated. A “need to have” system must be developed. Otherwise, we will continue to have incidents like Virginia Tech, the Colorado Theater, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Orlando nightclub, Las Vegas massacre, and Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

In the Military, you are not issued certain weapons unless your Military Occupational Specialty requires it. An Assault Weapon compared to a handgun, is the equivalent of purchasing a car when you only need a Wagon wheel. There is no point in purchasing a car if you are not going to drive it. In the same token, there is no point in purchasing an Assault Weapon if you are not planning to shoot it. Yes, you can go to the range but some persons who purchase Assault weapons are not interested in silhouettes or pop up targets. People who purchase Assault weapons are interested in shooting an animal or another human being.

I am appalled that individuals can purchase Assault weapons in a civilized setting without justifiable reasons. How is it possible for it to be legal to sell Assault weapons in a civilize Country? We need to stop selling Assault weapons. This is not a war Zone. Many of the idiots buying weapons would not serve a day in the military because they are physically or mentally incapable or just plain cowards. Unfortunately, those people commit heinous acts.

Except in the unusual situation where someone snaps from imminent danger, there is no understanding use of an Assault weapon in a civilized setting. What happened in Sandy Hook, the Orlando nightclub, Las Vegas, and now Stoneman Douglas High School is Barbaric.

Sales of Assault weapons are not good for the civil health of our society. Gun shops are all about the money. Once again, greed rears its ugly head similar to those who took money to teach individuals how to fly airplanes, even after realizing that said trainees had no interest in learning how to Land. Greed got us into a financial crisis. Greed from the sale of Assault Weapons will create mayhem in our society. We have to regulate the sale of assault weapons. Our Society and way of Life is in danger of falling off the proverbial Cliff.

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy and other school shootings, there is talk about arming teachers. That is a bad, ridiculous, and ludicrous idea. Arming teachers is an idea that has permanent residency in the preposterous.

The simple solution is to take some of that ridiculous money Superintendents of the schools make and install cameras at all corners. In addition, put a security detail together with qualified Guards and CCTV. Use common sense and security measures to ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain access to said premises. Maintenance of such a system will require two shifts of Guards. The second shift on duty until all school personnel leave each day. The second Amendment is alive and well but it is time to restrict or prohibit the sale of assault weapons. Neighborhood facilities are not war zones.





Since the Presidential election of 2016, there has been much talk about what it means to be Republican or Democrat. As a result, I decided to do some research specifically as it pertains to Blacks in Country.

Given the level of discord, acrimony, and in some cases hate, I decided to do some research on Politics in Country and seek to discover why Blacks seem obligated to support the Democratic Party. Simultaneously, I wanted to see if Blacks support of the Democratic Party was legitimate.

My findings indicate that Blacks support of the Democratic Party is illegitimate and misguided. Here are some of the facts gathered from my research.

  • The Republican Party was established to oppose slavery. The 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, passed in 1865 with 100% Republican and only 23% Democratic Party support.

  • The Republican Party wanted to end slavery and Grant freed Blacks citizenship. The Democratic Party opposed.

  • Lincoln Vice President, Andrew Johnson, was pro-Union but also a pro-slavery Democrat. After Lincoln’s assassination, Johnson opposed Republican Party efforts to recognize the civil rights of Blacks.

  • The 14th Amendment, giving citizenship to Blacks, passed in 1868 with 94% Republican and 0% Democratic Party support.

  • The 15th Amendment, the right to vote, passed in 1870 with 100% Republican and 0% Democratic Party support.

  • The Ku Klux Klan was an arm of the Southern Democratic Party. Its mission was to terrorize Blacks and “nigger-loving” Republicans who sympathized with them.

  • In the 1950s, President Eisenhower, a Republican, integrated the US military and promoted civil rights for minorities. Eisenhower was responsible for the development of the Highway System, which literally developed paths for Blacks to relocate.

  • President Eisenhower’s primary opponent on civil rights prior to 1957 was Lyndon Baines Johnson, then the Democratic Senate Majority Leader.

  • In the 1960’s the Democratic Party engineered a subversive and clandestine strategy to get blacks dependent on government to secure their votes. Formally known as Welfare.

  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was supported In the House of Representatives by 80 percent Republicans and 63 percent of Democrats. In the Senate, by 82 percent Republicans and 69 percent Democrats.

  • Credit has to be given to the Republican Party for the Civil Rights Act of 1968, the Fair Housing Act, providing for equal housing opportunities regardless of race, religion, or national origin.

