The Administration is prudent to take two mental steps back but remain physically committed. North Korea is not changing their address anytime soon. Mail and Missiles can still be delivered. Regrettably, the rhetoric and provocation from North Korea has become unbearable. Japan and South Korea has just about had enough. You walk away from a bully or confront. Those of us who supports the President strongly suggest confront. There are those of us who do not need to put our hands on the stove to determine it is hot. We can feel and smell the heat even if we are not in the kitchen. Frankly, the hot coal, which is North Korea, is beyond “Red Hot”, it is “White Hot”. Delivering missile will provide a good coolant.

Sending coolant to North Korea will undoubtedly produce reaction from China. Nixon will not be happy if we have a military confrontation with China but he understands that action delayed is resolution denied. Nixon would not wish country be destroyed by the crackpot in North Korea.

The Sun Parade in Pyongyang was impressive. There is no need to rain on their parade. I was struck by the theme and backdrop. I came away with the impression that North Koreans like parades. It must be agonizing to stand for hours in the sun. I felt bad for the participants. The faces told one story or maybe two, they are unhappy or in a hypnotic trance.

Time is on the side of the West. The West need only exercise patience. The big question is what the plans are after the parade. If the North Koreans are truly in a trance, when will the effect expire? To be honest Kim jong Un does not appear as a leader. Kim jong Un is lacking confidence all you need to do is look in his eyes. My spiritual take away from the parade is that the regime is near change. I wonder what it would take to bring about change in regime. There is overthrow in the making. North Koreans are not looking excited about the current state of affairs. How do they plan to Capitulate?

Kim jong Un will lose face if he fails to complete a nuclear test soon. Such failure will set the stage for regime change. A regime change and North Koreans volunteering to give up nuclear ambitions is the best possible outcome. However, Testosterone levels are extremely high. Therefore, that is least likely to happen. If the USA and the West exercise patience and remain physically committed, North Korea will crack. They will do something unacceptable, which will provoke a military response by the West. It will then become a situation of shoot first and talk later.

This confrontation is clearly the prelude to World War 3 but that war is years in the future. US North Korea confrontation is several years late but it is better to be late than never. Country is faced with never and that has to be averted. China realizes that today it is the US and tomorrow it will be China. North Korea nuclear ability must be destroyed. North Korea is noise in a quiet zone. The noise must be removed. Diplomacy is not an option at this time. Nuclear Technology is in the hands of the wrong person, specifically Kim jong Un. It is time to begin the scale back of proliferation. North Korea chose to be the start point. You have to start somewhere if there is any hope of maintaining civilization. As long as my Brothers and Cousins do not blink too long, the goal will be accomplished – “Stop Nuclear Proliferation” and the provocateurs who promote.


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