Clearly, some Stars did not take WAC – 2022 seriously. Quite candidly, most Fans find the Olympics more significant. As one look around at the performances, there were Stars not ready to perform well or slowing down. That prompted one competitor to say, “I did not come to compete, I came to win”. Fans like that kind of spunk in an Athlete, it means she came with “Fire in the Belly”. Base on observation, Fans might have to reset expectations for Olympics 2024.

Fans were disappointed that Kemba Nelson did not make the 100M finals but the experience will motivate her. There is a cloud hanging over the performances in the Women’s 100M and 200M. Elaine Thompson-Herah (ETH) was not ready. Her training regiment might be flawed. Too much weight lifting makes you slow. It is also possible that there are undisclosed injuries or concerns. Fans are concerned that there is a bit of regression in ETH performance. We fans like our Star but will speak up. In summary, it was more a case of ETH losing and not necessarily Shelly winning.

Fact is 10.67 is impressive but Fans would be indulging in complacency or mediocrity if they get excited. Until Shelly shows us 10.54 for the 100M, Elaine Thompson-Herah (ETH) is the Fastest Woman Alive but it does not mean she will win every contest. ETH has a lot of work to do to run 10.47 for the Women’s 100M. Fans will take 10.47 anywhere, at WAC 2023 or Olympics 2024.

Acute Fans see bad blood in the interaction between Elaine and Shelly. 10.67 for the 100M will not upstage Elaine. Both Elaine and Shelly have outstanding careers but fans that have participated in Track and Field, believe ETH back to back and Olympic record is heavier and longer lasting. As far as Fans know, the World Record (WR) for the event is 10.49, set in 1988. Therefore, Fans are not certain why 10.67 were presented as a championship record. Is someone about to take 10.49 off the Books?

Not so fast, Fans still think Elaine Thompson-Herah can do 10.47 for the 100M. She just needs to regain focus. MVP is trying to embarrass Elaine Thompson-Herah via Jako Jackson. I am sorry that Shericka Jackson is caught in the middle but until she run a 10.47 100M and or destroy the Olympic Record of 10.61, nothing doing. Yes, we “want to” be starting something.

Where does ETH go from here? She was not ready for 100M and 200M. The times required to win the featured Women events – 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 400M Hurdles, and 100M Hurdles were faster than you saw at the National Trials. The anticipated rematch between Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, and Shericka Jackson did not materialize.

Elaine Thompson-Herah was not at her best during WAC 2022, July 15 to July 24. The sweep in the Women’s 100M occurred but many dreamt of a 1234 finish with Kemba Nelson joining the Party. Shericka Jackson is making progress with her Speed but given her run pattern she cannot get to 100M before 10.7X seconds as was demonstrated at the Jamaica National Trials and WAC 100M Final.

Track and Field is back. Going forward in the 100M and 200M events, Stars will have no time to keep anything in Reserve, they will leave it all on the Track. Stars will let competitors listen for the Gun and watch the Feet. The moment a competitor’s feet is off Blocks, Stars will BOOGIE. Stars should remember to treat competitors with respect. The competitive conduct in Track is “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, and “Good Night” – Meet me at the Tape. The Tail Gate Party continues all the way to Olympics 2024.


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