POTUS said any athlete who takes a knee when the Anthem plays, should be FIRED. He did not say if any “Black, White, Brown, Green, or Color of person”. To interpret any with a specific color, race, or ethnicity is a stretch. Those who made that association, is seeking to find discord with POTUS. Those who made that association would disagree with POTUS if he said the sky is Blue.

The Anthem and the Flag regardless of Country, should be respected and honored. It should not matter if you are from that Country. Respect for your fellow man should motivate you to show admiration for someone’s Anthem and Flag and as such, professional athletes employed by organizations registered in the United States, are expected and obligated to show respect for the Anthem and Flag of the United States.

Kneeling is something you do in church but then most of them do not attend. If you believe that kneeling on the field while those whose attention you wish to attract are in buildings or in church, then you are simply wasting time. The protocol is that if you wish to enact change you must be in the room. The other party must be within the sound of your voice. You cannot go out, kill Law Enforcement personnel, and then tell them to change.

No one is above the Law or rules of civic engagement designed to preserve civility. Individuals who take the position that Laws are made to be broken or bend should be ready to deal with consequences. Two wrongs have never made a right. If someone representing Law Enforcement kills a civilian unjustifiably then you have the right to express anger and demand that the matter be investigated and rectified. However, unless you are on the scene when a member of Law Enforcement commits an unlawful assault, you should not engage in unlawful retaliation after the fact.

Hijacking the flag will not bring about social or political settlement. The flag represents freedom, not just for the USA but Western civilization including all the islands surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Those who disrespect the flag are disrespecting the Lives of women and men who died trying to keep it waving, especially in World War II.

Many of the dead in World War II left no offspring to benefit from their sacrifice. They left behind no descendant to share in the Freedom and Prosperity derived from the outcome of that war. To those kneeling at the playing of the Anthem and presentation of the flag, here is a fact that you should ponder. Was it not for the efforts of those brave women and men who died in World War II, if you were lucky to be born before or after 1945, you would be speaking Japanese, German, or Russian. Instead, your primary Language is English and the non-English speaking world aspires to learning how to speak it. Contrary to the belief of some, it is not only people from Great Britain and Australia who speak English.

Everyone in the Western Hemisphere has the right to protest. However, you do not have the right to protest the flag. It is simplistic to believe there is something to gain, by making a spectacle of yourself kneeling at the playing of the Anthem and presentation of the flag. Some have even burn the flag of Country but to date achieved nothing positive in result.

Football players making millions, in the only country they could make that much money for their skills, should reconsider their approach to resolution. Any athlete, who thinks there is something wrong with the relationship between Blacks and Law Enforcement, should put money where their mouth is, in this case knees, and constructively organize to effect change. If the task is too much for them then they should solicit leadership of qualified Pastors or Lawyers.

Having said that, do not solicit participation of Pastors who continue to look in the rear view mirror of the slavery narrative but rather those who aspire to move forward. Solicit Leadership from Pastors who believe in constructive and productive dialog that will culminate in better understanding, respect, and integration. Do not solicit aged Pastors who prefer to relish or stay stuck in the mud of the past.

Something is wrong but first do the analysis and determine what. Let us not rush to the conclusion that this side is right and the other wrong. Life is a journey and along the way, there is cause and effect, action and reaction. Your appearance, the time of day, and the neighborhood, can create an unwarranted image and one thing leads to another. Communities and Society are unhinged and collectively we all need to know how to get along. The times are changing. Blacks need to reflect on the messages of my Soul Music Legend.




verbal coup top

President Trump has nothing to fear but fear itself. This Russian collusion is a non-issue and will fizzle. Country is in a state of Verbal Coup. The Democrats continuous harping about this non-issue and doing nothing to further the interest of struggling United States citizens are in effect conducting a Verbal Coup. Democrats have abdicated their responsibility to participate in the Government and are in effect engaged in a Coup.

The conduct of Democrats and Liberals is threatening to take Country backward. However, successful Businessmen make good Presidents and Democrats and Liberals will soon grow tired. Democrats are doing an injustice to the American citizens. In life, it is all about Lead, follow, or get out of the way. I think it is time for the Democrats especially in the House of Representatives, to get out of the way and stop collecting Pay Checks that they cannot justify earning. If your daily existence is to say no to the agenda, that the voters clearly asked for, then you are doing an injustice to the American citizens and you should go home. Said Democrats, should be repealed and replaced by their constituents. Some Democrats in the House of Representatives qualify for impeachment.

It takes collusion to know collusion. Democrats have engaged in collusion in the last eight years that they have become sensitive to collusion. The Libya Debacle was collusion. Democratic leaders in the House and Senate are foaming at the mouth unintelligibly, to the extent that most cannot decide which of the countries on the Korean Peninsular is our ally. God may very well have spared the Empire with the election of The Donald.

