Beyond Christmas and a New Year is Track and Field Season – 2023. The Holidays is the calm before the competition begins. 2023 promises to be a rebuilding Year for Male Jamaican sprinters. Jamaican Female sprinters, particularly the Stars have unfinished business. Fans of Elaine Thompson – Herah(ETH) anticipate excellent years in 2023 and 2024. Between 2023 and 2024 is the time to run 10.47 for the 100M event. If a time of 10.47 is not accomplished Fans will wait for decades for that opportunity. If she runs 10.47 for the 100M in Budapest or Paris, that record will last forever and a Day.

ETH is planning to destroy the competition 2023 and 2024 in a demonstrative way. The anticipated rematch between Elaine Thompson-HerahShelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, and Shericka Jackson in the 100M Final at WAC – 2022 did not materialize but 2023  promises a different result.

Absent injuries, ETH will to be a Factor in the Women 100M and 200M events in Budapest Hungary August 19, 2023. Elaine Thompson – Herah, has work to do but nothing to be nervous about. The Spear will be burning in Budapest and will make Jamaica proud

Athletes planning to be in the Women 100M Final in Budapest with a Personal Best (PB) slower than 10.7X should skip the event. Participating in the event with a PB south of 10.7X, will make you late for Dinner, where dinner is the Gold Medal. The Women’s 100M Final in Budapest 2023 is on Track for a Time of 10.61 or better.

Meanwhile there is increasing enthusiasm for Track and Field competition in the Philippines. There is congruent participation and performance in the female camp that sources believe will rival the spirit of Jamaican Athletes. It will take time to duplicate times, distances, and heights but they are moving forward.

Philippines Athletes are making efforts to improve their Long Jump, Triple Jump, and High Jump skills and exhibiting performance consistent with an “I can” attitude. Once competitively successful in International meetings, confidence will set in making the sky the limit. Future SEA Games will be preparation for Olympic competition.

Boxing, weightlifting, gymnastics, and swimming programs appear to be well on the way to producing Stars in the near future. Current Athletes in these disciplines are not yet Household names but avid Fans think that like Hidilyn Diaz and EJ OBIENA, some will attain prominence soon.

In Olympic Level Boxing, Female and Male Kababayans are stepping in the Ring fearless and throwing barrage of punches. They are competing in a manner the equivalent of “I am Pilipino and here to win”. Eumir Marcial is a promising Boxer who should have a successful Professional career. The “young uns” are maintaining the Legacy.

Weightlifting is now a prominent sport. Weightlifters are encouraged by the performances of Hidilyn Diaz in SEA Games – 2022. Pinoys expect their good fortunes to continue. Fans expect the Team to be competitive on the International stage.

In Gymnastics, Carlos Yulo should maintain his form. The Philippines Athletes are progressively working on their talents. The Women’s Gymnastics Team is competitive. Fans sense a Pride of the Philippines among them, or a Burning Spear somewhere.  There are Philippines Women Athletes whose mettle will be obvious in Olympics 2024

Swimming is a frontline event for the Filipino Team. Kababayans are always striving to be as good as Americans are in the Pool. CHLOE ISLETA is leading the effort. Hidilyn Diaz encourages another First in an event. Chloe Isleta embraces the challenge and look forward to Olympics 2024. There is no doubt that Filipinos would like to be as good as Jamaicans are on the Track.

Pole Vault in the Philippines is getting attention. E J Obiena and Natalie Uy are creating excitement. Natalie Uy is someone to follow. Fans of E J Obiena see him as a high prospect for a Medal in the Pole Vault Olympics 2024. It is likely that he will win the Gold Medal at Olympics 2024. He did not win the Gold Medal at WAC – 2022 but he performed at a high Level and won the Bronze.   

SEA Games 2022 produced encouraging performances. The Women 200M Final performance was impressive. Performances overall were encouraging spiritually but physically there is significant work required. All Athletes are back in constructive Training and preparation for WAC – 2023 and Olympics 2024. The Tail Gate Party continues to Olympics 2024.


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