The World’s shining star on a Hill will stay bright after the Election result is correct. Biblically, if that does not occur Country will assume disfavor status. The Higher Power is not happy. The Prayer vigils you are witnessing are real. As in Biblical times they are ignored. Country is at an Intersection. Will it go Right, left, backward, or Forward.

The results of the 2020 Presidential Election are Fraud beyond Doubt. Even a High School Math student can figure that out. Unearthing Electoral Fraud should be easy. The campaign Defense Team should not engage in counting pieces of paper. Assume the results and count backwards. Politicians having financial stake in Dominion Voting Machines is a conflict of interest. Several High Ranking Marxists Politicians are engaged in said activities. Where are the vociferous Republican Party Senators? The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) should take action. Dominion Voting Machines must be removed from Country Electoral Process.

If the Total Votes is Greater than the Sum of Registered Republicans, Independents, and Marxists combined, then the Election is a Fraud. You can calculate this by State. Any talk of same day Registrants who voted is also a Fraud. If they are registered, they will be in the Sum of Registered Republicans, Independents, and Marxists combined. Any variance is illegal votes and should be subtracted from the Total of the Democrat Presidential candidate tally.

POTUS campaign Defense Team must include Accounting, Statistical, and Computer Software Professionals. The Software code must be checked, for “If Statements” consistent with converting Names and Values. In addition, look in the Log Files for changes – What, When, and by which User. Systems record activities. System Activities cannot be deleted. POTUS will ultimately win by a Landslide. It does not matter if during the fraudulent recording of the votes or in the vindicating reconciliation phase. POTUS Presidency will be vindicated. The Presumed “President Elect” will have Egg on his face in the end. Sidney Powell, not on the Team is a lost opportunity but there is still time to revisit that option.

Some in the International Community are poised to accept “President Elect”. They are ready and willing to accept ANYPresident Elect” other than POTUS. Some in the International Community are opposed to “America First” and “Make America Great Again”.  They enjoyed being Hypocrites and Parasites in taking Country-manufacturing Jobs to boost their Economy and infrastructure. In essence, come forward “President Elect” and give us free stuff at the expense of Americans.

The fraudulent “President Elect” in one of his limited appearances said, “America is back in the Game”. To which game was he referring? Life is not a Game and if he thinks it is, “We the People” are saying loud and clear, we want to lead that Game. We are in it to win it. We want “America First” and “America Great Again”. 

Perhaps, he was referring to the Game of stealing American Industries and Jobs. He is a Pro at that game. He has being playing it for 50 Years. He can play that Game with his Brain closed. He did so well, that some people voted for him. If you did, you voted for the enemy of your children. It is easy to see that the “President Elect” knows that the Election was Fraudulent. Those who voted for the Marxist ticket are glutton for punishment or uneducated. If you voted Marxist thinking that “President Elect” will save you from COVID-19, you will be disappointed. If Patriots fail in turning this Electoral Fraud around your descendants will suffer the consequences.  

The 2020 Presidential Election and our History is tainted. Subversive Elements, Hypocrites, and Parasites refuse to accept the Results of the 2016 Presidential Election. The Marxist Party along with the Media and Tech organizations has designated themselves as a Ruling class. Ignorant electorates as if Slaves continue to support a MARXIST party that has sold Country. The Fire Sale is scheduled for January 21, 2021 but Patriots will cancel. Disruption will become common and the Marxist Party will be collateral damage. POTUS will stay in the White House. He will Never Give Up.


Telegram Delivered Today

Country  Country  Country

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