The Medical Community should be ashamed. From Maine to Washington, the Medical Community should be ashamed. After SARS, one would think that the Medical Community would have been better prepared. Whatever happened to “What If”? While impressed by their ability to bounce back and look good doing it they should have been ahead of the curve and not behind the Eight Ball. Changing the Messenger was the Right thing to do. Even if Country is Eighteen (18) Months away from a Vaccine, do not tell People that. My Mentor would have said Months and leave it there. Thank you Dr. Birx – Lights, Camera, Action with compassion but no Doom and Gloom.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a phony entity. Country should not rely on their data or commentary and should stop making monetary contribution to the organization. Consistent with that the United Nations (UN) has outlived its usefulness. The United Nations in its current form is not what Woodrow Wilson had in mind. The UN charter was to mediate International disputes not meddle in the Internal Affairs of Countries as in the organization response to issues pertaining to Israel and the Philippines. The Leader of the Philippines has the right to conduct a war on Drugs.

Whatever COVID-19 Virus is, it was further along than the Narrative indicating. Corona Virus is a known organism. The COVID-19 strain is new. However, it is difficult to believe that people ate Animals from the wild and a Virus developed exuding from Nose, Mouth, or Pores of the skin. The result, a contagion affecting other Humans causing infection and exhibiting Flu like symptoms transmitted from person to person and Country to Country.

What is more believable is there have been many failed experiments contributing to the apparently endless germination of Corona Viruses. There is an aura of Biological warfare. It might also be a sinister attempt to thwart the considerable Gains of the Administration and exhibit malice in reaction to Tariffs. Regardless I am confident that Country and the World will survive.

What is the True origin of COVID-19? When, where, and how did it originate? When, where, and how did it get to Country? Seems to me all are unanswered questions. The suppositions are varied and span the gamut of the following.

  • Virus migrated near and far on its own
  • Virus was Aerosolized and sprayed into the atmosphere
  • Virus was Aerosolized and Shipped to all Continents and then enabled at Destinations
  • Virus was introduced to Migrants who then Travelled to Countries and enabled contamination at destinations.

One thing is certain, the initial narrative seems more contrived than real. How many strains of COVID-19 exist? It is unlikely anyone knows and any attempt to quantify will be a justifiable effort to prevent Corona Virus Hysteria. Canceling Games and Events might prove to have been unnecessary and overreacting. However, a Corona Virus ruckus is not helpful.

The Democrat Party cannot do any better than POTUS with this issue. None of the 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates can articulate a resolution. Incidentally, who is the Democrat Presidential candidate? The current contender is a Non-Starter and all the Names mentioned are unqualified. Perhaps, there is a woman behind the curtain waiting to declare at the Convention. The Democrat Party is more a problem than the solution. The Democrat Party is a problem for the future of Country. It is time to review their Charter or Mission Statement.

Richard Nixon went to China to find Markets for Manufacturers. His intention was “Made in the USA”. While some Manufacturing was expected to be in China, one does not recall that all would be. In addition, why not have a Plant in China and one in Country to supply local needs. What is the Logic behind moving all operations to Asia, closing Plants in the USA, displacing workers, and then sending finished Goods to Country for Sale? Where will displaced workers get money to Purchase said merchandise. If entire companies and operations moved to China, then support Entrepreneurs to establish said Industries in Country. There are many more Citizens with Knowledgebase and Skills to Produce said Merchandise.

I think the Democrats got it wrong again or maybe for a fistful of Dollars they were persuaded to deviate from Nixon’s intent. When and how did China become The World Supplier? What if, Country is not cordial or having a quarrel with China? The Geneva Convention has no provision to prevent starvation or discomfort from lack of Supplies. Would you rather have Pollution and Supplies or No Pollution and No Supplies? People seem to be interested in cleaning up the Planet. That is a ridiculous concept. EARTH WAS HERE BEFORE YOU AND WILL BE HERE AFTER YOU. A World with the expectation of one Major Supplier or supplies coming from one grid is Dysfunctional, unless one wishes Grocery stores to look similar to those in undeveloped countries. That is a serious matter with many Red Flags.

