Building a wall at the Mexican border is a good thing. Those in opposition are short sighted and need to look beyond the apparent. The Mexicans are good people and while the wall will restrict their migration, they are simply victims of Geographical location.

The wall is about preventing uncontrolled and unlawful entry to the United States from the South. To assume that Mexicans are the only people using that route is fallacious. Such an assumption is inaccurate and will ultimately result in making an ass of you and me.

It is not only Mexicans crossing the Southern border. People from Central and South America, the middle East, Asia, and even Africa are entering the United States via the Southern border.

If you were near the Southern border at Nogales Arizona, Tijuana California, Juarez New Mexico, or Brownsville Texas and saw a Male or Female that you knew was not Black or White; would you be able to tell if that person was Asian, Hispanic, or Middle Eastern just by looking at them. Let’s say you determined accurately that the person was Hispanic, could you determine if that person was Mexican, Guatemalan, Colombian, Ecuadorian, Brazilian, Argentinian, etc. I guarantee that better than Ninety Percent of you could not, even if you spoke with the person briefly and they responded in English.

Did you know that depending on the Light Index and your direction or location, someone you assume is Mexican, could be from Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan, India, or Afghanistan? There are other countries that I could mention but that list is consistent with keeping it simple, so that you get the point.

No wall is full proof but I find it difficult to believe that someone who made a living building Towers, has any intention of constructing a Picket Fence, above and below ground level. As a backup, there will be adequate military assets and man-power to provide support 24/7. Frankly, I believe Engineers will design a two-wall construction with physical deterrent material between. Tunnels will not be safe or untouched from the construction I envision. Tunnels will be discovered and destroyed. Homeland security might leave some Tunnels open but use them as collection points.

To preserve greatness, progress, success, and happiness; building a wall is action required.


  1. In the last paragraph, becoming sentence you typed “no fence is full proof” should read “fool proof”

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