After decades of failed diplomacy, there are Democrats who believe that Kim jong Un is interested in that Tag Sale and is searching for the nearest Good Will organization to donate his Nuclear Toys. To those Democrats, I will sell you the Empire Sate for a Penny. I will bet that members of House of Representatives from California, could not tell you which State in the union is known as the: “Empire State”.

The problem with that Dementia and Alzheimer diplomacy philosophy by the Democrats is that Kim jong Un will continue to ignore such pleadings. The only thing that will stop a bully is confrontation. If we who breathe, eat, and sleep the ideals of our Republic take, two mental steps back but remain physically committed, Kim jong Un will crack. He will do something unacceptable, which will provoke a military response. It will then become a situation of shoot first and talk later.

If we fail to be vigilant, California will not need a Border Wall or Lock on the door. To the Progressives who in reality are really Regressive, failure is not an option in this confrontation with North Korea; otherwise, I will see you in Heaven or Hell. I do not know about you nor do I care but I prefer to make Heaven and Hell right here on Earth.

The vitriol and verbal abuse of Potus has reached a crescendo. Those members of our community that are less than thirty years of age must think that our presumed leaders are bleeping idiots. How did a Nation so strong give birth to such bleeping idiots? Vladimir Putin is probably wondering why Russia did not attack during the Cold War period.

Anyone who thinks that diplomacy will obtain us victory over North Korea should invest in a Pine Box at the local Funeral Parlor. Verbal Coup is in full swing. Just listen to the mad congressional representatives from California. The vitriol, animosity, bickering, and unintelligible daily outbursts is at such a high level that I am amazed that Country is not embroiled in a Civil War but the Verbal Coup is still in the early stages. Even so, the violence displayed at Rallies on College Campuses is indicative that while we are seemingly far away from a Civil War we might be closer than one would like to think. The world is watching and perhaps saying, look at those imbeciles.

There are many Conservatives still alive so Country is not on the eve of Destruction but we are definitely being tested. I suggest that we gather the dissenting members of Congress and sponsor a vacation to Siberia with the support of Vladimir Putin. I am confident that upon their hastily return they would have great respect for our Republic. What do you think?

A simple thing like protecting our Southern Border should not be viewed negatively. If that border was protected and Immigrants properly vetted, ms13 would not have killed any of our young citizens. Prevent is always easier than cure. Protecting your border is a no brainer but the Democrats with Boll Weevil in their heads fail to comprehend the benefits of such action. The laxity in border protection and the immigration of an over abundance of persons is causing great harm in our minority communities. However, that fact as well as is Country experiencing Migration or Exodus will be subjects for future discussion.

Study all the agreements of the previous Administration including their policies on refugees and you will determine that they were all Debacles. Unless you have the willingness to lie to yourself, the previous Administration was giving Country away wholesale. Jobs, Industries, and people were being abandoned surreptitiously. Consistent with the anti-American policies of the previous Administration, borders were obstructions to their objective.

The previous Administration allowed Subversive elements to inhabit the West wing. While those concerned would like to hide that fact, Country narrowly escaped a cultural invasion of epic proportion. Thank heavens for Potus; schools are no longer teaching any cockamamie Islamic tolerance. How and why did members of the Republican Party allow that to happen? I do not recall hearing any Republican Senator especially John McCain objecting to that absurdity. There are a number of Republicans who appear to have obtained membership in the RINO organization.  The RINO organization consists of members of the Political class who are Republicans in Name Only. Suspected members are part of the Verbal Coup. Listen to John McCain and Paul Ryan sometime and you will have no doubt that there is a Verbal Coup in Country.

As for Paul Ryan, it is inconceivable that the President will get to the promise land with Speaker Ryan, as his Chauffer.  Speaker Ryan is a Democrat in Republican clothing. Potus will not accomplish his goals if Speaker Ryan is the lead or face promoting his agenda. Speaker Ryan is part of the swamp. Therefore, he must be part of the drainage. For a while, Speaker Ryan was able to mask his intentions but the mask is off. Speaker Ryan has sold out to the Left. Ryan did not support the Presidents candidacy, does not believe in the philosophy of the President, and will not promote the agenda of the Administration. Speaker Ryan must go.

To Speaker Ryan, ask not what the Republican Party can do for you but what you can do for the Republican Party. Your required action should be self-evident. The Administration and the Party need to move forward. Please do the right thing. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

After seven years of discontent, the Affordable Health Care proposal on the table is inadequate. After all these years, neither Party appears willing to provide a Single Payer Health Insurance solution. I find it difficult to believe that the current plan is the best that Republican Party Law makers can draft. The principal architect is mentally inebriated from being too close to or too far from the project. The principal architect lacks the understanding and interpretation of the issue. It is impossible for him to construct a satisfactory plan. The segmentation of the Republican members of congress could lead to the demise of the Republican Party.

Until the “Freedom Caucus” is 435 members in the house and 100 Senators in the Senate, they are a minority Group and will not have final word on any legislation nor should they be allowed to.