Raiding Grocery stores is consistent with Scavenging and behavior that only Neanderthals engage in. Is COVID-19 what it takes to remind people to drink water, use Paper Towel, and Toilet Paper? Raiding Grocery stores to Purchase water and emptying the shelves of Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, and other Basics is unacceptable. Unless you plan to drink warm or hot water, it is of no more value than it was yesterday. The Virus likes Cold environment inclusive of cold water. Actually, your fellow American is raiding Grocery stores to hoard the basics and sell it for a Profit. That is not neighborly.

What if COVID-19 is the result of a Failed Laboratory experiment. That would require looking “beyond the apparent” but required regarding this matter. The spread of “COVID-19” will have an impact on the Military and World Economy. Both are reasons to look closer at what is the True origin of COVID-19. When, where, and how did it originate? How do we prevent re-occurrence?

POTUS did the right thing in stopping Airline Traffic from China and soon there will be other Countries. We in Country need to figure out why so many masked individuals arriving from Asia or China. Contrary to current belief, if you are wearing a Mask, you have some medical issue a Doctor considers contagious. Wearing a Mask is “to prevent spread or transmission”. Wearing a Mask does not prevent you the “MASKED PEDESTRIAN” from contracting COVID-19 or any other Virus.

Given the amount of Masked Traffic, “COVID-19” might have been in Country longer and from locations other than the narrative reported. Country has no choice but to screen all “Masked Migrants”. In fact, they should be screened at point of origin. Prior to Year 2000 one would not be allowed in Country if a Mask was a mandatory part of their attire.

The rescheduling of the Summer Olympics in Japan is disappointing. However, unless the IOC could use the Sydney venue in Australia it had no choice. The IOC had to make a decision. There was no time to wait. Athletes had to make plans from preparedness to Travel. Quite candidly, some Individual Athletes or Teams would have cancelled participation. The Summer Olympics consistent with competing starts with and end with The Respiratory System – No breathing No running.

The significant Tragedy of COVID-19 Virus is the damage to the Airline Industry. Those who Travel domestically or internationally are tremendously impacted. Countries that are recipients of International Travel are experiencing serious Economic downturn. The Airline Industry inclusive of Airplane manufacturers is struggling. This Industry needs Disaster Recovery. There is no stimulus here. There is nothing to stimulate just a whole lot to Recover or Rebuild. Once more, the Democrats get it wrong. They are so stuck on the so-called “Stimulus Bill” that did nothing for the Economy during the previous Administration.

Before any talk of a fourth Economic Assistance Package or Rescue Bill, Republicans in the Senate and the House should consider supporting a Line Item Veto. POTUS should have powers to use a Line Item Veto to construct the Final Bill. What is the Line Item Veto? It means POTUS has the right to review each section of the Bill and make a determination on relevance to the Goals and Objective. If the item is not relevant, remove it. To be honest this might be something the Founding Fathers overlooked. If it was in the Constitution, it is unlikely we would have Deficits and Debt. In addition, a Bill on this Subject should not be more than 10 Pages. Who has time to read 1000 Pages? A Bill on 1000 Pages is ridiculous at best. In fact, it might have residence in the sublime.

Observation indicates that Leaders of some Countries are focusing on COVID-19 Virus and less concerned about feeding the People. That is a delicate balance and said Countries run the risk of Killing people from hunger while trying to stay alive fighting COVID-19 Virus. It is also apparent that there might be erroneous diagnoses of Patients as having contracted COVID-19 Virus when they are afflicted with some other Medical concern. What if Patients are dying from underlying conditions and not COVID-19 Virus? The Group Quarantine practice is suspicious. Why put sick people together. Does that not affect their ability to recuperate?  Why not let them Self Quarantine.


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