Now that we have forgiven the Medical Community for ineptitude and incompetence, let us move forward and Reopen Country. We cannot allow the Medical community to run the Economy. The Medical community has enough on their calendar. While impressed with their ability to bounce back and look good doing it, they should have been ahead of the curve and not behind the Eight Ball. Changing the Messenger was the Right thing. Even if Country is Eighteen (18) Months away from a Vaccine, do not convey that message. My Mentor would have said Months and leave it there. Thank you Dr. Birx – Lights, Camera, Action with compassion but no Doom and Gloom.

The Medical Community should be ashamed. After SARS, one would think that the Medical Community would have been better prepared. Whatever happened to “What If”? Where is the forward thinking? The notion that persons 65 and older are vulnerable to COVID-19 is a Knee Jerk reaction. Persons 65 and older are vulnerable to everything if they are not careful. That is a subtle attack on POTUS, and they thought we would not realize. The Group Quarantine practice is suspicious but the Family Quarantine is of benefit and supports togetherness.

Leaders of some Countries are focusing on COVID-19 and less concerned about feeding People. Said Countries run the risk of Killing people from hunger while trying to stay alive fighting COVID-19. It is also apparent that there might be erroneous diagnoses of Patients as having contracted COVID-19 when they possibly died from other Medical illness. The Group Quarantine practice is suspicious. Does that not affect their ability to recuperate?  Why not let them Self Quarantine.

There is lots of talk about Interesting Times and New Normal but those Proclamations will be short lived. That utterance is simply someone or group trying to push a narrative. Americans will not give up Civil Liberties. What was Normal yesterday is the STANDARD. As for Interesting Times, that depends on your definition. World War II was interesting times, even though most of us were not alive. Social Distancing will be worthwhile keeping. Those of us with pedigree are tired of people intruding in our space. It is time for POTUS to let the Vice President Take center stage in the Briefings.

What is interesting, is Country will reopen significantly about May 4, 2020. Never in our wildest dreams did Country imagine REOPENING not to mention CLOSING. One has seen Las Vegas closed down but never any thought of the same happening in entire Country. COVID-19 is a sinister attempt to thwart the considerable Gains of the Administration and exhibit malice in reaction to Tariffs. While there is no evidence of Political chicanery yet, that probability is being considered.

Democrats never let an opportunity go to waste and are using the occasion to give benefits to their Friends. If you expected benefits and did not receive in a timely manner, then you are not a Friend. Could there be Collusion between the Democrats and the World Health Organization (WHO) or the Chinese Communist Party? If Collusion is proven then COVID-19 might be more deliberate than accident. Why contaminate the world to hurt POTUS and the Economy. That is the equivalent of throwing the Baby out with the Bath water. Regardless Country and the World will survive.

The Democrat Party cannot do any better than POTUS with this issue. None of the 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates can articulate a resolution. Incidentally, who is the Democrat Presidential candidate? The current contender is a Non-Starter and all the Names mentioned are unqualified. Who is the Democrat Vice-Presidential candidate? Perhaps, there is a woman behind the curtain waiting to declare at the Convention. The Democrat Party is more a problem than the solution. The Democrat Party is a problem for the future of Country.

To Democrats with illusions of winning the 2020 Presidential Election: The Results are in, NO VOTING REQUIRED. Commence mourning the defeat. POTUS already signed another Four Year Lease on the White House. Country has unfinished Business and the Voters determined he is the best Person. For too long Country went in the wrong direction. Now it is time to change course. The Election will be a Landslide victory like Reagan and over before, night begins on the “Coast”.

REOPENING Country is a good thing. This will end the Era of Governors bullying Citizens and making decisions above Pay Grade. Quarantining citizens might prove to have been unnecessary. Citizens expect Governors to participate in the resolution of COVID-19. In essence, Governors to do more than cutting ribbons, driving in Limousines, and flying around in Helicopters and Airplanes. Simultaneously, citizens have very little expectation that Governors can address Deficit and Debt affecting Local, and State governments. Individuals, Cities, States, Country, and the World are on a deficit to Debt path. POTUS was ahead of the curve to consider some form of amelioration. Unfortunately, COVID-19 arrived and those ideas are now on the shelf.

