Philippines Athletics is definitely on a trajectory of forward and upward. The Performances of John Obiena and Hidilyn Diaz in Olympics 2020 have energized aspiring athletes. Fans are anticipating more of what they saw in Tokyo and glimpses of recent events. Collectively they are echoing sentiments of “Liking, Loving, and wanting more“.

There is increased participation in Track and Field in the Philippines and the future looks bright. EJ Obiena is a talented Athlete. Fans are not sure why the issues with the Athletic Authorities. However, they are pleading with the authorities to let him participate and represent Country. Fans see no need to prohibit talent. If you think EJ Obiena is not talented, let us see you do the Pole Vault. There is anticipation that EJ Obiena will ultimately get a medal on the world stage in the Pole Vault.

The Philippines Athletes are progressively working on their talents to be as good as Jamaicans on the Track and Americans in the Pool. I sense many Pride of the Philippines among them, or a Burning Spear somewhere

Fans will forever revere Hidilyn Diaz. Hidilyn Diaz in the 55kg weightlifting event was ready to step forward and be the Philippines first Olympic Gold MedalistHidilyn Diaz, has been competing on the World Stage since 2007. She was a Silver medalist in Rio 2016 and was ready to be an Olympic Gold Medalist in Tokyo. She was determined to give every Kilogram of effort to accomplish her Goal. She withstood the Pressure from competitors to attain victory. Her performance was exemplary and a model for all Philippines Athletes to emulate. Olympics 2024 should conclude her Olympics Career. Expectations are she will participate in coaching aspiring Weight Lifting Olympic caliber Athletes.

The Philippines Olympic Gold Medal drought is over. Moving Forward we anticipate competitive Performances from James Deiparine, Kristina Marie Knott, Carlo Paalam, and Carlos Yulo in World Athletics Championships 2022 and Olympics 2024. As Philippines Athletes, prepare for World Athletic Championships – 2022. Pinoys expect their good fortunes to continue. Fans anticipate the Team will be competitive and hope all Athletes are in good health and filled with optimism after the typhoon.


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Times are changing. Athletes are relocating or changing Camps and affiliation. Perhaps, Athletes should change coaches every Eight (8) years or after two (2) Olympic Cycles. This will give Athletic Pundits additional material to write. Arguably, 2016 – 2024 will be the Era of Elaine Thompson – Herah. Despite taking a presumed Sabbatical in 2017 – 2020, one cannot refute her Dominance in the Women 100M and 200M events and the difference she makes on a 4 X100M Relay Squad.

Olympics 2021 and Prefontaine Classic 2021 is History. Up next of significance is World Athletic Championships – 2022. Fans envision another 123 in the Women 100M event. If the Cast of characters is the same and Elaine, Shelly, and Shericka are healthy, then it is possible. World Athletic Championships could be considered a redundancy but it is good for the Sport of Track and Field. Monetarily, it is good for Athletes of the Caliber we saw in Tokyo Olympics 2021. Fans will enjoy seeing another 123 performance and greedy enough to request repeats, the equivalent of refills at the Soda Fountain.

World Athletic Championships – 2022 should be entertaining. There is a possibility that Elaine Thompson – Herah will run 10.47 and 21.2 for the 100M and 200M respectively. Fans anticipate Shericka Jackson will join the 100M 10.6X club. A review of Olympics 2021 and Prefontaine Classic 2021 show Shericka Jackson closing fast at the end of each race. This is confirmation that Shericka Jackson is making progress with her Speed. There is work required on her start. Start is not limited to getting out of the Blocks it includes forward progress by or about 30 Meters into the 100M and 200M events.

Some athletes could have a career-challenging year in 2022. For example if Shacari Richardson finds it difficult to beat 123, she may not participate in World Athletic Championships – 2022 or Olympics 2024. Will Christine Mboma get faster and allowed to compete in the 400M? Will Gabby Thomas decide to compete in the 100M? Fans of Gabrielle Thomas are not keen on her ability to be a Star in the 100M and the 400M events. Her Athletic history seems best suited for the 200M. Gabrielle Thomas can be a star in the 400M event if she studies this race. Regardless she will compete.

Olympics 2024 should be exciting. The French Athletes will bring their best Game but not likely to be as good as this 400M Performance. Fans of Elaine Thompson – Herah yearn for Signature Performances at the Paris Olympics – 2024. Gauntlet down, Fans anticipate 10.47 for the 100M and 21.2 for the 200M or better. The Spear should burn in Paris. Should the gods of Athletic Health smile, Elaine Thompson – Herah, will perform at an extremely high level and make Jamaica proud. All 100M finalist in Paris know in advance, that if their Personal Best (PB) is south of 10.7X, they will be late for Dinner where dinner is the Gold Medal.

Three-Peat and 123 is very much a possibility at the Paris Olympics – 2024. Three-Peat – Fans of Elaine Thompson – Herah believe she can win the 100M and 200M for a third consecutive time at the Paris Olympics – 2024.123 – Fans envision the expected three (3) Jamaican entrants in the Women’s 100M Final in Paris, to finish 1, 2, 3, and stake Flag on the Podium, regardless of the names associated with the entrants.

