The National Track and Field Trials across the Globe are over. What have Fans learned, probably not much? Stars did enough to qualify to compete in their events at WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – 2022. In the next two weeks, Fans will get a Glimpse of potential performance and times. Base on performances in the Trials, three Countries – Jamaica, United States, and England are vying for all Eight (8) or Nine (9) spots in the Women’s 100M Final. There could be a Triangular Country Face-off with Jamaica completing another sweep or even a 1234 finish, if you include Kemba Nelson, with only three spots on the Podium. That is scary!

Post National Trials, Stars will put their Head, uniform, and Track shoes on. Preparation is on the way for a Track and Field Rematch between Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, and Shericka Jackson at World Championships 2022. Some Stars are not ready but they are getting there. Elaine Thompson-Herah (ETH) is etched as the Fastest Woman Alive but that does not mean she will win every contest before World Championships 2022. Regardless of what transpires in June, she is the Fastest Woman Alive.   

Some Stars appear to be carrying a grudge from the Tokyo Olympics to World Championships 2022. That is not a good thing. In the early season, said Stars will run great times because of the anger inside but when it subsides and it will, there will be a return to normal self or even worse in terms of performance in Head-to-Head competition. That is when the Phantom of the Opera is there.

In the 100M and 200M Finals Stars will have no time to keep anything in Reserve, they will leave it all on the Track. Stars will let competitors listen for the Gun and watch the Feet. The moment a competitor’s feet is off Blocks, Stars will BOOGIE. Stars should remember to treat competitors with respect. The competitive conduct in Track is “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, and “Good Night” – Meet me at the Tape.

Athletes planning to be in the Women’s 100M Final in Oregon with a Personal Best (PB) slower than 10.7X should STAY HOME or skip the event. Participating in the event with a PB south of 10.7X will make you late for Dinner, where Dinner is the Gold Medal. The Women 100M Final in Oregon 2022 is on Track for a Time of 10.47 or better. The Women 200M Final in Oregon 2022 is on Track for a Time of 21.5 or better. Sadly, Gabby Thomas will not impose her will and be a party crasher. Gabby is suffering from Ham String injury. The Tail Gate Party continues.


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