All Elections in 2020 will be a referendum on the Republic. There have been several defining moments for the Republic. Election 2020 will be one. Benjamin Franklin told the people, we have given you a Republic. Trying to overturn Electoral Decisions only happens in the “Bush League”. In this Republic, Anti- Americanism or disrespecting the “Will of the People” is mere thought. Think of it often but do it never. It is better to die for a Cause than Live for Nothing. Black America will support POTUS in 2020.

In 2016, Registered Democrats who had not received any tangible benefit in years from the DEMOCRAT PARTY had an epiphany in the Voting Booth. It was time for a change. Promise of Change by the previous Administration was a Trick and no treats. For what does it profit one to gain the whole world and in the end lose his or her soul? Voters witnessed Politicians living big from their votes while they were still in pursuit with little hope of attaining. Nothing ventured, nothing gain. It was time to make a change. Black America will support POTUS in significant numbers in the 2020 Presidential Election.

In November 2020, voters will remind Democrats, that this is a Republic not a Democracy. Intellectuals may argue that we have a Republic with Democratic Ideals. Politicians could engage in that discussion but would conclude that we were not given a Democracy with Republic Ideals. What is the difference? The difference is Capitalism. Capitalism embedded with Laissez Faire and Entrepreneurship, fast forward is the Stock Market. Too bad the Founding Fathers did not have time to see the Stock Market. The Stock Market enriched members of the presumed Ruling Class. How else could one enter the Political Arena with assets worth pennies but accrue and leave with assets worth Millions.

The Founding Fathers created a Republic, not a Democracy, and they knew the word and concept in 1776. It appears that Democrats have a Dossier with Country’s form of Government as a Democracy. Said Dossier might even contain verbiage on how to convert the Republic to Democratic Socialism. Years ago in school, History and Political Science Professors would consider talk of “Democratic Socialism”, on the level of Treason, High Crimes, and misdemeanors. In essence, impeachment material.

Wasteful talk of Impeaching the 45th President of Country is just that. Would you turn in a Paper without Footnote or strong Argument to your Political Science or History professor? Perhaps you would but then the Grade would be predictable, an F.

Democrats spent three (3) years embroiled in ridiculous issues. Democrats in effect took an in-place sabbatical with the intent of sabotaging the Trump administration. The Democrats signaled intent not to participate in Governing and were comfortable with accomplishing nothing. The Democrats were talking heads engaged in discussions about the inconsequential. They engaged in actions Void of Professionalism and Public Service.

To Democrats who plan to mourn the loss of the Presidential Election of 2020, take your Time Card on the way out. No absentee ballots allowed on any Bill. Your vote will be confiscated and counted with the votes of the Republicans. Let us move forward with the business of Governing. If Democrats choose not to be present then do not send the spook along. The Republicans will show you.

Losing the Presidential Election of 2020 will be a rebuke of Democrats (alias Democratic) by the voters. Democrats will not obtain residency in the White House for a minimum of Sixteen (16) years after the Presidential Election of 2024. In fact, they might not earn admittance forever and a Day. By then the “Democratic Socialists” will have relocated.

After POTUS second Term, current Vice president will step-up and begin Sixteen (16) years of Republican residency in the White House. Democrats will not remember the address – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C., 20003.

Before the ink dries or the electronic data is saved consistent with the Tabulation of the Votes, the current Administration will get back to work. Country has unfinished Business and the Voters will decide he is the best Person for the Job. For too long Country went in the wrong direction. Now it is time to change course. The Election will be a Landslide victory like Reagan, and over before night begins on the “Coast” (The East Coast).

The Administration will resume work on key issues facing our nation: Unemployment, Manufacturing Jobs, Deficit and Debt, Illegal Immigration, Abortion, Declining morality and Trustworthiness by our elected officials, Campaign Financing, Pakistan, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Uprising in the Middle East, Turmoil in Africa, inevitable conflict with Iran and North Korea, and growing friction with China.


