Now is the time for Jamaican Male Athletes to Big up. Your efforts might not be rewarded at World Championship 2022 but it will improve performances at Olympics 2024. By then, aspiring Athletes should awake from their slumber.

Male Athletes, who believe they are Stars with nothing to show for their illusion of grandeur, need to wake up and face reality. The team needs you. The women Athletes need you to contribute. Don’t let them down.

Fans are waiting for a Signature performance, preferably more than one. What is the status in Training camp and who are the Athletes who can provide an autograph. Course the Autograph is preceded by Performances consistent with solid Training. Training and consistent Performances create resultant velocity capable of exhibiting a Signature performance. Fans are eager to know “wagwan” in camp yeow.

Fans offer Condolences to Akeem Bloomfield on the passing of his Mother. They are willing to cut him some slack and give him time to adjust from the painful loss. Expectations are that he will return to competition.  

Akeem Bloomfield has talent but his style can be re-engineered. He appears a bit tight in the arms and shoulder when he performs. He could benefit from developing a relax look in Training. A more relax Akeem Bloomfield should run faster times in the 200M and 400M. Akeem Bloomfield should come back with Athletic vengeance and attempt to give Fans performances of 19.4 and 43.4 in the 200M and 400M respectively. Fans are not keen on his ability to perform well in the 100M on the World stage but he could surprise us. Fans think he is better suited for the 200M and 400M events

There are no expectations that Akeem Bloomfield will run those times at World Athletics Championships 2022 but Fans anticipate that kind of performance at Olympics 2024.


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It appears that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has realized the folly and is implementing the correct process to arrive at a legitimate champion of College Football. In an article, I wrote in 2010 and inserted below, I berated the NCAA for not exhibiting the ingenuity to create a constructive Play off System for College Football.

A system that would eliminate multiple teams debating and profiling they are # 1. One that would have the highest Ranking teams each year, play for the Championship on the field, inclusive of an elimination process. From all accounts, the NCAA is implementing the correct process to arrive at a legitimate champion of College Football or close to it. See the article below.

Ignore College Football Bowl Games

Added: Saturday, December 11th 2010 at 2:22pm by Leon Thompson

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It is time to stop the charade and unparalleled lunacy. If need be then congress should step forward and demand that this farce cease and desist. Congress has no disclaimer. They have already interceded in professional Base Ball and I would suspect that if necessary, would intervene in other sports.

The continuation of this senseless annual trivial parade of Bowl games, at the end of which some college football team is declared as champion by a group of old men and a computer, followed by the insignificant index finger pointing by the players is an insult to the intelligence of sports fans. In fact, it is an insult to the Intelligence and Athleticism that these institutions of higher learning are expected to provide.

Bowl games in college football at the end of which some team is declared the fictitious champion is an insult to the intelligence presumed to exist in the halls of our institutions of higher learning. The fictitious determination of a champion in college football constitutes a mockery of the History of Athleticism. It does not matter what the team looks like on paper or what the computer thinks, or the manipulated results generated from some workstation.

The championship game should be played on the field. How many times have you seen a basketball team play a game yesterday and based on talent should beat the squad they are about to play but they lose, even if by one point. How many times have you heard that a computer predicts one athlete would beat the other in the 100 meter dash and the reverse happens? Right more times than not. The championship game should be played on the field.

Now is the time to ignore the Bowl Games on television. If no one watch the games sponsors will know from the ratings. If the ratings fall, the sponsors will challenge the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). If the BCS refuse to comply then the sponsors will pull their advertisement. The Television station will not show the games and BCS will not make money. You have to hit the pocket book.

Now is the time to develop a Play-off system using the four (4) major or traditional Bowl Games. My choice is use the Rose, Orange, Sugar, and Cotton Bowls. That would mean you add about two weeks to the season or reduce regular season by one week and add an extra week, or reduce the regular season by two weeks to accommodate playing the championship game on the field.

However it is determined to incorporate those two weeks, we have a week for the pairing of the four bowl winners, and a week to match up the two undefeated teams. Sure, keep the other bowls if you wish but put the eight best teams in the Rose, Orange, Sugar, and Cotton Bowls.

Now I know many will say the students have to get back to classes. I say what classes. We all know that most Football players do not give a flip about classes. There is no college athlete or Football player who would pass on an opportunity to settle the championship matter on the field. It is time to stop the charade and unparalleled lunacy. The championship game should be played on the field. Now is the time to ignore the Bowl Games on television unless the BCS develop this kind of Play-off system.