Barry Goldwater’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 attracted some racist Democrats to the Republican Party. However, Goldwater was not a racist or at least not an overt racist like many Democrats of the time, such as George Wallace and Bull Connor. He publicly supported racial equality and his opposition to the 1964 Act was consistent with his support of states rights. Regardless, his views were inconsistent with the mainstream, and he lost the 1964 Presidential election to LBJ in a landslide.

Goldwater’s opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act provided liberals an opening to characterize the Republican Party as racist. They have echoed that narrative since. That is unsubstantiated myth. Every political party has its racists.

The liberal media narrative that Republicans are more racist than Democrats is unsubstantiated innuendo and assertions. It is a classic example of a Lie that becomes true, simply by repeating it many times. Sadly, that has become a tactic used by Politicians. In essence, Politicians believe that if they tell you we are Angels numerous times, then you will start believing.

In the 1960s, the Democratic Party changed its strategy in dealing with Black Americans. Thanks to Republican initiatives on civil rights, blatant racial oppression was no longer a viable political option. Whereas before that time Southern Democrats had overtly and proudly segregated and terrorized blacks, the national Democratic Party decided to be subtle and get them dependent on government as much as possible. As LBJ so elegantly put it, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” At the same time, the Democrats started a campaign of lies and innuendo, falsely equating any opposition to their Welfare State with racism.

From a political perspective, the Democratic Party strategy of black dependency has been extremely effective. Lyndon Baines Johnson knew exactly what he was doing. Black Americans routinely voted well over 90 percent Democratic for fear that Republicans would cut their government benefits and welfare programs. Fact is before LBJ’s Great Society welfare programs, the black illegitimacy rate was about 23 percent, but it tripled to about 72 percent by the 1970s. It was a Democrat as President in the 1990’s, who began the dismantling of the Welfare program. That certainly threw a monkey wrench at the buzzword “Democracy” and it was probably about the time that the Democratic Party realized that with an influx of new immigrants they might not need a majority of the Black vote to win Elections.

Liberal Democrats ran most major American city governments for decades, and most of those cities have large black sections that are essentially dysfunctional ghettos. With Gangs and drug dealers, with burned out homes on every block in some areas, they destroyed cities like Detroit and Chicago. The land values are so low due to crime, blight, and lack of economic opportunity that condemned homes are not even worth rebuilding. Who wants to build a home in an Urban War Zone? Yet Blacks continue to elect liberal Democrats and blame presumed “racist” Republicans for their problems.

A convincing argument can also be made, that the Democratic Party support for affirmative action is racist. Affirmative action is the antithesis of Martin Luther King’s dream of a Color-Blind society. Not only is it “reverse racism,” but the premise is that Black Americans are incapable of competing in the free market on a level playing field. It is predicated on the notion of white supremacy, though “benevolent”, rather than the openly hostile white supremacy of the pre-1960s Democratic Party. My issue with Affirmative action has always been, yes, it is great to get me into an “Ivy League” school but does it get me the Professional or Career opportunity.

These days, Political philosophy and thus Party lines are sometimes blurry. It depends on the person or candidate running for office. Far be it for me to suggest that you should vote for an individual because he or she is Republican or Democrat or Black. However, seems to me that Blacks need to get a Political attitude adjustment. My findings indicate that Blacks support of the Democratic Party is illegitimate, misguided, and unsubstantiated. Seems to me more reason why Blacks should support the Republican Party going forward. The Way Forward (Black America) is clear.

Years ago, I became a Registered Republican. Many in the Black community uttered dirty remarks. It is refreshing to see that some Black celebrities now realize the “Way Forward”. The Black community should embrace this change. For too long the leadership held to the Civil Rights platform apparently not recognizing that Era is over. It is time to move forward and stop complaining, fighting, and marching.

To effect change and bring about your ideals you must be in the room. You must sit at the table. You must articulate the issues and needs. You must have a Road Map and be ready and able to implement plans and solutions.

The Democratic Party is not your conduit or path to solutions. The situations and conditions that affect the Neighborhood will not leave via the assistance of the Democratic Party. The only thing leaving the “Hood” from the assistance of the Democratic Party, are the “so called” Senators and Representatives. In fact, the Democratic Party added insult to injury with the installation of the previous Executive Branch of Government. The previous Administration was ineffective. What was accomplished was not meaningful and what would have been meaningful was not accomplished.

For too long the Black community placed their eggs in the basket of the Democratic Party. They waited decades for the chickens to hatch. Finally, there is an epiphany. Those who thought the ideology of the Democratic Party would bring forth progress and salvation have realized they were WRONG. In the past eight years, there was a Democratic Party administration in the White House and the Black Community received nothing. Chicago and other inner city neighborhoods are rapidly approaching extinction status.

