Progressive is the adjective of the word Progress. Progress means improvement or moving forward. Democrats and Liberals have adopted the word to define their intent, content, and conduct. In reality, Democrats and Liberals abducted the word. Since actions speak louder than words, the conduct of Democrats and Liberals is anything but progressive. In fact, the conduct of Democrats and Liberals is Regressive.

The conduct of Democrats and Liberals is taking Country backward. There is nothing forward or progressive about the conduct of Democrats and Liberals. The Progressive movement is a farce. Young people following or in support of The Progressive movement are being brainwashed and indoctrinated.

Young people in support of the “Progressive Movement” are blooming educated fools. Some will engage in violence and commit crimes that could have negative impact on their professional lives. However, my observation of the incidents at UC Berkeley is that the individuals perpetuating violence are not students but paid agitators. If this violence continues on the campus of UC Berkeley some promising student will accidently lose his or her life.

Unchecked violence on College campuses is breeding ground for subversive elements in Country. Subversive elements foment Anarchy. Anarchy will ruin Country and make it susceptible to external Ideology and Groups. These incidents and violent outbursts appear organized by person or persons whose goal is to destroy Country. College registrants do the dirty work. College registrants as opposed to attendees are the subversive elements creating disturbances on UC Berkeley campus. Fact is you can register to go to school but it does not mean you attend classes.

If organized subversive elements supported by Progressives, continue to suppress conservative voices on the campus of UC Berkeley, then DOJ and DHS should isolate and interview some of the agitators to gather intelligence. It is my impression that agitators are the face of a Shadow Government. If discovered that there is a Shadow Government, it would be the first time in the history of Country that our Republic failed to have a smooth transfer of power.

Any concerted effort to prevent a smooth transfer of power, is unacceptable and uncivilized. Shadow Government is conduct exhibited by third world countries. The mere thought that someone may have created a Shadow Government is disturbing. Those of us who are students of History and politically astute, are bracing ourselves for a coup d’état. It is a good thing Country is embroiled in significant International issues. Consequently, a Shadow Government has no opening to perpetuate an overthrow. If I am right, the Shadow Government is having second thoughts about the ability of their leadership to deal with the issues facing Country now and in the immediate future. In fact, some of the issues appear to be Life-long. If the previous Administration could not resolve the plight of Blacks in Country, namely un-employment and Housing, or violence in the streets of Chicago, there is no way the Shadow Government can handle those Domestic issues, nor do they have a prayers chance of dealing with Country International issues.

It is worth repeating that the key issues facing our nation now and beyond are: Unemployment, Manufacturing Jobs, Deficit and Debt, Illegal Immigration, Abortion, Homosexuality, Declining morality by our elected officials, Campaign Financing, Pakistan, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Uprising in the Middle East, Turmoil in Africa, inevitable conflict with Iran and North Korea, and growing friction with China.

There has been a whisper by Progressives that California should secede from our Republic. Frankly, I am among the citizens who probably would not mind if California secedes from the Republic of the United States. Patriotic citizens who reside outside of California should dispel the notion that as California go so does the rest of the Nation. That is ridiculous speech. California is an expansion and not the original State. No Republic should allow an expansion State to dictate, direct, or determine the path forward. California is the State in which most of the architects of the cockamamie Progressive ideology reside.

Even the leader of the failed previous Administration has declared intent to seek residence in California. It should make you wonder why the reluctance to return to Chicago. Increasingly it has become obvious that Progressives bobble head politicians are exhibiting signs of early onset of dementia and in some cases Alzheimer. It should not be long now before the constituents look for intelligent replacements. Democrats whose call to momentary fame and trivial existence should be repealed and replaced by their constituents. If your daily existence is to say no to @Potus agenda, that the voters clearly asked for, then you are doing an injustice to the American citizens. In professional life, it is all about Lead, follow, or get out of the way. I think it is time for the current members of Congress representing California citizens, to get out of the way and stop collecting Pay Checks that they cannot justify earning.

Those who currently constitute under the umbrella of Progressives should redefine themselves as Regressives.

Regressives are people who think that building a Border Wall as in installing a lock on the door is a sign of weakness. Regressives are people who probably think that MS 13 is the 21st Century equivalent of the 12 Apostles. If so, who among them is Jesus? Regressives are people who think Kim jong Un is a Rhodes scholar and the way to stop him from obliterating California is to dialogue, engage in Diplomacy, bury their heads in the sand along the shore of the Pacific ocean, and pray.

The problem with that Dementia and Alzheimer philosophy is that Kim jong Un will continue to ignore such pleadings. The only thing that will stop a bully in and out of school is confrontation. If we who breathe, eat, and sleep the ideals of our Republic take, two mental steps back but remain physically committed, Kim jong Un will crack. He will do something unacceptable, which will provoke a military response. It will then become a situation of shoot first and talk later.

If we fail to be vigilant, California will not need a Border Wall or Lock on the door. To the Progressives who in reality are really Regressives, failure is not an option in this confrontation with North Korea; otherwise, I will see you in Heaven or Hell. I do not know about you nor do I care but I prefer to make Heaven and Hell right here on Earth.

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