North Korea is interested in unifying the Korean peninsular. The only problem is a North lead unification with Communist ideals would not be acceptable to the South. On the other hand if the unification of said peninsular is promoted by the South Koreans, promising a Republic political system, that might be an action acceptable by the South and the World community. Course this is assuming that South Koreans are interested in unification, though you will admit that would be an ideal situation.

Which kind of unification would you prefer? Would you prefer a Korean Peninsular that looks more like North Korea or South Korea? In many ways the question is the equivalent of asking, if there was no day or night, which would you prefer to be right.

Clearly, Kim jong Un has lost his bearings. He is obsessed with the idea of destroying South Korea, the United States, and Japan. These countries represent his version of evil and are responsible for the suffering of his people, at least as far as he knows. Japan and South Korea exhibit Western Culture. That is an affront to him and his people. Japan and South Korea are too pro-western for the neighborhood. Kim jong Un, thinks now is the time to end the equivalent of a rocky marriage.

I am surprised that North and South Korea have been able to coexist for 64 years. The difference between the two countries is that of Day and Night. Day and Night exist but they are not present at the same time. It now appears that the coexistence could be ending. There is economic disparity between the two. North is the biblical Cain and the South is Able. Until there is unification, there will be continued threats and incidents, all instigated by the North. There is a limit to patience and the human spirit can take just so much.

If the USA and the West exercise patience and remain physically committed, North Korea will crack. Kim jong Un will do something unacceptable, which will provoke a military response. It will then become a situation of shoot first and talk later. That scenario could bring about unification. Diplomacy has not worked for 64 years. On what basis will it work now?

It could get ugly but not any uglier than it will look if Kim jong Un is allowed to carry out his obsession of destroying South Korea, the United States, and Japan.

This confrontation could be the prelude to World War 3 but that war is years in the future. A United States North Korea confrontation is several years late but it is better to be late than never. Country is faced with never and that has to be prevented. China realizes that today it is the United States and tomorrow it will be China. North Korea nuclear ability must be destroyed. North Korea is noise in a quiet zone. The noise must be removed. Diplomacy is not an option at this time. It is unlikely that Kim jong Un will voluntarily give his toys to Goodwill. Nuclear Technology is in the hands of the wrong person. It is time to begin the scale back of proliferation.

North Korea chose to be the starting point. The world has to start somewhere if there is any hope of maintaining civilization. As long as my Brothers and Cousins do not blink too long, the goal will be accomplished – “Stop Nuclear Proliferation” and the provocateurs who promote.

What will the Korean Peninsular look like after the campaign? I do not think anyone knows. That bridge will be crossed at the appropriate time. There is a time to cry, a time to Laugh, a time to talk, and a time to fight. The challenge is knowing when to do each.


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