The Republican Party is alive and well. The focus is Votes not Polls. Personnel changes might be REQUIRED to improve the Campaign effort. Bring back the Campaign Class of 2016. Side Stream Media is disseminating Poll Propaganda. Excepting FOX there is nothing mainstream about the media. Side Stream Media hope those accustom to useless Programs by the Democrat Party will blink long enough and vote for the Democrats Ineptitude Two-some in the Presidential Election. The choice could not be clearer. POTUS is your only choice forward.

The Democrat Party has made it easy for voters to make the right decision in the November 3, 2020 Election. If you love Country, the way of Life, and understand the reason, why Immigrants come to our shores in droves then you vote for POTUS. Any other vote will be uncivilized and unpatriotic. Simultaneously it is necessary to make sure Immigrants are here to assimilate, not segregate, and participate in destructive events. Those not liking Country should leave.

November 3, 2020 Presidential Election is about Message not Money. It is about Moving Forward. It is not about returning to the incompetent policies exhibited 2008 – 2016. The Republican Party should not care who Side Stream Media claims collected more money. That claim by the Democrat Party is fictitious. It is as phony as the WHO or claims of benefits to the Neighborhood from ill-conceived Programs since 1960. It is time to GET REAL and Move Forward.

Voters who are Darker than Blue and easily persuaded to vote for Democrats of a lighter hue, it is time to Wake up and Live. Blacks voting for Democrats should review Political Party Legacy. Social Media including Google has been writing Revisionist History. Your search for information is compromised or missing. Thank God for the Library. Republican Politicians had better hurry and draft Legislation to protect our Libraries. Google’s effort to convert our Books to Electronic medium is to change, revise, or delete History.

Social Media unintelligence supports the removal of Monuments and Statues. They have no appreciation for works of Art. The past should not scare you unless you are a wimp. Stop looking in the Rear View mirror and look in the Windshield. The Windshield shows you the way forward. SLAVERY happened quit bellyaching. Removal of Monuments and Statues will not change that fact. Clamoring for Reparation is folly.

The Democrats Ineptitude Two-some in the Presidential Election, as well as the Loony Tunes Democrat Governors and Mayors are Manchurian candidates. They are under the influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The cast of characters, who has restricted the Rights of fellow citizens, must be defeated in every Election going forward. In the interim, Subversive elements must be banished to Siberia. Democrat Political candidates are Hypocrites, Parasites, and Heathens.

Immigrants in the House of Representatives are here to conduct revenge on Country. The State Department needs to improve its selection process. The Democrat Party is not vetting newcomers. There is probably no need to vet since they owe their collective Soul to the CCP. The Democrat Party has sunk to a new Low. JFK would not recognize the organization. MLK would be disappointed in the conduct of some members of Congress particularly those from the South. Said members show total disregard for “Content of Character”.

The current level of violence in Country was planned. This planned insurrection began after the results of Election 2016. There is a Shadow Government. This Shadow Government is orchestrating disruption. Intuition indicates that members of the Previous Administration are involved as well as members of the Rogue Democrat Party. Their subtle slogan is “Keep fighting for Change”. The Change they are talking about has nothing to do with Race. The change they are really talking about is Country.

The Coup d’état has become violent. Coup d’état never remain Verbal. Elements of the Medical Community are aligned with the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party has decided that the only way to affect the Gains of POTUS is to ruin the Economy and you. COVID-19 is a gift in that effort and is intentional. Some have taken the position that it does not matter if you kill Americans to win Election 2020. There is a desire to destroy what the Founding Fathers created. The Founding Fathers created a Republic. Subversive elements in the Democrat Party are trying to change Country.

Subversive elements in the Democrat Party has decided that if you cannot kill American Citizens with a Virus, then do so by destroying the Economy, their Livelihood, and Life. The more Americans you kill, the less Republicans alive to vote. Democrats believe they can win Election 2020 with that strategy, combined with fictitious Mail-In Ballots. Democrats believe that some Americans exhibit a lack of ability to think and will do what they are told. Observation of Democrat Governors terrorizing citizens, indicate a lack of thought by the electorate of those States. I discerned no reason for electing those persons as Governors. I hope citizens in those States will not repeat said action. The Electorate of Michigan, New York, Washington, and South Carolina should Recall Governors.

Senator Tim Scott, bless is Soul, wrote a constructive Bill to Reform Police Departments. It was flawless but Democrats refused to support. They refused to support because he is Black and nothing else. Black Men can be killed by a System but not qualified to reform the System. So much for the kneeling display in pretentious solidarity by the Hypocrites, Parasites, and Heathens. How convenient to talk about Racism and Police Departments but no mention of Racism in Politics. Democrat’s refusal to support the good Senator went unnoticed by Anarchists, Agitators, Insurrectionists, and Black Mayors.

Senator Tim Scott was characterized as a Token, apparently a reason not to support his Bill. That characterization is unfounded and members of the Hypocritical Democrat Party should apologize. The Democrat Party Presidential Candidate has not done anything for the Black Community in Fifty (50) years. Eight (8) of those years was in the previous Administration. You could argue that there are more Blacks in Jail because of policies supported and implemented by the Democrat Party Presidential Candidate. That anyone in the Black Community is considering voting for the Ineptitude Two-some is unfathomable. Republican members of Congress need to speak up about the affront to Senator Scott.

The Democrat Party is not the Black Community conduit or path to solutions. The situations and conditions that affect the Neighborhood will not leave via the assistance of the Democrat Party. The only thing leaving the Hood from the assistance of the Democrat Party, are the presumed Senators and Representatives. The Democrat Party added insult to injury with the installation of the previous Administration. The previous Administration was ineffective. What was accomplished was not meaningful and what would have been meaningful was not accomplished.

For too long the Black community placed their eggs in the basket of the Democrat Party. They waited decades for the chickens to hatch. Those who thought the ideology of the Democrat Party would bring forth progress and salvation have realized they were WRONG. In 2008 – 2016, there was a Democrat Party administration in the White House and the Black Community received nothing. Chicago and other inner city neighborhoods are war zones. Chicago looks worse than it did in 2008. Sadly, some Blacks still believe the Myth. They are blinded by the Light or believe 2020 is the Year of Insurrection. Read my Lips, it is not.

To Democrats with illusions of winning the 2020 Presidential Election, perish the thought. The Results are in, NO VOTING REQUIRED. Commence mourning the defeat. POTUS has already signed another Four Year Lease on the White House. Country has unfinished Business and the Voters determined he is the best Person. For too long Country went in the wrong direction. Now it is time to change course. The Election will be a Landslide victory like Reagan and over before, night begins on the “Coast”.

We the People are cognizant that Subversive Elements, Hypocrites, and Parasites refuse to accept the message consistent with the Results of the 2016 Presidential Election. We realize that the Voting Houses will have to be protected. We will demonstrate and Deliver the same message again on November 3, 2020. Recent comments by Kanye West will be more valuable if he publicly support POTUS and enlighten members of the Hood.

We expect that members of the Coup d’état will have Relocated Physically or spiritually before then but in the event they are glutton for Punishment we will show them up close and Personal. The intent of our Vote for POTUS will be to remedy the affront and atrocities committed by the previous Regime with respect to our Preferred Domestic and International Policies. Consistent with our VOTE our EXPECTATIONS are that Manufacturing and Intellectual Prowess and Ingenuity will return to Country, starting right now.



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