Sources report that Gabby Thomas will focus on the 400M and 200M events. She now realizes that there is no need to stake claim to the 100M Crown. She is stronger in the distances greater than 100M. There is hope of deliverance in the 400M. Gabby can imagine the euphoria of winning the 200M and or 400M Finals in Budapest and Paris.

If Gabby can improve her Quarter Mile time to 49.0 seconds and if the cup runneth over to 48.5 seconds, the competition will have sleepless nights in Budapest and Paris.  400M Stars should add an entry to their Diary that Gabby Thomas is coming to Dinner. Her idea of Dinner is the Gold Medal in the Female 400M event. Gabby Thomas will hunt for treasure in the 400M event.

The 400M event is looking for new participants. Missing is the fire that Sanya Richards Ross brought to the Track. The void now makes it possible for Gabby Thomas to bring excitement and illuminate the event with a “New Era” of competition. A Star is born and nurtured. The flag is waving and opportunity waiting. It will take a little time for the realization but she will be ready by the National Trials.

Beyond National Trials when accomplishments sink in, Gabby Thomas will exhibit performances that produce times in the neighborhood of 49.0 to 48.0 seconds for the 400M. She will attain incomparable status.

Fans believe that by Olympics 2024 she will be running 47.5 seconds for the 400M. Her 200M time will be about 21.3 to 21.2 seconds and secure a position on the Podium.  Women 200M Finals in Budapest and Paris will be exciting. Sub 22.0 seconds will be required to get into the Final. Women 400M Finals in Budapest and Paris will require Sub 51.0 seconds to get into the Final.

Athletes planning to be in the Women 200M Final in Budapest with a Personal Best (PB) slower than 21.8X should skip the event. Participating in the event with a PB south of 21.8X, will make you late for Dinner, where dinner is the Gold Medal. The Women’s 200M Final in Budapest 2023 is on Track for a Time of 21.5 or better. The Tail Gate Party continues to Olympics 2024 


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