Unemployment will improve, when USMCA is implemented and the cockamamie NAFTA philosophy is tossed. High Unemployment will go away when our Manufacturing Jobs return. Unemployment will improve when corporations off shoring manufacturing and Technology Jobs to India and China pay a Tax as opposed to receiving incentives. Nothing less will stop the hemorrhage of jobs. Unemployment is a sore. Applying a band-aid in the form of stimulus initiatives, as was the approach of the previous Administration will not heal this sore.

Manufacturing Jobs:

The loss of Manufacturing Jobs is the basis for our economic woes. Those jobs went off shore. The loss of Manufacturing Jobs created displaced workers who could not pay their mortgages or purchase goods and services. To suggest that the workers most of whom have a High School Diploma (there is no such thing as High School Degree) and between the age of 50 and 70 should go to Community Colleges and re-train is adding insult to injury. It is also undemocratic and inconsistent with the ideals of the Republic

There was a time when everything was made in the USA. Of course not exclusively but if, you wanted the American brand you could find it. Prior to POTUS arrival nothing or very little was. Some merchandise (example Dress Shirts) if not made in the Western Hemisphere, is not worth buying. Yes, actively read labels to see where products are made. Finally, we have a President who understands that Country and Empire will only be great if there is a manufacturing base.

Deficit and Debt:

Politicians have demonstrated that the Deficit is less important than Tax cuts. Tax cuts for the affluent is more important than helping fellow Americans in need. Quite candidly, politicians talking about deficit are engaged in a façade. It is merely tongue and cheek chatter because they created the deficit. The deficit be damned, we the politicians are obligated to repay our campaign contributors. Some politicians are human Leopards. They cannot change their spots. The voters are not important. Their pledge to America is a charade. Running for public office is no longer a pledge to serve the people but rather a scheme to get rich.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, Deficit and Debt affected Local, and State governments. Individuals, Cities, States, Country, and the World are on a deficit to Debt path. Quite candidly, with the exception of China a country manufacturing things, one could argue that all countries are in one of two categories – Declared or Undeclared Debt. However, POTUS is determined to change that malady.

The impact of Deficit to Debt on individuals is a bottomless pit of continued high unemployment, Foreclosures, astronomical credit card debt, and the increasing inability of decent human beings to afford necessities. At the same time, Local and State governments are increasing taxes but reducing the quality of services and contribution to Education. States that are in the Declared Debt category are CT, NY, OH, and CA. Others will declare soon.

The trend is reversible. However, it has to be done constructively and not by politicians running around like chicken without heads spewing vitriol or seeking to take away the right of unions to engage in Collective Bargaining. Neither will it be resolved by recklessly slashing and eliminating programs that benefit citizens. Slashing and eliminating programs that benefit citizens will create the condition of two wrongs does not make a right.

In this world of unrest and citizens demanding actual Democracy as opposed to lip service of the ideology, slashing and eliminating programs that benefit citizens could be a recipe for disaster. The recipe and the meal could be on exhibit at a State near you.

Illegal Immigration:

Illegal immigration is a Trojan horse with the sides exposed. In essence, it is transparent and the occupants are visible. We cannot continue to ignore Illegal Immigration. Any consideration of Amnesty for individuals in country illegally, is the equivalent of allowing an invasion. An invasion condones importing criminals, Terrorists, and foreign diseases. Changing current Immigration Laws to accommodate invaders will demonstrate disrespect for citizens, the children of fallen soldiers, and legal immigrants. Employing illegal immigrants at low wages and ignoring unemployed citizens is wrong. Illegal immigrants at low wages are temporary and unsustainable. Think about it, are you doing the same job that your parents did? Do you seriously think that the children of illegal immigrants will or want to? If not, then what.

Illegal immigrants in low wage occupation will not affect you. However, your children and Great Grandchildren will be competing with the descendants of illegal immigrants in the workplace. Consistently, the 14th Amendment MUST be amended. The 14th Amendment where it allows for the preposterous Anchor baby must be revised otherwise it will ultimately disenfranchise children born of Legal Permanent residents, Naturalized, and Natural born citizens.

The simple required amendment to the 14th Amendment should read as follows:

You are a citizen if and only if your mother or Father was a Legal Permanent resident or a Naturalized citizen, or a Natural born citizen prior to your conception.


