The Democrats declared Presidential candidates are engaged in a Cameo appearance. The real candidates or would be policy makers are in hiding. Democrats know that Americans will not vote for the hidden real candidates. Regardless the Cameo Ticket is weak. Blacks and Blue Collar workers will not vote for that Ticket. Members of the Black Community, who have family members incarcerated for non-violent crimes, will avoid and ignore the Cameo Democrat Presidential Candidates. Anyone who thinks that hilarious couple if unfortunate to be elected could successfully run Country is cognitively challenged.

Patriotic Americans appreciate competition and Entertainment, even in the form of a Cameo duo who lack plausibility. How you the Electorate vote will test your ability to think Beyond the Apparent. Fortunately, those of us who bleed Red, White, and Blue are giving YOU the opportunity to do the Right thing for your Sons, Daughters, Nephews, Nieces, Cousins, and their children.

The Polls are fictitious. That was obvious after the Republican National Convention. The Media is disseminating Poll Propaganda. The Media hope that those accustom to believing promise of useless Programs by the Democrat Party will blink long enough and vote for that Ticket. The choice is clear. POTUS is your only choice forward. Estimates are that POTUS will get about Fifty Percent of the Black votes.

Polls would have you believe that some Women do not support POTUS. Some Female Broadcasters would have you believe that is true. The reason given is that Women are not comfortable with POTUS Attitude or Personality. To Women and Broadcasters alike who express that sentiment, my question is, what did you get by being so comfortable with the previous Administration?

Women and Female media professionals should vote for POTUS, not because they like his Attitude or Personality but because they like themselves. If you like yourself and your Sons, Daughters, Nephews, Nieces, Cousins, and their children, you do not have a choice. Stop looking for flair and seek substance. Women and Female media professionals living in Sub-Urban communities should not consider themselves insulated from the violence in Portland, Oregon. Do not bite off your Nose to spite your Face. Do not throw out your Descendants with the Bath Water.

To Women and Female Broadcasters, there is no need to view POTUS from your Emotional Lenses. You viewed the previous Administration from Emotional Lenses and received nothing. POTUS is not courting you. He is unavailable. Deciding whom to vote for as your President based on Personality or flair is ridiculous. If that is your criteria then you voted for Carter and Clinton. How successful were those decisions? Those Democrats off shored Manufacturing Jobs and gave our Military Intelligence to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The sides of the Trojan horse are bare and the occupants are dangerous. Their verbiage is scary. Billionaires are leaving New York because of an idiotic member of the House of Representative. My fellow Americans are packing and leaving cities that could some day be in ruins

The Presidential Election of 2020 will be a referendum on the Republic. In this Republic, Anti- Americanism or disrespecting the “Will of the People” is mere thought. Think of it often but do it never. It is better to die for a Cause than Live for Nothing. Black America will support POTUS in 2020.

Voters who are Darker than Blue and easily persuaded to vote for Democrats of a lighter hue, it is time to Wake up and Live. Blacks voting for Democrats should review Political Party Legacy. Social Media including Google has been writing Revisionist History. Your search for information is compromised or missing. Republican Party Politicians, it is time to schedule Town Halls in support of POTUS. Now is the time to Preserve and Defend the Constitution and Republic. Do not lose the Presidency as you did the House of Representative. The Veto Power is still a mighty weapon.

The Democrat Party has made it easy for voters to make the right decision on November 3, 2020. If you love Country, the way of Life, and understand the reason why Immigrants come to our shores in droves, then you vote for POTUS. Any other vote will be silly, uncivilized, and unpatriotic. As POTUS say, you might get tired of winning.

Simultaneously it is necessary to make sure Immigrants are here to assimilate, not segregate, and participate in destructive events. Immigrants like the parents of the Democrat Vice-Presidential candidate, came here for Capitalism not Marxism. Those not liking Country should leave. Go spew your venom elsewhere. Buy some land on another Continent and bring your supporters with you.

The November 3, 2020 Presidential Election is about Message not Money. It is about Moving Forward. It is NOT about returning to incompetent policies exhibited by the Administration of 2008 – 2016. The Republican Party should care less about claims of donations collected. That claim by the Democrat Party is fictitious. It is as phony as the WHO or claims of benefits to the Neighborhood from ill-conceived Programs since 1960. Money does not vote. The Electorate falls prey to that nebulous utterance every Election but not this time. Equally false is the phrase Main Stream Media. Who or what is Main Stream Media. Main Stream in what Country, State, or Town.

Blaming POTUS for the Pandemic is a misrepresentation of the Facts. COVID-19 was intentional. Country was the only target of COVID-19. Other Nations became infected but that was a decoy. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operatives or volunteers travelled to many places but their destination was Country. CCP operatives and volunteers flew to many countries and then acquired immediate Transfer to Country.

Democrats have taken the position that it does not matter if you kill Americans to win Election 2020. Democrats are determined to win at any cost.  The CCP is supporting Democrats and that is why there was no mention of China during the Democrat Presidential Convention. There is a desire to destroy what the Founding Fathers created. The Founding Fathers created a Republic. Subversive elements in the Democrat Party are trying to change Country. There is Treason here. More treason than the phony story concocted to Impeach POTUS. The Democrat Party has evolved into an unrecognizable entity.

Subversive elements in the Democrat Party has decided that if you cannot kill American Citizens with a Virus, then do so by destroying the Economy, their Livelihood, and Life. The more Americans you kill, the less Republicans alive to vote. Continuous reporting of increase in the number of positive COVID-19 Cases by the Medical Community can be considered participation in the scheme. Democrats believe they can win Election 2020 with that strategy, combined with fictitious Mail-In Ballots. Democrats believe that some Americans exhibit a lack of ability to think and will do as they are told. If you are still undecided for whom to vote in Presidential Election 2020 then the Democrat Party is right about you. That should not be a difficult decision. The question is, do you like Capitalism or Marxism?

The Democrats slogan is “Keep fighting for Change”. This Change has nothing to do with Race. The change is about Country. Those not liking Country should leave. My fellow Americans, a vote for POTUS is a VOTE FOR YOU. A vote for anyone else is a VOTE against you. REPUBLICANS need to support POTUS and get more Fire in the belly.  

The current level of violence in Country was planned. This planned insurrection began after the results of Election 2016. There is a Shadow Government. This Shadow Government is orchestrating disruption and Insurrection. Members of the Previous Administration are involved as well as members of the Rogue Democrat Party. The results of the 2020 Presidential Election will be a Landslide victory for POTUS similar to Reagan and over before, night begins on the “East Coast”.

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party will continue to support Riots. If the Secretary of Defense does not act, we could have a Civil War. The destruction of the Democrat Party will be collateral damage. Actually, around the world an Era of Civil War has begun including in China. Regardless POTUS stays in the White House.


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