The President’s Domestic problems are Speaker Ryan and Main Stream Media. Speaker Ryan is a Democrat in Republican clothing. Potus will not accomplish his goals if Speaker Ryan is the lead or face promoting his agenda. Speaker Ryan is part of the swamp. Therefore, he must be part of the drainage. For a while, Speaker Ryan was able to mask his intentions but the mask is off. Speaker Ryan has sold out to the Left. Ryan did not support the Presidents candidacy, does not believe in the philosophy of the President, and will not promote the agenda of the Administration. Speaker Ryan must go.

The President needs to retrieve the street manual, in which he will find a section that says, good things come to those who wait but not to those who wait too late. It is time for Potus to fish or cut bait. By any bureaucratic means possible, the President must find someone else or demand a team effort to promote his Domestic agenda. It is inconceivable that the President will get to the promise land with Speaker Ryan, as his Chauffer.

To Speaker Ryan, ask not what the Republican Party can do for you but what you can do for the Republican Party. Your required action should be self-evident. The Administration and the Party need to move forward. Please do the right thing. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

After seven years of discontent, the Affordable Health Care proposal on the table is inadequate. After all these years, neither Party appears willing to provide a Single Payer Health Insurance solution. I find it difficult to believe that this is the best the Republican Party Law makers can draft. The principal architect is mentally inebriated from being too close to or too far from the project. The principal architect lacks the understanding and interpretation of the issue. It is impossible for him to construct a satisfactory plan. The segmentation of the Republican members of congress could lead to the demise of the Republican Party.

All is not lost but it is time for the President to get seriously focused. The President needs to launch his Veto Power. The President needs to be reminded, that he can veto anything that does not meet expectation. He should veto any Legislation that the Democrats seek to move forward that weaken his leadership. The President needs to employ Time, Focus, and Concentration and move all Campaign promises forward. On the subject of Campaign promises, The President needs to realize that the campaign is over. It is time for him to lead and manage the Agenda. Equally important he should communicate effectively with his media staff and not say anything contradictory after news conferences. As for the new FBI Director, Trey Gowdy would be an excellent pick.

The key segments of the Domestic Agenda are Health Care, Border Wall, Military improvement, Tax Reform, Deficit and Debt, Illegal Immigration, and Manufacturing Jobs. It is unlikely that the President can do much about Deficit and Debt in the near term. However, he needs to develop a sound strategy to accomplish the rest. Anything less than complete accomplishment will be perceived as failure.

Health Care:

The slowness of Health Care legislation indicates that perhaps there is unwillingness. Perhaps, congress has no answer consistent with the varying philosophies on the table. Perhaps, Country should move to a Single Payer system with subsidy consistent with a means test. The question that must be answered for Health Care legislation to be a success is: how do we provide access to Health Care for millions of Americans who cannot afford the cost.

The problem with Health Care legislation is that Americans have lost concern for their fellow citizens. Discussions about Health Care provision for Americans has become all about money. For members of congress who continue to raise the issue of cost to provide reasonable Health Care for American citizens, when was the last time that you were concerned with the cost of Pensions, Health benefits, and Security after retirement from Government Service. How is that cost incorporated in the budget. Is that part of the “Entitlements”, and if so why not reduce the amount. If it is not part of the “Entitlements”, then where in the budget is it. Could it be that appropriation is classified?

Border Wall:

As for the border, not all sections will have a constructive wall. In sections where geography prevents the equivalent of a wall there should be a fortification of cameras with drones to monitor. Building a wall at the border is a good thing. Those in opposition are short sighted and need to look beyond the apparent. The Mexicans are good people and while the wall will restrict their migration, they are simply victims of Geographical location.

The wall is about preventing uncontrolled and unlawful entry to the United States from the South. To assume that Mexicans are the only people using that route is fallacious. Such an assumption is inaccurate and will ultimately result in making an ass of you and me. It is not only Mexicans crossing the Southern border. People from Central and South America, the Middle East, Asia, and even Africa are entering the United States via the Southern border.

If you were near the Southern border at Nogales Arizona, Tijuana California, Juarez New Mexico, or Brownsville Texas and saw a Male or Female that you knew was not Black or White; would you be able to tell if that person was Asian, Hispanic, or Middle Eastern just by looking at them. Let us say you determined accurately that the person was Hispanic, could you determine if that person was Mexican, Guatemalan, Colombian, Ecuadorian, Brazilian, Argentinean, etc. I guarantee that better than Ninety Percent of you could not, even if you spoke with the person briefly and they responded in English.

Did you know that depending on the Light Index and your direction or location, someone you assume is Mexican, could be from Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan, India, or Afghanistan? There are other countries that I could mention but that list is consistent with keeping it simple, so that you get the point.

No wall is Impenetrable but I find it difficult to believe that someone who made a living building Towers intends to construct a Picket Fence, above and below ground level. As a backup, there will be adequate military assets and work force to provide support 24/7. Frankly, I believe Engineers can design a two-wall construction with physical deterrent material between. Tunnels will not be safe or untouched from the construction. Tunnels will be discovered and destroyed. Homeland security might leave some Tunnels open but use them as collection points. To preserve greatness, progress, success, and happiness; building a wall is action required.

Military improvement:

Military improvement should be an easy goal to accomplish. It appears that there was a move afoot to decimate the Military. Our military needs to have an abundance of tools to defend Country. The Military needs to stay advanced and ahead to deal with the threats. The North Korean threat is not going away. The time is now, to deal conclusively with North Korea and prepare for Iran.