I am in favor of abortion and the woman’s right to choose. However, I am not in favor of State sponsored abortion except in cases of Rape and Incest. Even then, I am only in favor of abortion before the end of the 1st Trimester (3 months).

Declining Morality by our elected officials:

Social Media is beneath the standards that Politicians should maintain. Politicians should not participate in such trite, trivia, and frivolity. Congressman Weiner’s experience is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Congressman Weiner was the first of many who had their reputation and integrity ruined by tweeting. Politics and Social media are at separate ends of the civics spectrum. You can try to mix oil and water if you wish but unless you are, Winston Churchill with the intent to light a fire to destroy the Germans and Japanese at Sea you will burn like Congressman Weiner. I do not subscribe to the expectations that our politicians should be Lilly white. However, while in office conduct should be beyond reproach.

 Campaign Financing:

The political campaign process is flawed. Fund raising has eliminated the common person from participation in our Republic. The television Network media has kidnapped the Election process. Hence, the price or investment tag has become astronomical and well above the pay grade of most academically accomplished and capable citizens.

Money or the access to it has become the significant criteria. In addition, survival of character assassination is now the final frontier. Ability and love of country is irrelevant. Character assassination would have eliminated many of our Founding fathers from participation in our Republic. Jefferson with all his financial debt would not have a chance to run for the Presidency.

The political system has become Selective rather than Elective. Political incumbents have succeeded in persuading the masses to believe in the nebulous concept of Electability and Name recognition. Electability does not equate to performance. Having your father’s name does not mean you are like him, or as capable, or that you can predict performance. Voters are being fed ineptitude wrapped in Electability and seasoned with “Name Recognition”.

It is flawed thinking to conclude that one candidate has more experience than the other does as a Presidential Candidate. No one has experience dealing with the evolving issues of the world. A candidate’s ability to deal with International issues can be determined during the campaign. Course a candidate must know the difference between Country and Continent.

Candidates now claim to bring change to the Table, including change in the form of a woman or black. Given such prospects one would still be required to prove what change and for whom. The question is will this change be effective in dealing with the key issues.

Because of the flawed political campaign process, No longer is every citizen born with the potential to become President of the USA. There is a greater potential that a child born in the USA will be a soldier, sent to a foreign country in defense of some cockamamie philosophy, and return in a body bag. The irony is a soldier fortunate to escape the ultimate sacrifice still has very little chance of being President of the USA because odds are he or she will not get noticed by the selection committee of the political parties – Republican or Democrat. Even after risking their lives in defense of our nation, veterans are experiencing challenges from Housing to Medical.


The Government of Pakistan has all but abdicated its responsibility to rule. Benazir Bhutto is quaking in her grave. Pakistan is a volcano ready to erupt. Any attempt to refute the reality on the ground is simply denial.

Pakistan military assets are in danger of being confiscated. That is the objective of Taliban and Al-Qaeda extremists. NATO forces should prepare for the impact of this eventuality. Power ill gotten is not sustainable. Monetary aid to Pakistan is a waste of money. Money better spent on the economic needs of the Republic. Charity begins at home.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Leaving Iraq was a mistake. I hope there is a contingency plan to return. Iraq will not be stable anytime soon. The challenge is how stable is unstable. What levels of instability in Iraq will be acceptable. If Israel peaceful existence is threatened by instability in Iraq, then what. Remember Iran borders Iraq.

Winning the war in Afghanistan is necessary. Comments to the contrary by Russian and International card-carrying members of the Truce society, is not an option. Since Genghis khan Truce has not worked in Afghanistan.

Action delayed will be resolution denied. NATO forces must cleanse the Swat Valley and southeastern Afghanistan of Taliban and Al-Qaeda extremists to win this war. NATO forces must be relentless. NATO forces must cease conducting Police action and Training. You cannot have a police call in the military before you create the trash. If NATO forces have forgotten how to create high-density debris, then they need to consult the World War II playbook.

