Term Limits for Members of Congress


It is time to enact Term Limits for members of Congress, Senators and Representatives alike. I propose a maximum of 8 consecutive years. It is time to get rid of the stagnation on Capitol Hill. The stagnation is so enormous that the stench has permeated country and preventing progress. This once vibrant nation with ideas flowing like water has been reduced to the fluid motion of molasses.

If the Presidency is limited to two terms in fear of undue influence, then Senators and House members should be limited in like manner for the same reason. Members of congress are entrenched in their political ideology and refuse to open their minds and compromise for the good of the people.

Once stagnation sets in, interest is no longer that of the people but for self. Self motivated Senators and House members become career politicians. Career politicians become impediments to forward thinking ideas. Career politicians become obstructionists and their interest is that of the Lobbyist they represent.

Career politicians fail to realize when the merits of their ideas are no longer relevant. Their constant objective is to return to the failed policies of the past hoping that Americans with short memories have forgotten.

The current Tax cuts has not produced any significant new Jobs in the last 8 years.  The unemployment rate is evidence of that. There is no indication whether by Inductive or Deductive reasoning that continued Tax cuts will enable the creation new jobs. If Tax cuts did not create jobs in the last 8 years and specifically between 2008 and 2010 then what is the reasoning behind continued great expectation. The American people are hungry for a resolution.

We need a flow of new people and ideas on Capitol Hill. In the past I encouraged a previous minority leader in the House of Representative to retire to Ohio, find a rocking chair, and sip on his favorite beverage. That encouragement was followed and at last check he is having a great time. Quite candidly, I wish other politicians on Capitol Hill would do the same and retire to their State or another Country. The time to enact Term Limits is now.

Leon T.


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