Diamond League season – 2022 is over and in some instances “mercifully”. Clearly, some Stars did not perform at expectations or sustained injuries that affected performance. There were Stars not ready to perform well or losing Velocity. 2022 was a Year in which one competitor said, “I did not come to compete, I came to win”. Fans like that kind of confidence in an Athlete, it means she came into the Season with “Fire in the Belly”. Base on observation, Fans might have to reset expectations for Olympics 2024. While Fans are not ignoring WAC – 2023, they find the Olympics historically more significant and most likely where the Women’s 100M world record of 10.49 will be broken. I anticipate the winning time and new record to be 10.47.

Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce had a Great Season. Fans believe 2022 was the Pinnacle of her Career. However, Fans cannot imagine her running 10.54 or faster for the 100M. Fans believe Elaine Thompson-Herah (ETH), back-to-back 2016 and 2021 Olympic victories with an Olympic record in the 100M, is more significant and longer lasting.

Fans still think Elaine Thompson-Herah (ETH), can run 10.47 for the 100M. She just needs to regain focus. Shericka Jackson had a phenomenal season but until she runs a 10.47 100M and or destroy the Olympic Record of 10.61; she is not likely to be the next World Record holder in the event. Yes, we “want to” be starting something.

Where does ETH go from a less than perfect season in 2022? She was not ready for the 100M and 200M at WAC – 2022. The times required to win the featured Women events – 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 400M Hurdles, and 100M Hurdles were faster than recorded in the National Trials. The anticipated rematch between Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, and Shericka Jackson in the 100M Final at WAC – 2022 lacked the Neck and Neck drama. Regardless the race was competitive

The sweep in the Women’s 100M occurred during WAC 2022, July 15 to July 24 but many dreamt of a 1234 finish with Kemba Nelson joining the Party. Shericka Jackson made progress with her Speed but given her running style she seem incapable of getting to the 100M mark before 10.7X seconds as was demonstrated at the Jamaica National Trials and WAC 100M Final. Undoubtedly, Shericka Jackson has figured out the “formula “to win the 200M.

In the off-season Athletes will have to develop a two-year plan, 2023 – 2024. Plan should include what is working and what is not. Do more of what is working and abandon what is not. All Athletes, base on performances in 2022, should be reviewing Weight Training. Lifting weights produce power but too much weight and improper technique will jeopardize speed and in some cases cause long term or permanent damage. Sprinting requires power but a damaged shoulder or back will affect speed. An Athlete cannot win the 100M without Speed in the first 30 meters. No speed no Dinner, where dinner is the Gold Medal.

There is Excitement and Entertainment in Track and Field. Going forward in the 100M and 200M events, Stars will have no time to keep anything in Reserve, they will leave it all on the Track. Stars will let competitors listen for the Gun and watch the Feet. The moment a competitor’s feet is off Blocks, Stars will BOOGIE. Stars should remember to treat competitors with respect. The competitive conduct in Track is “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, and “Good Night” – Meet me at the Tape. The Tail Gate Party continues all the way to Olympics 2024.


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