The North Korean confrontation is clearly the prelude to World War 3 but that war is years in the future. US North Korea confrontation is several years late but it is better to be late than never. Country is faced with never and that has to be averted. China realizes that today it is the US and tomorrow it will be China. North Korea nuclear ability must be destroyed. North Korea is noise in a quiet zone.

The noise must be silenced. Diplomacy is not an option at this time. Diplomacy came and went. Nuclear Technology is in the hands of the wrong person, specifically Kim jong Un. It is time to begin the scale back of proliferation. North Korea chose to be the starting point. You have to start somewhere if there is any hope of maintaining civilization. As long as my Brothers and Cousins do not blink too long, the goal will be accomplished – “Stop Nuclear Proliferation” and the provocateurs who promote.

Tax Reform:

The intent of Tax reform is to provide an economic stimulus and boost. It will benefit business especially entrepreneurs. It is debatable if employees will benefit. My concern is parts of the revised code will benefit employees but other parts might not after the Senate is through constructing the legislation. Regardless, Potus has an excellent idea, especially regarding Inheritance taxation. Tax reform will not be easy legislation because the Government has grown accustom to taking money.

Deficit and Debt:

Politicians have demonstrated that the Deficit is less important than Tax cuts. Tax cuts for the affluent is more important than helping fellow Americans in need. Quite candidly, politicians’ talking about deficit and the size thereof is a façade. It is merely tongue and cheek chatter because they created the deficit. The deficit be damned, we the politicians are obligated to repay our campaign contributors. Some politicians are Leopards. They cannot change their spots. The voters are not important. Their pledge to America is a charade. I thought that if you ran for public office the understanding was you were making a pledge to serve the people.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, Deficit and Debt is affecting State and Local governments. The fact is, individuals, Cities, Sates, Country, and the World is on a deficit to Debt path. Quite candidly, with the exception of China a country manufacturing things, one could argue that all countries are in one of two categories – Declared or Undeclared Debt.

The impact of Deficit to Debt on individuals is a bottomless pit of continued high unemployment, Foreclosures, astronomical credit card debt, and the increasing inability of decent human beings to afford necessities. At the same time, Local and State governments are increasing taxes but reducing the quality of services and contribution to Education. States that are in the Declared Debt category are CT, NY, OH, and CA. Others will declare soon.

The trend is reversible. However, it has to be done constructively and not by politicians running around like chicken without heads spewing vitriol or seeking to take away the right of unions to engage in Collective Bargaining. Neither will it be resolved by recklessly slashing and eliminating programs that benefit citizens. Frankly, slashing and eliminating programs that benefit citizens could create the age-old condition of two wrongs does not make a right.

In this world climate of unrest and citizens demanding actual Democracy as opposed to lip service of the ideology, slashing and eliminating programs that benefit citizens could be a recipe for disaster. The recipe and the meal could be on exhibit at a State near you.

Illegal Immigration:

Illegal immigration is a Trojan horse with the sides exposed. In essence, it is transparent and the occupants are visible.

We cannot continue to ignore Illegal Immigration. Any consideration of Amnesty for individuals in country illegally is the equivalent of allowing an invasion. An invasion condones importing criminals, Terrorists, and foreign diseases. Changing current Immigration Laws to accommodate invaders will demonstrate disrespect for citizens, the children of fallen soldiers, and legal immigrants.

Employing illegal immigrants at low wages and ignoring unemployed citizens is wrong. Employing illegal immigrants at low wages is temporary and unsustainable. Think about it, are you doing the same job that your parents did? Do you seriously think that the children of illegal immigrants will? If not, then what.

The fact is illegal immigrants in low wage occupation will not affect you. However, your children and Great Grandchildren will be competing with the descendants of illegal immigrants in the workplace. Consistently, the 14th Amendment MUST be amended. The 14th Amendment where it allows for the preposterous Anchor baby must and should be revised otherwise it will ultimately disenfranchise children born of Legal Permanent residents, Naturalized, and Natural born citizens.

The simple required amendment to the 14th Amendment should read as follows:

You are a citizen if and only if your mother was a Legal Permanent resident or a Naturalized citizen, or a Natural born citizen prior to your conception.

Prior to your conception means that at the time of your birth and the gestation period is determined and concluded your mother must have valid proof that she was a Legal Permanent resident or a Naturalized citizen, or a Natural born citizen prior to the commencement of said gestation period.

In essence, if it is determined by the medical community that your mother gave birth to you in 9 months, your mother MUST have been a Legal Permanent resident or a Naturalized citizen, or a Natural born citizen for more than 9 months before the date of your birth.

Manufacturing Jobs:

The loss of Manufacturing Jobs is the basis for our economic woes. Those jobs were sent off shore. The loss of Manufacturing Jobs created displaced workers who cannot pay their mortgages or purchase goods and services. To suggest that the workers most of whom have a High School Diploma and between the age of 50 and 70 should now go to Community Colleges and re-train is adding insult to injury. It is also undemocratic because you are taking their choice away. Besides, all jobs are important to sustain Country.

There was a time when just about everything was made in the USA. Now nothing or very little is. What can we do about that, you say. Simply refuse to purchase the merchandise. Personally, if the merchandise is not made in the Western Hemisphere, I do not buy. Yes, I actively read the labels to see where the product was manufactured.

Finally, we have a President who understands that Country and Empire will only be great if there is a manufacturing base. The manufacturing base has to be supported and strong.