Philippines Athletes prepare for World Athletic Championships – 2022. Philippines Track and Field Athletes are moving forward. They are encouraged by the performances of Hidilyn Diaz and EJ OBIENA in Tokyo Olympics – 2021. Pinoys expect their good fortunes to continue. Fans anticipate the Team will be competitive and hope all Athletes are in good health and filled with optimism after the typhoon.

Kristina Marie Knott made her Olympics debut in Tokyo but her performances in the Women’s 100M and 200M were not as impressive as anticipated. She should improve for World Athletic Championships – 2022. Fans are wondering, which Athlete will win the second Gold medal for the Philippines. Will it happen soon and will it be at a World Athletic Championships or an Olympics?

Fans of Hidilyn Diaz are waiting to hear her Athletic plans after Marriage. Will she compete in one more World Athletic Championships? She might not compete in World Athletic Championships – 2022. Fans think she will compete in the SEA Games and then focus on Olympics 2024. Olympics 2024 should conclude her active Olympics Career with expectations she will participate in coaching aspiring Weight Lifting Olympic caliber Athletes.

E J Obiena should perform well in Pole Vault, fingers crossed. Off the Track, issues should be resolved before World Athletic Championships – 2022. Fans of E J Obiena see him as a high prospect for a Medal in Pole Vault. He might not get that Gold Medal at World Athletic Championships – 2022 but he will be competitive. It is more likely he will be early for Dinner at Olympics 2024.

Philippines Track and Field Athletes are staying in shape. The 2021 Ayala Philippines Athletics Championships, in Baguio City, produced performances that are encouraging. Notably performances in the Men: 100M, 200M, 400M, 400M Hurdles, 110 M Hurdles, and 800M. Among the Women: the 100M and 400M performances were encouraging. Performances were encouraging spiritually but physically there is significant work required. Natalie Uy is someone to follow. All Athletes are expected to get back to constructive Training.

Carlos Yulo should maintain his form in Gymnastics. Swimming, Gymnastics, Boxing, and Weight Lifting will be frontline for the Filipino Team. The Philippines Athletes are progressively working on their talents to be as good as Jamaicans on the Track and Americans in the Pool. Fans sense a Pride of the Philippines among them, or a Burning Spear somewhere. The Women’s Team appears competitive. Women’s Pole Vault should have an entrant from the Philippines. There are Philippines Women Athletes whose mettle will be obvious in Olympics 2024.



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