The President in office was Black and presumably, from Chicago yet the community looks the same. In fact, I would argue that Chicago looks worse than it did in 2008. Setting expectations, the Black Community should not count their chickens before they are hatched in interaction with the current Administration but anything is better than nothing. However, my bet is the Black community will get attention and assistance to begin moving forward.

The Democratic Party is all about Handouts, keeping you poor and in pursuit but never attaining. The Republican Party is about ideas and Puritan Work Ethic. Look around you, everything you see was once an idea. If the current leaders of the “Way Forward” are looking for prominent Republican Party members to contribute, they should invite Alan Keyes and Colin Powell. There is work to be done and enough glory to go around.

Here are keys to the success of the “Way Forward”:

  • Empower and encourage young Black people to become Entrepreneurs

  • Train them to be computer literate

  • Encourage them to focus on developing Industries missing from our infrastructure

  • Encourage them to “Think” and improve on existing Industries

  • Encourage them to look at Manufacturing and Farming and not relegate themselves to Services

  • Encourage them to utilize and promote their own talents and not be copycats

  • Instill in them that not everyone is academically inclined. There are roads, buildings, bridges, and other important segments of our infrastructure that need attention.

  • Encourage them to research George Washington Carver, Uncle Ben, and persons of that Ilk so that they can aspire to creativity and ingenuity.

The NAACP and Urban League are in need of an attitude and focus adjustment. The Way Forward is not about complaining, fighting, and marching. The “Way Forward” is not about Jobs, corporate sit-ins, or Internship. Jobs are initial but short-term solutions. Apprenticeship and Entrepreneurship are long-term solution and the “Way Forward”.

If you need something done, be willing and able to do it yourself with the necessary business support. You must be in the room where ideas are being discussed and decisions made. You must sit at the table. You must articulate the needs and issues. You must have a Road Map and be ready and able to implement plans and solutions.





POTUS has nothing to fear but fear itself. Russian collusion is a non-issue and will fizzle. Country is in a state of Verbal Coup. The Democrats continuous harping about collusion and doing nothing to further the interest of struggling citizens are in effect conducting a Verbal Coup. Democrats have abdicated their responsibility to participate in the Government and are engaged in a Coup.

The conduct of Democrats and Liberals is threatening to take Country backward. However, as witnessed successful Businessmen can be good Presidents. Democrats and Liberals will soon grow tired of the same old “Collusion” song. Democrats are doing an injustice to fellow Americans. In life, it is all about Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

It is time for Democrats especially in the House of Representatives, to get out of the way and stop collecting Checks they cannot justify earning. If your daily existence is to say NO! to the agenda, that the voters clearly asked for, then you are doing an injustice to Americans and you should go home. Said Democrats, should be repealed and replaced by their constituents. Some Democrats in the House of Representatives qualify for impeachment. Citizens are growing weary of Taxation without Representation.

It takes collusion to know collusion. Democrats have engaged in collusion for the last eight years. Therefore, they are sensitive to collusion. The Libya Debacle was collusion. Democratic leaders in the House and Senate are foaming at the mouth unintelligibly and most seem to have difficulty deciding which country on the Korean Peninsula is our ally. God may very well have spared the Empire with the election of “The Donald”.

After decades of failed diplomacy, Democrats still believe that Kim jong Un is interested in the “Diplomacy” Tag Sale and is searching for the nearest Good Will organization to donate his Nuclear Toys. To those Democrats, I will sell you the Empire State for a Penny. I will bet that some members of House of Representatives from California could not tell you which State in the union is the “Empire State”. Yes, it is the one terrorist attacked on 9/11/2001.

Diplomacy now is a combination of Dementia and Alzheimer philosophy. Kim jong Un will continue to ignore such pleadings. The only thing that will stop a bully is confrontation. If we who breathe, eat, and sleep the ideals of our Republic take, two mental steps back but remain physically committed, Kim jong Un will crack. He will do something unacceptable, which will provoke a military response. It will then become a situation of act first and talk later.

If we fail to be vigilant, California will not need a Border Wall and residents will not need a Lock on the door. To the Progressives who in reality are really Regressive, failure is not an option in this confrontation with North Korea; otherwise, I will see you in Heaven or Hell. I do not know about you but I prefer to make Heaven and Hell right here on Earth.

