Now is the time for Jamaican Male Athletes to Big up. Your efforts might not be rewarded at World Championship 2022 but it will improve performances at Olympics 2024. By then, aspiring Athletes should awake from their slumber.

Male Athletes, who believe they are Stars with nothing to show for their illusion of grandeur, need to wake up and face reality. The team needs you. The women Athletes need you to contribute. Don’t let them down.

Fans are waiting for a Signature performance, preferably more than one. What is the status in Training camp and who are the Athletes who can provide an autograph. Course the Autograph is preceded by Performances consistent with solid Training. Training and consistent Performances create resultant velocity capable of exhibiting a Signature performance. Fans are eager to know “wagwan” in camp yeow.

Fans offer Condolences to Akeem Bloomfield on the passing of his Mother. They are willing to cut him some slack and give him time to adjust from the painful loss. Expectations are that he will return to competition.  

Akeem Bloomfield has talent but his style can be re-engineered. He appears a bit tight in the arms and shoulder when he performs. He could benefit from developing a relax look in Training. A more relax Akeem Bloomfield should run faster times in the 200M and 400M. Akeem Bloomfield should come back with Athletic vengeance and attempt to give Fans performances of 19.4 and 43.4 in the 200M and 400M respectively. Fans are not keen on his ability to perform well in the 100M on the World stage but he could surprise us. Fans think he is better suited for the 200M and 400M events

There are no expectations that Akeem Bloomfield will run those times at World Athletics Championships 2022 but Fans anticipate that kind of performance at Olympics 2024.


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