From now until after Olympics 2024, it is unlikely that Shacari Richardson will beat anyone on the Women 100M podium in Tokyo Olympics 2021. She can keep dreaming. Fans do not see Shacari Richardson winning a 200M on the world stage. Elaine Thompson – Herah, Gabby Thomas, and Christine Mboma will deny her the opportunity to be at the top of any Podium. Fans believe that Natasha Morrison might be ready to step forward. With some Positive vibration, she could be the next Burning Spear.

For now, let us move forward to World Athletic Championships – 2022. Philippines Athletes are encouraged by the performances of Hidilyn Diaz and EJ OBIENA. Pinoys expect their good fortunes to continue.


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Women 100M event at the Prefontaine classic 2021 saw another Signature Performance by Elaine Thompson-Herah. Frankly, if the Women 100M was the only event at Prefontaine classic 2021, Fans would have been satisfied.

What in tarnation was Shacari Richardson doing? Any High School Athlete could have produced that fake performance. Those of us who have personal reference to Track and Field know that Shacari Richardson mailed it in. If there is any sport you should not hype, it is Track and Field. Exaggerating capability in track and field will embarrass an athlete. Especially, if said athlete embellished in the façade. Thanks to Teahna Daniels for putting up a fight.

The Tokyo 100M Podium did not disappoint the fans. If you had any doubt that Elaine, Shelly, and Shericka were for real, 123 were happy you attended the Prefontaine classic 2021. It was a memorable and incomparable Post Olympics performance.

Elaine, Shelly, and Shericka quietly came to town with every intention of giving the fans some excitement for their time and money. They rolled out the script – good morning, good afternoon, and good night – “meet me at the tape”. Post event interview by Shacari Richardson was preposterous at best. She needs to chill and apologize to her fans. Anymore bellicose utterance could prompt her fans to walk away.

Fact is the Tokyo 100M podium is so much better than shacari Richardson. Overall, Elaine, Shelly, and Shericka will continue to have her number. How many people saw Shelly smiling over the shoulder of Shacari Richardson during her interview? Priceless. Elaine, Shelly, and Shericka should take a break for the rest of the year unless they have contractual obligations.

The preparation for World Championships – 2022 has begun. Fans believe Elaine Thompson – Herah can run 10.47 for the 100M and 21.2 for the 200M. Those times will further cement her name in the IOC Annals and Track and Field hall of fame. Expectations are Elaine will probably do both times in Paris, especially if fans sneak up at the Starting Line and tell her the Germans are coming.

From now until after Olympics 2024, it is unlikely that Shacari Richardson will beat anyone who was on the Women 100M podium in Tokyo Olympics 2021. She can keep dreaming. Fans do not see Shacari Richardson winning a 200M on the world stage. Gabby Thomas and Christine Mboma will deny her the opportunity to be at the top of any Podium. Fans believe that Natasha Morrison is ready to step forward. With some Positive vibration, she could be the next Burning Spear. Let us know what you think at


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In Country filled with Universities, Colleges, and Vocational schools, I had hoped that the echoes of stupidity would have cease before @Potus first 100 days. Unfortunately, stupidity as exhibited by those on the Left and their supporters represented by Main Stream Media is moving forward. The stupid Left and Main Stream Media are tagging along. The whiners are strapped in the proverbial baby carriage. They show no sign of relenting and intend to be surrogate Presidents for the next four years. With the help of Jehovah, they will surrogate for the next eight years.

The Left and Main Stream Media are a collection of educated fools from uneducated schools. Pimping people is the rule and those who reject their ideology become pollution in the pools and rivers. When do you suppose Main Stream Media will arise from their slumber and return to earth? Hello is anyone home. I hear no response. They must be drunk and stupid.

Here are examples of Stupidity Moving Forward:

@Potus wants to build a Border Wall but a member of the House of Representatives thinks that decision is a sign of weakness. I suppose that means putting a lock on your door is a sign of weakness.

A man drives down a street of Paris France carrying an AK-47. He stops and assassinates a Police Officer. Main Stream Media refuse to conclude it is an act of terrorism, probably preferring to see the incident, as one in which the shooter is exercising his right to hunt humans.

@Potus using reference and common sense declares the shooting in Paris France with an AK-47 as an act of terrorism but Main Stream Media chose to criticize his judgment. Main Stream Media question his ability to make that determination. They find it difficult to believe that some of us can declare 1 + 1 = 2.

Illegal Immigrants are murdering our Children on the street with Guns and in some cases Machete. Illegal Immigrants are murdering our Children with the distribution of opioids. Our defenseless young people are under attack and Main Stream Media and Liberal Democrats are avoiding and ignoring the reality. Instead, they continue to conduct themselves like bobble head dolls and engage in inconsequential discussions.

They engage in inconsequential discussions about Russian interference in the Presidential Election of 2016. How did the Russians interfere with the Election? Did they change the programming of the Voting machines? Did the Russians sneak into homes the night before the election, threaten the electorate, and command them to vote for @Potus? Has anyone met a citizen who had a visit from the KGB before the election who can confirm being commanded to vote for @Potus, or risk being sent to Siberia the day after?

End examples of Stupidity Moving Forward:

I thought Kim jong Un was currently the only person on the planet who has lost his bearings but clearly that is not the case. Perhaps, members of the Main Stream Media went to school with Kim jong Un.