Times are changing. Athletes are relocating or changing Camps and affiliation. Perhaps, Athletes should change coaches every Eight (8) years or after two (2) Olympic Cycles. This will give Athletic Pundits additional material to write. Arguably, 2016 – 2024 will be the Era of Elaine Thompson – Herah. Despite taking a presumed Sabbatical in 2017 – 2020, one cannot refute her Dominance in the Women 100M and 200M events and the difference she makes on a 4 X100M Relay Squad.

Olympics 2021 and Prefontaine Classic 2021 is History. Up next of significance is World Athletic Championships – 2022. Fans envision another 123 in the Women 100M event. If the Cast of characters is the same and Elaine, Shelly, and Shericka are healthy, then it is possible. World Athletic Championships could be considered a redundancy but it is good for the Sport of Track and Field. Monetarily, it is good for Athletes of the Caliber we saw in Tokyo Olympics 2021. Fans will enjoy seeing another 123 performance and greedy enough to request repeats, the equivalent of refills at the Soda Fountain.

World Athletic Championships – 2022 should be entertaining. There is a possibility that Elaine Thompson – Herah will run 10.47 and 21.2 for the 100M and 200M respectively. Fans anticipate Shericka Jackson will join the 100M 10.6X club. A review of Olympics 2021 and Prefontaine Classic 2021 show Shericka Jackson closing fast at the end of each race. This is confirmation that Shericka Jackson is making progress with her Speed. There is work required on her start. Start is not limited to getting out of the Blocks it includes forward progress by or about 30 Meters into the 100M and 200M events.

Some athletes could have a career-challenging year in 2022. For example if Shacari Richardson finds it difficult to beat 123, she may not participate in World Athletic Championships – 2022 or Olympics 2024. Will Christine Mboma get faster and allowed to compete in the 400M? Will Gabby Thomas decide to compete in the 100M? Fans of Gabrielle Thomas are not keen on her ability to be a Star in the 100M and the 400M events. Her Athletic history seems best suited for the 200M. Gabrielle Thomas can be a star in the 400M event if she studies this race. Regardless she will compete.

Olympics 2024 should be exciting. The French Athletes will bring their best Game but not likely to be as good as this 400M Performance. Fans of Elaine Thompson – Herah yearn for Signature Performances at the Paris Olympics – 2024. Gauntlet down, Fans anticipate 10.47 for the 100M and 21.2 for the 200M or better. The Spear should burn in Paris. Should the gods of Athletic Health smile, Elaine Thompson – Herah, will perform at an extremely high level and make Jamaica proud. All 100M finalist in Paris know in advance, that if their Personal Best (PB) is south of 10.7X, they will be late for Dinner where dinner is the Gold Medal.

Three-Peat and 123 is very much a possibility at the Paris Olympics – 2024. Three-Peat – Fans of Elaine Thompson – Herah believe she can win the 100M and 200M for a third consecutive time at the Paris Olympics – 2024.123 – Fans envision the expected three (3) Jamaican entrants in the Women’s 100M Final in Paris, to finish 1, 2, 3, and stake Flag on the Podium, regardless of the names associated with the entrants.

From now until after Olympics 2024, it is unlikely that Shacari Richardson will beat anyone on the Women 100M podium in Tokyo Olympics 2021. She can keep dreaming. Fans do not see Shacari Richardson winning a 200M on the world stage. Elaine Thompson – Herah, Gabby Thomas, and Christine Mboma will deny her the opportunity to be at the top of any Podium. Fans believe that Natasha Morrison might be ready to step forward. With some Positive vibration, she could be the next Burning Spear.

For now, let us move forward to World Athletic Championships – 2022. Philippines Athletes are encouraged by the performances of Hidilyn Diaz and EJ OBIENA. Pinoys expect their good fortunes to continue.


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