The Democrat candidate demonstrated that he is a Low Life. Telling the Leader of the free world to shut up and calling him a Clown is an exhibition of his lack of Pedigree.

The Democrat candidate wore an Earpiece. Nothing he said was his own words. This indicates that the bleeding heart Liberal Moderator shared the questions. The Democrat candidate is a Parrot. He thinks the Electorate is so deplorable that he does not have to answer questions and the Liberal Moderator permitted that conduct. 

The Democrat candidate position is the morons will vote for me. They have voted for me fifty years and I gave them nothing, why would the morons stop now. They cannot tell the difference between something and nothing. The Democrat candidate and his son have no skills valued at 1.4 Billion dollars. The IRS should do something, especially if that income was not reported.

POTUS expended too much energy on that Bozo. For the next Debate, POTUS should treat him with disdain. POTUS should not give any credence to his presence. Do not be combative, answer questions consistent with his vision for Country, and ignore the empty vessel

The Democrat candidate in his Cognitive challenged state has convinced himself that he will be in charge of a Democrat White House. Nothing could be further from the truth. For those yet to figure it out, his old Boss will get a Third Term and continue to sell the Country. It is amazing that his wife in her glee to become First Lady is willing to trot him out to embarrass himself. A genuine wife would have said “No Mas” a long time ago.

The Polls are fictitious. The Media is disseminating Poll Propaganda. The Media hope that those accustom to believing promise of useless Programs by the Democrat Party will blink long enough and vote for that Ticket. Polls do not vote Citizens do. The choice is clear. POTUS is your only choice forward. Estimates are that POTUS will get about Fifty Percent of the Black votes.

Women and Female media professionals should vote for POTUS, not because they like his Attitude or Personality but because they like themselves. If you like yourself and your Sons, Daughters, Nephews, Nieces, Cousins, and their children, you do not have a choice. Stop looking for flair and seek substance. Women and Female media professionals living in Sub-Urban communities should not consider themselves insulated from the violence in Portland, Oregon. Do not bite off your Nose to spite your Face. Do not throw out your Descendants with the Democrat candidate Bath Water.

Blaming POTUS for the Pandemic is a misrepresentation of the Facts. COVID-19 was intentional. Country was the only target of COVID-19. Other Nations became infected but that was a decoy. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operatives or volunteers traveled to many places but their destination was Country. CCP operatives and volunteers flew to many countries and then acquired immediate Transfer to Country.

The results of the 2020 Presidential Election will be a Landslide victory for POTUS similar to Reagan and over before night begins on the “East Coast”. Unfortunately, after the defeat the Democrat Party will continue to support Riots. If the Secretary of Defense does not act, we could have a Civil War. The destruction of the Democrat Party will be collateral damage. Around the world, an Era of Civil War has begun including in China. Regardless POTUS stays in the White House.


Telegram Today

Country  Country  Country


The Presidential Campaign Circus is back. The caravan of vehicles, from Bentleys to Wagon wheels, is back in the neighborhoods soliciting votes. The presidential campaign process with its apparent need to raise astronomical funds to participate, has eliminated qualified and capable individuals from participation in our Republic.

Qualified citizens must pay to participate in the civic growth and progress of the Republic. If we are to move forward as a successful nation, we must reconstruct the political participation landscape. What does raising money have to do with the ability to Govern? Unfortunately, the media has succeeded in giving the impression that there is a correlation. The truth is the media benefit by invoicing the candidates for coverage and at the end of the process; the voters pay for undeliverable.

Money or access has become a significant criterion. Survival of character assassination is now the first frontier. Ability and love of the Republic is irrelevant. The current political climate froth with character assassination would have eliminated many of our Founding fathers from participation in our Republic.

The political system has become Selective rather than Elective. Political incumbents have succeeded in persuading the masses to believe in the nebulous concept of Electability and Name recognition. Electability does not equate to performance. Having my father’s name does not mean I am like he, or as capable, or that you can predict my performance. Voters are being fed ineptitude wrapped in Electability and seasoned with “Name Recognition”.

It is flawed thinking to conclude, that one candidate has more experience than the other. If you have never been President, how can you have experience? No one has experience dealing with the evolving issues of the world. A candidate’s ability to deal with the issues in the Middle East and not disenfranchising Israel can be determined during the campaign. Any peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians that include reference to 1967 are a non-starter. To be honest, anyone who echoes concern about the aftermath of each uprising in the Middle East and appear to be oblivious to the gravity of the actions on the street is not qualified to deal with the issues.

The Presidential Campaign, especially the Democrat Debates is a distraction. The Debates are a distraction from real world issues and National concerns. A DISTRACTION, from Domestic and International issues.

No election, Political party, or singular economic philosophy will resolve the financial crisis of 2008, the unemployment condition created by NAFTA, or the failed Health Care policy. Time, focus, concentration, new ideas, and new people in Washington D.C. will move The Republic in the right direction and fix problems. This is precisely why we need Term Limits for members of congress. We do not need candidates running for the Presidential office everyday. We need politicians who do not solicit votes to be elected, and then legislate on issues to satisfy the interest of lobbyists or campaign contributors.

You cannot teach old dogs new tricks. If you put Lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. People, Philosophies, and Ideologies do not change. While it is not how you start but rather how you finish, History has proven that start does matter with respect to political and International relations. If you begin by saying, Africa is a Country; the Postman will not be able to deliver the Telegram.

Most Countries in the West are experiencing Fiscal deficits because Expenses are greater than Revenue. The knee jerk reaction of some politicians is that expenses must be reduced, with no consideration to increasing revenue. The unfortunate truth is that in times of world economic plight and blight any attempt to focus solely on reducing expenses will create additional hardships on the already suffering population.

It is wrong to support Fiscal mismanagement, and it is wrong to attempt correction and irresponsibility on the backs of the poor. Two wrongs have never made a right. Fixing National deficits on the backs of the poor will create unrest similar to that in the Middle East.

Simply put, if Revenue is 100 Billion and Expenses are 150 Billion then we have a deficit of 50 Billion. Fixing the deficit by reducing expenses by 50 Billion seems like a logical action but that could create an issue. Eliminating expenses means eliminating programs. Eliminating programs will mean eliminating jobs at some level. Governments cannot afford to contribute to the level of unemployment when citizens are expecting them to be part of the solution. Government and Private Business is either part of the problem or part of the solution. Fortunately, POTUS is on the right Tracks Domestically and Internationally.

The fiscal responsible response to correcting national Deficits is a combination of reducing expenses, increasing revenue, and further searching the details of expenses to find and eliminate useless items. Frankly, studying the domestication of Squirrels is useless.

Increasing the deficit ceiling will only create an atmosphere that presumes continued deficits are not a serious matter. Continued deficits must be curtailed, if there is a genuine interest in addressing National debt. A national deficit is the equivalent of a battle but National Debt is a war.

Increasing the debt ceiling is analogous to raising your credit limit at the company store to spend more knowing very well, that you are having issues making the payment on the previous limit. The only accomplishment from such action is the debt getting older and deeper.

Which of the participants in the Debates can handle the following?

Unemployment, Manufacturing Jobs, Deficit and Debt, Illegal Immigration, Abortion, Declining morality by our elected officials, Campaign Financing, Pakistan, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Uprising in the Middle East, Turmoil in Africa, inevitable conflict with Iran and North Korea, and growing friction with China.

I say none. What do you think?



Telegram Today