The impact of Deficit to Debt on individuals is a bottomless pit of continued high unemployment, Foreclosures, astronomical credit card debt, and the increasing inability to afford necessities. At the same time, Local and State governments are increasing Taxes but reducing the quality of services and contribution to Education for legitimate Citizens. States that are in the Declared Debt category are CT, NY, OH, and CA. Others will declare soon. Some States are hoping to reduce Debt with money from the Economic Assistance Package or Rescue Bill.  States in Debt should not be bailed out.

Reopening Country is the Right thing to do. Let us move forward and restart the Economy. Country needs to get “Main Street” back to work. COVID-19 has exposed a major flaw in the Supply Chain. Relying on Basic Supplies from other countries is a Dangerous position. How do you go from “Made in the USA” to “Receivership by the USA”? A World with the expectation that one Country is the Major or only Supplier is Dysfunctional. It took one day after the raid on Grocery stores and hoarding of water, Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, and other Basics, to create a noticeable shortage of said products on the Shelves. That is a serious matter with many Red Flags.

Raiding Grocery stores is consistent with Scavenging and behavior that only Neanderthals engage in. Is COVID-19 what it takes to remind people to drink water, use Paper Towel, and Toilet Paper? Raiding Grocery stores to Purchase water and emptying the shelves of Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, and other Basics is unacceptable. Unless you plan to drink warm or hot water, it is of no more value than it was yesterday. The Virus likes Cold environment inclusive of cold water. Actually, your fellow American is raiding Grocery stores to hoard the basics and sell it for a Profit. That is not neighborly.

Richard Nixon went to China to find Markets for Manufacturers. His intention was “Made in the USA”. While some Manufacturing was expected to be in China, one does not recall that all would be. Why not have a Plant in China and one in Country to supply local needs. It is that simple. What is the Logic behind moving all operations to Asia, closing Plants in the USA, displacing workers, and then sending finished Goods to Country for Sale? Where will displaced workers get money to Purchase said merchandise. If entire companies and operations moved to China, then provide financial support to Entrepreneurs to establish said Industries in Country. There are many Citizens with Knowledgebase and Skills to Produce said Merchandise in Country.

The supply chain Debacle will be resolved.  It is time to go back to work but be on the Lookout for any resurgence of cases related to COVID-19. People start your engines. Man was not created to live in a Test Tube and if you were, you probably would not live longer.

POTUS did the right thing in stopping Airline Traffic from China and soon there will be other Countries. We in Country need to figure out why so many masked individuals arriving from Asia or China. Contrary to current belief, if you are wearing a Mask, you have some medical issue a Doctor considers contagious. Wearing a Mask is “to prevent spread or transmission”. Wearing a Mask does not prevent you the “MASKED PEDESTRIAN” from contracting COVID-19 or any other Virus.

Given the amount of Masked Traffic, “COVID-19” might have been in Country longer and from locations other than the narrative reported. There might be other viruses that to date remain undetected. Country has no choice but to screen all “Masked Migrants”. They should be screened at point of origin. Prior to Year 2000 one would not be allowed in Country if Mask was a mandatory part of their attire.

COVID-19 temporarily damaged to the Airline Industry. Those who Travel domestically or internationally are tremendously impacted. Countries that are recipients of International Travel are experiencing serious Economic downturn. The Airline Industry inclusive of Airplane manufacturers is struggling. This Industry needs Disaster Recovery. There is very little to stimulate just a whole lot to Recover or Rebuild. Democrats got it wrong again. They are stuck on the so-called “Stimulus Bill” that did nothing for the Economy during the previous Administration.

Before any talk of a fourth Economic Assistance Package or Rescue Bill, Republicans in the Senate and the House should consider supporting a Line Item Veto. POTUS should have powers to use a Line Item Veto to construct the Final Bill. What is a Line Item Veto? It means POTUS has the right to review each section of the Bill and make a determination on relevance to the Goals and Objective. If the item is not relevant, remove it. To be honest this might be something the Founding Fathers overlooked. If there was a Line Item Veto, it is unlikely we would have Deficits and Debt. In addition, a Bill on this Subject should not be more than 10 Pages. Who has time to read 1000 Pages? A Bill on 1000 Pages is ridiculous at best. In fact, it might have residence in the sublime.


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