This conflict will get unavoidably messy, but action delayed will be resolution denied. Multi-tasking is not a strong attribute of warfare. Forget about the civilian involvement and Journalists crowding the stage. Confront the enemy, defeat the enemy, and then how may we help. Perhaps we will help but maybe we will not.

Uprising in the Middle East:

The Governments of the Arabic speaking countries in the Middle East will change. The question is how much change and what kind. Citizens have been suffering for decades and finally arrived at the breaking point, as in Syria. History has shown that there is a limit to how much the human spirit will take. Even from the days of Anwar Sadat, there were signs that the Egyptians were not exactly “walking like an Egyptian”.

There will not be peace in the Middle East between Israel and the Arab countries anytime soon. The only solution for peace between Israel and Palestinians might be to divide the land. Dividing the Land is an option since Lord Balfour promised Israel and the Palestinians the same parcel of Land in 1951. Israel will consider that option but the Palestinians might not be interested. How do we resolve this impasse? That is a Zillion dollar question. Are you available for assignment?

People in the Middle East have evolved beyond the days of Monarchy and Military rule.  It is time for the development of Governments, and the building and completion of a democratic path forward that will transform countries into Civilian rule supported by a military for security.

Uprising in the Middle East will have a good ending for Country and the International community. The people in the Middle East know that the international community is on their side based on demonstration of support for their cause. This will change their thinking about Americans. No regime in the Middle East will be immune from uprising. As long as the International Community shows their humane side, the hearts and minds of the Arabic people will change. They will know that the International Community gets it. We know they want change starting with the departure of Autocracy and Military rule.

Turmoil in Africa:

The Libyan uprising was a small portion of Turmoil on the African Continent. I stress continent for the benefit of politicians who probably still believe Africa is a country. The Sudan, South Africa, Tunisia, Botswana, Liberia, Somalia, and the Ivory Coast are countries with issues that must be resolved sooner than later and there are others.

Most politicians have no idea where these countries are or anything about their History. Therefore, it is unlikely that they will ever have any constructive approach to resolutions.

Inevitable conflict with Iran and North Korea:

Silence is golden but also revealing. Iran has not given up their quest to destroy Israel. Iran is unfinished business since 1979. Thanks very much to the worst President in my lifetime, the honorable Jimmy Carter. The Iranian regime is not going away. Wishing on a star or burying your head in the sand like an Ostrich will not resolve the issue. Anyone who thought that Iran was building nuclear plants for Energy purposes is in denial. If the international community fails to act, then Israel will. It is not if but when and how Israel will act. The Iranian regime will be monitoring.

North Korea is a run-away child running wild in search of attention, which undoubtedly becomes a distraction from more important matters as Afghanistan and the need to respond to Piracy off the coast of Somalia. North Korea has decided that it will defiantly stomp its missiles until wants are provided. The only problem is, those wants have not been articulated to the international community. The public assumes that they would like to be a Nuclear power, which unless they are able to win the sub-plot to World War III they will not achieve.

The Armistice of 1953 should be rendered null and void, restart the Korean War, and soundly defeat the crackpot regime. The scenario reminds me of a Nursery Rhyme with a little bit of a twist. Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it in the pot 67 years old. That maybe a harsh analysis but first impression is usually right. The civilized world may have to revise the map of the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea will strike against South Korea militarily, it is more likely than not. North Korea will open a Pandora’s Box whose lid would have been better kept closed. However, the occurrence, which appears inevitable, will serve, as a reminder to the International community, that Action delayed is resolution denied.

The growing friction with China:

The Chinese are stockpiling oil and buying up any interest in fossil fuel, in countries such as Burma and on the African continent. Did you know that the Chinese are building a military facility in Brazil? Did you hear that the Architect who built the Twin Towers built “The World Financial Center” in Shanghai? A significant number of our manufacturing and Technology Jobs were off shored to China and corporations are receiving tax incentives for their valor.

Will your politician have the ability to review, articulate, and engender a constructive response. Surely, you do not suppose that those developments are mere coincidence. There is no such thing as coincidence.

