All eyes are on Eugene, Oregon. What are your expectations? Stars are in route, if not already there. The Phantom of the Opera is there. Pundits and naysayers will be there looking for a story. The notion that Elaine Thompson-Herah needs to upgrade her interview Verbiage is preposterous. Any expressed or implied notion that she now needs to be a “Fulbright” scholar is nonsense. She is not a Rhodes Scholar and has no interest. Sorry, Elaine Thompson-Herah never promised you a Rose Garden.

Forget what you saw or think you observed at the National Trials. The results at World Championships – 2022 will be different. The times required to win the featured Women events – 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, and 100M Hurdles will be much faster than you saw at the National Trials.

Some Stars appear to be carrying a grudge from the Tokyo Olympics to World Championships 2022. That is not a good thing. Said Stars ran great times because of the anger inside but when it subsides, there will be a return to normal self or even worse in terms of performance in Head-to-Head competition. That is when the Phantom of the Opera is there.

Fans are in anticipation of a rematch between Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, and Shericka Jackson. Stars will keep focus on the prize and stay hungry. Fans anticipate Elaine will be ready to perform at World Athletic Championships 2022, July 15 to July 24.

World Athletic Championships – 2022 should be entertaining. There is a possibility that Elaine Thompson – Herah will run 10.47 and 21.2 for the 100M and 200M respectively. Fans anticipate Shericka Jackson will join the 100M 10.6X club. A review of Olympics 2021 and Prefontaine Classic 2021 show Shericka Jackson closing fast at the end of each race. This is confirmation that Shericka Jackson is making progress with her Speed as was demonstrated at the National Trials.

In the 100M and 200M Finals Stars will have no time to keep anything in Reserve, they will leave it all on the Track. Stars will let competitors listen for the Gun and watch the Feet. The moment a competitor’s feet is off Blocks, Stars will BOOGIE. Stars should remember to treat competitors with respect. The competitive conduct in Track is “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, and “Good Night” – Meet me at the Tape. The Tail Gate Party continues.


Telegram Delivered Today

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