Summer Olympics 2020, is Jul 24 – Aug 9, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. All Olympic hopefuls are expected to compete. Competing in this event is required. If you own a bag with Track shoes, athletic equipment inside, been hibernating in 2017, 2018, and 2019; year-end 2019 is the time to wake up. Get ready, on your mark, set, and Go. Wake the World and tell the People.

I am expecting significant improvement in Jamaican Track and Field performance. Significant improvement, since World Championships 2017, Commonwealth Games 2018, NACAC Championships 2018, and Doha 2019. Tongue in cheek, any performance not indicative of maintenance or improvement will raise the Ire of Jamaican Track and Field fans, prompting sentiments of disappointment.

Track and Field is the ultimate excitement in Athletics but the athlete must be in Athletic shape. Let us look at how some athletes are performing and positioning for Summer Olympics 2020, to date.

FEMALE: Natoya Goule, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Remona Burchell, Gayon Evans, Elaine Thompson, Stephanie-Ann McPherson, Aisha Praught – Leer, Rushell Burton, Jeanine Williams, Danielle Williams, Shanieka Rickets, Kimberly Williams, Danniel Thomas-Dodd, Tiffany James, and Anastasia Leroy.

Natoya Goule is a star. Despite finishing sixth in Doha 2019, I anticipate improvement and a good performance in the 800 Meters. The competition will be fierce but she has the ability to earn a medal. It is refreshing to see an athlete step away and establish a new frontier.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce continues to do well in Jamaican Female Track and Field. I wish her well in 2020. Her performances look good. She had a wonderful outing in Doha 2019. We all hoped she was victorious in the 2016 Olympics in winning the Women’s 100M a third consecutive time but that did not happen.

It appears some athletes are waiting to peak in spring 2020. That could be a bad strategy. One should be taking a break in spring 2020 and work on the mental or psychological. Coming into summer fresh and hungry like the Wolf is a better strategy.

Remona Burchell has potential that could surface in Olympics 2020. Based on her accolades I expect competitive performance. Her challenge is can she run faster than 11.03 seconds for the 100M. Her 200M performance of 23.92 is hopeful.

Gayon Evans has potential specifically in the 200M. Perhaps she should focus on that event. 23.18 seconds is a good time. If she can run faster than 23.0, she will be a contender.

Elaine Thompson has proven that she is excellent athlete. She will always be a force to reckon with as long as she is in good health. Not a good outing in Doha 2019 but she will bounce back. Her performance in Rio 2016 was exceptional. She is one of the few Female athletes who can run the 100M with regularity, in less than 11.00 seconds. She has also proven that she can run the 200M in less than 22.00 seconds. Overall, I expect her to perform well in Olympics 2020. No athlete is winning the Women’s 100M in 2020 unless she runs the distance in less than 11.0 seconds.

Stephanie-Ann McPherson is still near the top of the 400M runners list. This might be her final quest for Olympic stardom.

Aisha Praught-Leer should improve on her 2018 Commonwealth Games accomplishments. I expect strong performances in all or whichever event she decides to run.

Rushell Burton will continue to improve in 100M Hurdles. I expect her to be competitive.

Jeanine Williams will be a force to reckon with in the hurdles. She should focus on that event. The 100 meter will be a challenge. There is a possibility she might earn a spot on the 4×100 meter relay team. She is the epitome of a Student Athlete.

Danielle Williams is also a force to reckon with in the hurdles. She had great performances in the Diamond League in 2019 and an exceptional performance in Doha.

Shanieka Rickets should do well in the Triple Jump. I expect improvement since the North American, Central American, Caribbean Championships, and Doha 2019.

 Kimberly Williams is an excellent Triple Jump athlete. However, the Olympics and World Championships have not seen her best performances. Perhaps, 2020 will be the year. The fans certainly hope so.

Danniel Thomas-Dodd is ready to take her performance to another level. I expect improvement since 2018 Commonwealth Games. The competition will be fierce but I think she can win. Her performance in Doha 2019 is setting the stage.

Tiffany James should be ready to step away from the shadows of relay competition. It would be interesting to see if she can handle performing as an individual in the 400M. Performance at the junior level is recognized but the Olympics stage is more challenging.

Anastasia Leroy has exhibited solid performances and has additional potential that should be realized in Olympics 2020. For Anastasia the time is now and I anticipate a strong performance. Despite finishing sixth in Doha 2019, there is still time to atone and be ready for Olympics 2020.

MALE: Yohan Blake, Everton Clarke, Omar McLeod, Javon Francis, Steven Gayle, Tajay Gayle, Ronald Levy, Demar Forbes, Clive Pullen, O’Dayne Richards, Andre Clarke, Jermaine Gayle, and Rusheen McDonald.