The Priorities of POTUS moving forward should be: Unemployment, Manufacturing Jobs, Deficit and Debt, Illegal Immigration, Abortion, Declining morality by our elected officials, Campaign Financing, Pakistan, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Uprising in the Middle East, Turmoil in Africa, inevitable conflict with Iran and North Korea, and growing friction with China.


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It seems to me, that Jamaicans should be proud of the performance. The team placed 11TH out of 43 teams with 27 Medals in total – 7 Gold, 9 Silver, and 11 Bronze. See the Final performance results. Not too shabby for an Island Nation.

Previously I said, “I am expecting improvement in the Field events such as Long Jump, Triple Jump (Hop, Skip, and Jump), Javelin, Discus, Shot Put, Hammer throw, and High Jump.” Oops, it happened.

Fedrick Dacres and Traves Smikle won gold and silver respectively for Jamaica in the men’s discus. Kimberly Williams won gold in the Triple Jump. Shanieka Ricketts won silver in the Triple Jump. Danniel Thomas-Dodd won gold in the Women’s Shot Put. Aisha Praught-Leer won gold in Women’s 3000 meters steeplechase. Alia Atkinson won silver in the 50 meters breaststroke. The Net Ball team won Bronze.

Clearly significant improvement in Field events, since World Championship 2017. I am impressed with the wealth of Talent on the Female side of the Jamaican Track and Field Ledger. Perhaps, that will get the Male athletes to step up. Very soon, I expect the Men to step forward with stellar performance in Field events.

The Hurdles event has caught on. Ronald Levy won gold in the 110M hurdles. Janieve Russell won gold in the 400M hurdles. Hansle Parchment won silver in the 110M hurdles. Danielle Williams won silver in the Women’s 100 meters hurdles. Jaheel Hyde won bronze in the Men’s 400 meters hurdles. Yanique Thompson won bronze in the Women’s 100 meters hurdles. My expectation is that it will require less effort to improve the performance in Hurdling than it will for additional improvement in Field events. I am wondering who will start throwing the Javelin – someone, anyone, Male or Female. It is a unisex sport.

Shericka Jackson continues to shine and won silver in the Women’s 200 meters. Anastasia Le-Roy won silver in the Women’s 400 meters. Christania Williams won silver in the Women’s 100 meters. Gayon Evans won bronze in the Women’s 100 meters. Javon Francis won bronze in the Men’s 400 meters. Natoya Goule won bronze in the Women’s 800 meters. Natoya Goule is someone to keep an eye on moving forward. Yohan Blake won bronze in the Men’s 100 meters. Women’s 4 × 100 meters relay quartet won silver. Men’s 4 × 100 meters relay won bronze. Men’s 4 × 400 meters relay won bronze. Women’s 4 × 400 meters relay won gold.

That Yohan Blake won bronze in the Men’s 100 meters and Elaine Thompson did not have a good outing by her standards, is cause for concern. There is only so much continuous running in the legs of a Professional sprinter. Yohan Blake might be approaching that point. I think he participates in the 2020 Olympics and then retire. It might be a good idea for Elaine Thompson to switch camp and work with Glen Mills.

The people responsible for training the Women’s 4 × 400 meters relay team is doing a great job. Over the years that quartet, mix or match, has been competitive or dominant. Perhaps, they should be commissioned to recruit Male athletes to run the 400M exclusively. The 400M race needs new stars. Until there is discovery, nurturing, and development of at least three (3) consistent 400M sprinters, lack of significant representation in the Men’s 400M race will be obvious. Excellent performance in the 400M event will require men who will consistently run between 43.01 and 44.5 and women who will consistently run between 48.0 and 49.4. This is a serious challenge. The 400M race is the most exhausting of the sprints.

Having said the above, what are my expectations for the Olympics in 2020? I have none now. It is too early to speculate. I am confident they will take home some Hardware from Olympics 2020.The results from Commonwealth Games 2018 are impressive. Congrats to the entire team!!!

