Striking Syria was the right thing to do. Contrary to comments by hallucinating Democrats, we do not need a good President just one who is right in his actions. While the President’s action was a deviation from his campaign posture, how things look from 10,000 feet on the campaign trail is very different from the view at less than 1 foot when you sit in the Oval office. If you knew the History of our Republic then you are aware that successful Presidents were not necessarily good but were close to 100 percent right during times of conflict.

Those chemical weapons in Syria came from Iraq. Assad needed to have his onion peeled. The missile strike was just the peeling of the first layer. There are more layers of the onion to peel. However, the Syrian people can help with that effort. Assad was exemplary and target practice. Others who have targeted the USA should prepare for missile visits.

There are more layers of the onion to peel in Syria. The President should destroy the other Air Fields and then wait to see what Assad does. Simultaneously, the Administration should determine the genuine players on the ground and support them. Genuine players on the ground must be Syrians who are seeking a way forward from the tyranny of Assad. The citizens of Syria have been suffering for decades and they are at the breaking point. History has shown that there is a limit to how much the human spirit will take.

It is unlikely that the rhetoric and provocation from North Korea will be allowed to continue. Japan and South Korea will request assistance soon. The eardrums of the citizens of both Countries has just about had enough. At some point, the decibels and provocation from North Korea will become unbearable.

With respect to North Korea, you walk away from a bully or confront. Those of us who support the President strongly suggest confront. There are those of us who do not need to put our hands on the stove to determine its hot. We can feel and smell the heat even if we are not in the kitchen. Frankly, the hot coal which is North Korea is beyond “Red Hot”, it is “White Hot”. A little missile water would be a good coolant.

Sending coolant to North Korea will undoubtedly produce reaction from China. Nixon will not be happy if we have a military confrontation with China but he understands that action delayed is resolution denied. Nixon would not wish country to be destroyed by the crackpot in North Korea.

There is no need for additional American boots on the ground in Syria at this juncture. Let’s wait and see what Iran is thinking. Silence is golden but it is also revealing. Iran is contemplating a response. Syria is bordered by Iraq which has a border with Iran. Focus should be on that Iraq Iran border. Change in Syria will be in phases. There is the immediate aftermath, the development of an interim Government, and the building and completion of a democratic path forward. Undoubtedly the Syrian people yearn for a return to civil rights and human dignity.

I have respect and confidence in the intelligence of the Syrian people. Consistent with the political change they seek, they are not interested in Autocracy or Theocracy. There will not be any Theocratic, Autocratic, or Islamic form of Government. Syrians are educated, pro-western, and extremely cultured.

The default state of man is peace but as you are witnessing sometimes man has to resort to animal instincts and violence to get their entitlements. The Syrian people will calm down as soon as Assad leaves. The international community should not be under the illusion that Assad can be a part of the solution engaging or participating in any cockamamie reform effort. Assad is the problem and the Syrian people have said that loud and clear.

As soon as Assad leaves, the climate will be consistent and supportive of cleaning up and moving forward. The United States can play a key role in that clean up and reconstruction effort but only in an advisory role. That assistance will go a long way in the true development and nurturing of democracy in the Middle East. That effort will demolish the influence of rogue groups. The people in the region will extricate themselves from rogue groups and anti-West propaganda. The people in the region will no longer be a breeding ground for radical elements. Hope will spring eternal. The Syrian people and Arabs will perceive and pursue a new lease on life and move forward into the 21st Century.

The President is on the right track in Syria. To the Syrian people I say, keep pressing, keep moving forward, and as you strive to reclaim your civil rights and dignity; “Walk like a Syrian”.


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