The President took the right action with Syria. Striking Syria was the right thing to do. Contrary to comments by hallucinating Democrats and wimpy Republicans, we do not need a good President just one who is right in his actions. While the President’s action was a deviation from his campaign posture, how things look from 10,000 feet on the campaign trail is very different from the view at less than 1 foot when you sit in the Oval office, or after the Inauguration. It could be that you have to assume the responsibility of a war before you get to the Oval office. If you knew the History of our Republic then you are aware that successful Presidents were not necessarily good but were close to 100 percent right during times of conflict.

Senators on both sides of the aisle said the President needed to talk with them first. He needed to consult and console with them. Really, talk about what. The people voted for Donald Trump not you. We the people do not need surrogate Presidents. We want one President. The President has 60 days to act before he has to consider talking to you and only if it appears that he needs more time to deal with the issue. Real men listen, talk just enough, and implement a resolution. Real men implement resolutions even if it is temporary.

Assad needed to have his onion peeled. The missile strike was just the peeling of the first layer. There are more layers of the onion to peel in Syria. The President should destroy the other Air Fields and then wait to see what Assad does. Simultaneously, the Administration should determine the genuine players on the ground and support them. Genuine players on the ground must be Syrians who are seeking a way forward from the tyranny of Assad. Senators on both sides of the aisle, if you wish to talk to the “Right” President then I suggest you meet him for Lunch, preferably Monday. Please be sure to ask him about the weather in North Korea and Iran.

Our Founding Fathers did not talk much about matters of war. They acted decisively as they knew how with the available resources. I turn your attention to Washington, Henry, Hancock, and Lincoln just to name a few. Closer to the modern-day era the following men did not talk about war they walked the war. Those men are Churchill (my mentor), Eisenhower, MacArthur, and Patton.

We owe those great men everything we own. My mentor Winston Churchill was a fun guy and in some instances a comedian but when it was time to fight he fought. There was no time for talking when London Bridge was falling down or he and his men were cornered at sea by Japanese and German fleets. It was in that battle at sea that Winston Churchill proved to man-kind, that Oil and Water do not mix.

I encourage you to search Winston Churchill and see how important he is to your Life. Was it not for Winston Churchill if you were lucky to be born, you would be speaking Japanese, German, or Russian. You would not be speaking English, assuming you do. Those of us who are students of History have rationalized that fact. Do you begin to understand why Presidents including Trump pay their respects to Winston Churchill? If not, I strongly suggest that you do the research.

The Syrian campaign has just begun. There is more work to be done. If you think that Assad will leave quietly, think again. However, feel comforted that there are Syrians in the streets giving thanks to the President for assistance and imploring him to do more.

As soon as Assad leaves, the climate will be consistent and supportive of cleaning up and moving forward. The United States can play a key role in that clean up and reconstruction effort but only in an advisory role. That assistance will go a long way in the true development and nurturing of democracy in the Middle East. That effort will demolish the influence of rogue groups. The people in the region will extricate themselves from rogue groups and anti-West propaganda. The people in the region will no longer be a breeding ground for radical elements. Hope will spring eternal. The Syrian people and Arabs will perceive and pursue a new lease on life and move forward into the 21st Century.

The President is on the right track in Syria. To the Syrian people I say, keep pressing, keep moving forward, and as you strive to reclaim your civil rights and dignity; “Walk like a Syrian”.


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