Performance in the Diamond League will determine Olympic 2020 readiness. I think there will be a changing of the Guard in the Sprint events. There is unlikely to be replacements for Usain and Shelly-Ann by 2020. If you considered Usain – Yohan and Elaine- Shelly-Ann One-Two punches, until proven otherwise I have not seen that male or female athlete. I have not seen another Male athlete capable of running sub 10.0 seconds or a Female athlete capable of running sub 11.0 seconds for the 100M. Yohan Blake and Elaine Thompson have demonstrated they can. However, based on recent performances, they are required to prove they still can.

Warning: no one is winning the Men’s 100M in 2020 unless he runs sub 10.0 seconds. No one is winning the Women’s 100M in 2020 unless she runs sub 11.0 seconds. You can put that in the Retirement Fund.





POTUS said any athlete who takes a knee when the Anthem plays, should be FIRED. He did not say if any “Black, White, Brown, Green, or Color of person”. To interpret any with a specific color, race, or ethnicity is a stretch. Those who made that association, is seeking to find discord with POTUS. Those who made that association would disagree with POTUS if he said the sky is Blue.

The Anthem and the Flag regardless of Country, should be respected and honored. It should not matter if you are from that Country. Respect for your fellow man should motivate you to show admiration for someone’s Anthem and Flag and as such, professional athletes employed by organizations registered in the United States, are expected and obligated to show respect for the Anthem and Flag of the United States.

Kneeling is something you do in church but then most of them do not attend. If you believe that kneeling on the field while those whose attention you wish to attract are in buildings or in church, then you are simply wasting time. The protocol is that if you wish to enact change you must be in the room. The other party must be within the sound of your voice. You cannot go out, kill Law Enforcement personnel, and then tell them to change.

No one is above the Law or rules of civic engagement designed to preserve civility. Individuals who take the position that Laws are made to be broken or bend should be ready to deal with consequences. Two wrongs have never made a right. If someone representing Law Enforcement kills a civilian unjustifiably then you have the right to express anger and demand that the matter be investigated and rectified. However, unless you are on the scene when a member of Law Enforcement commits an unlawful assault, you should not engage in unlawful retaliation after the fact.

Hijacking the flag will not bring about social or political settlement. The flag represents freedom, not just for the USA but Western civilization including all the islands surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Those who disrespect the flag are disrespecting the Lives of women and men who died trying to keep it waving, especially in World War II.

Many of the dead in World War II left no offspring to benefit from their sacrifice. They left behind no descendant to share in the Freedom and Prosperity derived from the outcome of that war. To those kneeling at the playing of the Anthem and presentation of the flag, here is a fact that you should ponder. Was it not for the efforts of those brave women and men who died in World War II, if you were lucky to be born before or after 1945, you would be speaking Japanese, German, or Russian. Instead, your primary Language is English and the non-English speaking world aspires to learning how to speak it. Contrary to the belief of some, it is not only people from Great Britain and Australia who speak English.

Everyone in the Western Hemisphere has the right to protest. However, you do not have the right to protest the flag. It is simplistic to believe there is something to gain, by making a spectacle of yourself kneeling at the playing of the Anthem and presentation of the flag. Some have even burn the flag of Country but to date achieved nothing positive in result.

Football players making millions, in the only country they could make that much money for their skills, should reconsider their approach to resolution. Any athlete, who thinks there is something wrong with the relationship between Blacks and Law Enforcement, should put money where their mouth is, in this case knees, and constructively organize to effect change. If the task is too much for them then they should solicit leadership of qualified Pastors or Lawyers.

Having said that, do not solicit participation of Pastors who continue to look in the rear view mirror of the slavery narrative but rather those who aspire to move forward. Solicit Leadership from Pastors who believe in constructive and productive dialog that will culminate in better understanding, respect, and integration. Do not solicit aged Pastors who prefer to relish or stay stuck in the mud of the past.

Something is wrong but first do the analysis and determine what. Let us not rush to the conclusion that this side is right and the other wrong. Life is a journey and along the way, there is cause and effect, action and reaction. Your appearance, the time of day, and the neighborhood, can create an unwarranted image and one thing leads to another. Communities and Society are unhinged and collectively we all need to know how to get along. The times are changing. Blacks need to reflect on the messages of my Soul Music Legend.