The vitriol and verbal abuse of Potus has reached a crescendo. Members of our community that are less than thirty years of age must think that our presumed leaders are bleeping idiots. How did a Nation so strong give birth to such bleeping idiots? Vladimir Putin is probably wondering why Russia did not attack Country during the Cold War period. Anyone who thinks that diplomacy will obtain us victory over North Korea should invest in Pine Boxes at the local Funeral Parlor.

Verbal Coup is in full swing. Just listen to the mad congressional representatives from California. The vitriol, animosity, bickering, and unintelligible daily outbursts is at such a high level that I am amazed Country is not embroiled in a Civil War but wait the Verbal Coup is still in the early stages. The violence displayed at Rallies on College Campuses indicates that while we are seemingly far away from a Civil War we might be closer than you think. The world is watching and perhaps saying, look at those imbeciles.

Because there are many Conservatives still alive, Country is not on the eve of Destruction but we are definitely being tested. I suggest that we gather the dissenting members of Congress and sponsor a vacation to Siberia with the support of Vladimir Putin. I am confident that upon their hastily return they would have great respect for our Republic. The vitriol, animosity, and bickering would cease. What do you think?

A simple thing like protecting our Southern Border should not be viewed negatively. If that border was protected and Immigrants properly vetted, MS13 would not have killed any of our young citizens. Prevent is always better than cure. Protecting your border is a no brainer but the Democrats with Boll Weevil in their heads fail to comprehend the benefits of such action. The laxity in border protection and the immigration of an overabundance of persons is causing great harm in our minority communities. However, that fact as well as is Country experiencing Migration or Exodus are subjects for future discussion.

Study all the agreements of the previous Administration including their policies on refugees and you will determine that they were all Debacles froth with Collusion. Unless you have the willingness to deceive yourself, the previous Administration was giving Country away wholesale. Jobs, Industries, and people were being abandoned surreptitiously. The deplorables are not worth providing for or defending. Citizens are expendable in the minds of the Progressives. The anti-American policies of the previous Administration, considered borders obstruction to their objective.

The previous Administration allowed Subversive elements to inhabit the West wing. While those concerned would like to hide that fact, Country narrowly escaped a cultural invasion of epic proportion. Thank heavens for POTUS; schools are no longer teaching cockamamie Islamic tolerance. How and why did members of the Republican Party allow that to happen? I do not recall hearing any Republican Senator especially John McCain objecting to that absurdity. There are a number of Republicans who appear to have obtained membership in the RINO organization.  The RINO organization consists of members of the Political class who are Republicans in Name Only. Suspected members are part of the Verbal Coup. Listen to John McCain and Paul Ryan sometime and you will have no doubt that there is Verbal Coup in Country.

As for Paul Ryan, it is inconceivable that the President will get to the promise land with Speaker Ryan, as his Chauffeur.  Speaker Ryan is a Democrat in Republican clothing. Potus will not accomplish his goals if Speaker Ryan is the lead or face promoting his agenda. Speaker Ryan is part of the swamp. Therefore, he must be part of the drainage. Speaker Ryan was able to mask his intentions but the mask is off. Speaker Ryan has sold out to the Left. Ryan did not support candidate Trump, does not believe in the philosophy of POTUS, and will not promote the agenda of the Administration. Speaker Ryan must go.

To Speaker Ryan, ask not what the Republican Party can do for you but what you can do for the Republican Party. Your required action should be self-evident. The Administration and the Party need to move forward. Please do the right thing. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

After seven years of discontent, the Affordable Health Care proposal on the table is inadequate. After all these years, neither Party appears willing to provide a satisfactory Health Insurance solution. I find it difficult to believe that the current plan is the best that Republican Party Law makers can draft. The principal architect is mentally inebriated from being too close to or too far from the project. The principal architect lacks the understanding and interpretation of the issue. It is impossible for him to construct a satisfactory plan.

Until the “Freedom Caucus” is 435 members in the house and 100 Senators in the Senate, they are a minority Group and will not have final word on any legislation nor should they be allowed to. The segmentation of the Republican members of congress could lead to the demise of the Republican Party.

If the intent of the “Freedom Caucus” is to do nothing and bring Government to a halt, then they are doing a terrific job. If the “Freedom Caucus” believes doing nothing will metamorphose into a Landmark decision, then my feedback is, awake from that delusion. Each “Freedom Caucus” member should stop collecting paychecks and deposit said funds to the Health Care entity of choice until President Trump signs satisfactory legislation.

Not all is lost but it is time for the President to get focus. The President needs to launch his Veto Power. The President needs to be reminded, that he can veto anything that does not meet expectation. He should veto any Legislation that the Democrats seek to move forward that weaken his leadership. POTUS needs to employ Time, Focus, and Concentration and move all Campaign promises forward.

