Some time between 2008 and 2016, the Democrat Party became a Marxist Party. No one in Washington, D.C. reported the change. The average person would say some People did something. The ignoramus Media fell asleep or was complicit. The now defunct Democrat Party showed their hands too quickly. There are Remedies to protect and defend the Constitution and preserve Country.  Start by vigorously contesting State and Local Elections. End Democrats/ Marxists control of States and Cities.

The now defunct Democrat Party committed Fraud on the Electorate. This Fraud was not just political it was Personal. This was revenge for the 2016 Presidential Election results. The Marxist Party and the Vote Counters in the 2020 Presidential Election engaged in widespread Fraud and deception.  

If you were the Marxist candidate, would you leave the Basement if you already knew the votes were guaranteed? One does not believe that The Marxist Presidential candidate legitimately won any State in his columnIf you did not vote for the Marxist candidate 30 Years ago after he tried multiple times to run for President, why now. If you are less than 30 Years of age, it is your responsibility to read the History of the candidate. Why would you vote for someone who plans to raise your Taxes? Country was founded on opposition to “Taxation without representation”. Two-hundred and Fifty years later a significant amount of the Electorate presumably voted for Democrats to increase their Taxes. History will refer to this Presidential Election as a fraudulent event.

Republicans should demand a Re-count of all States in the Marxist column and take the next FOUR years to complete that exercise. Who wants to vote for a cognitively challenged Turncoat? His News Conferences, are laughable at best and Fraudulent at worse. If you look and talk like Judas then you are. One cannot conjure a reason why anyone would vote for this Marxist Presidential candidate. Those who voted for him must have drank the Kool Aid or hate success.

The Marxist Party, the Media, and the Voting Bureaucracy colluded to play the numbers Game and steal the Election from POTUS. The Voting Bureaucracy was not counting or reporting the votes. They were scheming and calculating how to present the farce and Fraud. We should demand a redo of all the States in Marxist column. Republicans should take all FOUR years to complete that exercise. POTUS should not concede. Non-Democrats will ignore a Media declared Marxist President. Such declaration could have grave consequence.

Those of us who are good at Math expected that Fraud. Such fraud is a continuation of fabricated Polls. When the debris is all collected, Country will still not be a Socialist enclave. Let us begin the Investigation of that Geezers Collusion and Quid Pro Quo activities. Collusion has been the Marxist Party activity since Jimmy Carter.

You can fool some people sometimes but you cannot fool all the people all of the time. Republicans will stand up and fight for our Rights. All options are on the table.

Fox News sold out to the highest bidder. Fox News gave new meaning to the words “your enemies cannot hurt you but your friends will”. They endeared POTUS then stabbed him in the face on Election night. Fox News has sold out to the Marxist Party and its Funding sources including the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). WHAT A SHAME!!! Conservatives will now move to “NEWSMAX“.

The Republican Party reached out to Minorities. The Latino community responded well. Unfortunately, the Black Community is still lagging in their support. There is much to say in disappointment but one will forgo that utterance. Suffice to say, that anyone in the Hood who still thinks, “better days are coming “by and by”, you are wrong. Your mission, should you wish to Move Forward, is to make your Heaven and Hell right here on Earth. 🌎That includes stop voting for Democrats. Stop confusing the word Democrat with “Democratic”. There is nothing Democratic about the now defunct Democrat Party. POTUS might not have delivered Fish 🐟but he is teaching you how to Fish 🐟 Reach out to Tim Scott for information on Opportunity Zones.

I am not sure how this Crisis, Dilemma, and Debacle will end. Perhaps, a visit to the altar is required. Course that is a place to which the Marxist Presidential candidate will not be invited. The Church recently denied him Holy Communion. Get out of this House, you Heathen.

There was only ONE ISSUE in the 2020 Presidential Campaign.  The issue is CHOICE. Do you want to live with Capitalism or Socialism? Personality or other perceived or contrived issues are irrelevant. Some of my fellow Americans failed to understand.

The 2020 Presidential Election and our History is tainted. Subversive Elements, Hypocrites, and Parasites refuse to accept the Results of the 2016 Presidential Election. Disruption will become common and the Marxist Party will be collateral damage. Regardless POTUS stays in the White House.


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