Yohan Blake did not have a good outing in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. His performance in Doha 2019 did not meet expectations. Olympics 2020 is definitely time for Yohan Blake to perform at his best in the 100M and 200M. The stage is set for Yohan to have solid performances. However, there is only so much continuous running in the legs of a Professional sprinter. At some point between Training and competing, the body gets tired even if the brain does not. Yohan Blake might be approaching that point. I think he participates in the 2020 Olympics and then retire. Suffice to say, no athlete is winning the Men’s 100M in 2020 unless he runs the distance in less than 10.0 seconds.

Everton Clarke with a Personal Best of 10.08 for the 100M and 20.45 for the 200M should see Olympics 2020 as a venue to achieve. I hope he makes the Team. His Men’s 4 × 100 meters relay participation in the 2018 Commonwealth Games was strong. Olympics 2020 will make or break the career of many athletes. That is true for both Male and Female. Everton Clarke is one of those athletes. Apparently not selected for Doha 2019 but I still have hope he will make it to Olympics 2020.

I am not a fan of World Championships. Heads up the Africans are getting better but Coaching in Jamaica is improving and very conscious of the need for Resources. South East Asia including the Philippines will be there.

Omar McLeod continues to impress. His performances have created renewed interest in the 110M Hurdles. The 110M Hurdles is an event in which Jamaican Athletes should excel. Doha 2019 was a defeat but there is still time for Omar to bounce back. Until Omar is defeated at the Olympics, he owns that event. He was the first from Jamaica to win the event on that stage but he knows there will be others. For now, let him enjoy the fame and fortune. It is time to get ready for Olympics 2020. I am 100 percent behind him and support his consideration of the 400M Hurdles.

Javon Francis appears to be staying in shape. Staying in shape will prevent a repeat of this kind of performance. Will 2020 be the year he talks to the man in the mirror? Will 2020 be the year he rebounds?

Steven Gayle showed promise in 2017 but in 2018, he appeared to falter. Perhaps, there was something lacking in his training regiment. I hope the matter is resolved and he will return rejuvenated.

Tajay Gayle looks exceptional at the Long Jump. 2020 Olympics, is definitely the year for him to demonstrate his talent. He looked good in Doha 2019.

Ronald Levy is the Athlete with the best potential to challenge Omar McLeod. He has excellent technique and speed. He is at his prime for the 110M Hurdles. The 2020 Olympics, is definitely the year for him to demonstrate he is a superior athlete in that event.

Demar Forbes if still active should be competitive in the Long Jump. The 2020 Olympics, is definitely the year for him to demonstrate his capability in that event.

Clive Pullen if still active should be competitive in the Triple Jump (Hop Skip and Jump).

O’Dayne Richards should be competitive in the shot put and discus throw. He should be able to give a good account of himself in both events. Along with Fedrick Dacres and Traves Smikle, the Men’s Field events squad should Medal at Olympics 2020. If Doha is an indication, I expect Hardware.

Andre Clarke if still active should be competitive in the 400M Hurdles. Regardless of any performances I have not seen, this event is up for grabs at Olympics 2020. Anyone from anywhere can win.

Jermaine Gayle still has time to come in from the cold. Excellent performance in the 400M event will require men who will consistently run between 43.01 and 44.5 and women who will consistently run between 48.0 and 49.4. This is a serious challenge. The 400M race is the most exhausting of the sprints.

Rusheen McDonald should be competitive in the 400M sprint. Regardless of any performances I have not seen, if he improves on his Personal Best of 43.93 he should make the Team.

Team Jamaica Men grade by Event and expectations at Olympics 2020:


Event     Analysis                                        Grade

100 M – Need Improvement –                       C

200 M – Need Improvement –                       C

400 M – Need Improvement –                       C

800 M – Need much Improvement –             D

1500 M– Need much Improvement –            D

Long Jump – Excellent –                               B

Triple Jump – Need much Improvement – D

High Jump – Need much Improvement –      F

Hurdles 110 M – Excellent –              A+

Hurdles 400 M – Excellent –              A

Discus – Excellent –                                       A+

Shot Put – Good –                                          B

Javelin – Need much Improvement –            F

Pole Vault – Need much Improvement –       F

4 × 100 meters relay – Need Improvement – C

4 × 400 meters relay – Need Improvement – C

Team Jamaica Women grade by Event and expectations at Olympics 2020:


Event     Analysis                                            Grade

100 M – Excellent –                                            B

200 M – Need Improvement –                          C

400 M – Need Improvement –                           B

800 M – Excellent   –                                            A

1500 M – Need much Improvement –              D

Long Jump – Need Improvement –                   B

Triple Jump – Excellent –                                     A+

High Jump – Need much Improvement      –        F

Hurdles 100 M – Excellent –                                   A+

Hurdles 400 M – Excellent –                                    A

Discus – Need much Improvement –                   C

Shot Put – Need Improvement –                            B

Javelin – Need much Improvement   –                   F

4 × 100 meters relayExcellent –                         A+

4 × 400 meters relay – Excellent –                          A+


Team Jamaica is looking good leading up to Olympics 2020. However, there is much work to be done. Women are doing better than Men. Field events have new Life. Team Jamaica Track and Field landscape is poised for a changing of the Guard, after Olympics 2020.


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