POTUS has nothing to fear but fear itself. Unless the Republican Party wish to squander their gains and be tarred and feathered in an election near you they should become organized.  Frankly, at this rate POTUS may do better without them. Some men fight better without an Army. Sometimes an army of Politicians is a distraction. Well, perhaps only in Washington since the Fifth Dimensions or was it the Age of Aquarius. The verbal Coup has been going on so long now, I do not even remember when. Where is Clint Eastwood when you need him?

Despite the Verbal Coup and talk of Collusion, POTUS can still get his Agenda across the finish line. The Domestic Agenda of Health Care, Border Wall, Military improvement, Tax Reform, Illegal Immigration, and Manufacturing Jobs are all doable. It is unlikely that Potus can do much about Deficit and Debt in the near term. However, he needs to develop a sound strategy to accomplish the rest. Anything less than complete accomplishment will be perceived as failure. However, if that is the scenario, I hope that the Democrats Collusion Calculus for 2018 is incorrect and members of the Democratic leadership will be persuaded to retire young in discontent.





POTUS said any athlete who takes a knee when the Anthem plays, should be FIRED. He did not say if any “Black, White, Brown, Green, or Color of person”. To interpret any with a specific color, race, or ethnicity is a stretch. Those who made that association, is seeking to find discord with POTUS. Those who made that association would disagree with POTUS if he said the sky is Blue.

The Anthem and the Flag regardless of Country, should be respected and honored. It should not matter if you are from that Country. Respect for your fellow man should motivate you to show admiration for someone’s Anthem and Flag and as such, professional athletes employed by organizations registered in the United States, are expected and obligated to show respect for the Anthem and Flag of the United States.

Kneeling is something you do in church but then most of them do not attend. If you believe that kneeling on the field while those whose attention you wish to attract are in buildings or in church, then you are simply wasting time. The protocol is that if you wish to enact change you must be in the room. The other party must be within the sound of your voice. You cannot go out, kill Law Enforcement personnel, and then tell them to change.

No one is above the Law or rules of civic engagement designed to preserve civility. Individuals who take the position that Laws are made to be broken or bend should be ready to deal with consequences. Two wrongs have never made a right. If someone representing Law Enforcement kills a civilian unjustifiably then you have the right to express anger and demand that the matter be investigated and rectified. However, unless you are on the scene when a member of Law Enforcement commits an unlawful assault, you should not engage in unlawful retaliation after the fact.

Hijacking the flag will not bring about social or political settlement. The flag represents freedom, not just for the USA but Western civilization including all the islands surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Those who disrespect the flag are disrespecting the Lives of women and men who died trying to keep it waving, especially in World War II.

Many of the dead in World War II left no offspring to benefit from their sacrifice. They left behind no descendant to share in the Freedom and Prosperity derived from the outcome of that war. To those kneeling at the playing of the Anthem and presentation of the flag, here is a fact that you should ponder. Was it not for the efforts of those brave women and men who died in World War II, if you were lucky to be born before or after 1945, you would be speaking Japanese, German, or Russian. Instead, your primary Language is English and the non-English speaking world aspires to learning how to speak it. Contrary to the belief of some, it is not only people from Great Britain and Australia who speak English.

Everyone in the Western Hemisphere has the right to protest. However, you do not have the right to protest the flag. It is simplistic to believe there is something to gain, by making a spectacle of yourself kneeling at the playing of the Anthem and presentation of the flag. Some have even burn the flag of Country but to date achieved nothing positive in result.

Football players making millions, in the only country they could make that much money for their skills, should reconsider their approach to resolution. Any athlete, who thinks there is something wrong with the relationship between Blacks and Law Enforcement, should put money where their mouth is, in this case knees, and constructively organize to effect change. If the task is too much for them then they should solicit leadership of qualified Pastors or Lawyers.

Having said that, do not solicit participation of Pastors who continue to look in the rear view mirror of the slavery narrative but rather those who aspire to move forward. Solicit Leadership from Pastors who believe in constructive and productive dialog that will culminate in better understanding, respect, and integration. Do not solicit aged Pastors who prefer to relish or stay stuck in the mud of the past.

Something is wrong but first do the analysis and determine what. Let us not rush to the conclusion that this side is right and the other wrong. Life is a journey and along the way, there is cause and effect, action and reaction. Your appearance, the time of day, and the neighborhood, can create an unwarranted image and one thing leads to another. Communities and Society are unhinged and collectively we all need to know how to get along. The times are changing. Blacks need to reflect on the messages of my Soul Music Legend.