If the intent of the “Freedom Caucus” is to do nothing and bring Government to a halt, then they are doing a terrific job. If the “Freedom Caucus” believes doing nothing will metamorphose into a Landmark decision, then my feedback is, awake from that delusion. Each “Freedom Caucus” member should stop collecting paychecks and deposit said funds to the Health Care entity of choice until President Trump signs satisfactory legislation.

Not all is lost but it is time for the President to get focus. The President needs to launch his Veto Power. The President needs to be reminded, that he can veto anything that does not meet expectation. He should veto any Legislation that the Democrats seek to move forward that weaken his leadership. The President needs to employ Time, Focus, and Concentration and move all Campaign promises forward.

President Trump has nothing to fear but fear itself. It is all right but then it has to be all right unless the Republicans wish to squander their gains and be tarred and feathered in an election near you. This would leave Potus to fight the good fight against all foes. Frankly, at this rate the President may do better without them. Some men fight better when they have no Army. Sometimes an army of Politicians is a distraction. Well, perhaps only in Washington since the Fifth Dimensions or was it the Age of Aquarius. The verbal Coup has been going on so long now, I do not even remember. Where is Clint Eastwood when you need him?

Despite the Verbal Coup, Potus can still get his Agenda across the finish line. The Domestic Agenda of Health Care, Border Wall, Military improvement, Tax Reform, Illegal Immigration, and Manufacturing Jobs are all doable. It is unlikely that Potus can do much about Deficit and Debt in the near term. However, he needs to develop a sound strategy to accomplish the rest. Anything less than complete accomplishment will be perceived as failure. However, if that is the scenario, I hope that the Democrats Calculus for 2018 is incorrect and members of the Democratic leadership will be persuaded to retire young or in discontent.


verbal coup bottom



This article could easily be about the “mourning” after but the morning after characterization should suffice. The Trump administration should understand that you have to accept defeat so that you can appreciate ultimate victory. Let’s have a dialogue about what happened, is happening, and should happen with respect to “America Health Care” legislation. Despite the fact that I am the only one speaking we can still have a dialogue. I write and you read.

If the intent of the “Freedom Caucus” is to do nothing and bring Government to a halt, then they are doing a terrific job. If the “Freedom Caucus” believe doing nothing will metamorphose into a Landmark decision, then my feedback is, awake from that delusion. Each “Freedom Caucus” member should stop collecting pay checks and deposit said funds to the Health Care entity of choice until satisfactory legislation is signed by President Trump.

To Speaker Ryan, ask not what the Republican Party can do for you but what you can do for the Republican Party. Your required action should be self-evident. The Administration and the Party need to move Forward. Please do the right thing. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

After seven years of discontent the Affordable Health Care proposal on the table is inadequate. I find it difficult to believe that this is the best Republican Party Law makers can draft. It is possible that the principal architect is mentally inebriated from being too close to the project for that period of time. It is possible that the principal architect is subconsciously locked into his understanding and interpretation of the issue that it is impossible for him to construct a satisfactory plan.

What happened: The issue was misunderstood and therefore the almost submitted resolution was doomed to failure. The good President knew that. Now that he understands the issue and the process, I am confident he will take two steps back and the needed step forward. As a reminder. the question was and still is, how do we provide Health Insurance for millions of Americans who are uninsured and in some cases underinsured.

The reason we have a Health Insurance issue is because most Americans have coverage which is connected to their employment. Some of the uninsured are no longer employed and Cobra is too expensive. Others are employed but their Health Insurance is too expensive and simply cannot afford it.

Republican and Democratic Party Law Makers should step back and reevaluate. Sometimes you can get so close to a project that it is impossible to see the forest from the trees. This is where the Principal architect and those close to him are. The frame work of the almost submitted plan can be maintained but before a satisfactory resolution is reached, there will need to be significant Re-write and Amendments.

Each time affordable access to Health care is discussed, cynics and the dis-ingenuous raise the subject of Entitlements. Leave entitlements alone. Such discussion only muddies the water, clutter the table, or create distraction.  Leave entitlements alone. People either paid for or earned their entitlements. Therefore, that subject is irrelevant. There is no need to steal from Peter to pay Paul. However, there is need to reduce your commitment to Peter so that you can address “Affordable Health Care”. The bottom line is can you provide assistance regarding Health Care for your citizens. I think you can. Let’s do it. Not doing it is not an option.

What is happening: the “Freedom Caucus” and Democratic Party are basking in their nothing victory. Both groups are enjoying a “NOTHING BURGER”. I encourage them to wipe that grin off their faces and start working. If they do not, their constituents should Repeal and Replace everyone of them.

What should happen: Truth be told, drafting a satisfactory “Affordable Health Care” proposal is a challenging Project but not insurmountable. People need to step back and assess the situation, respectfully compromise, map a resolution, and then move forward to remedy. It seems to me mapping a resolution should include but not limited to the following bullets:

  • Do not fix or legislate on what is not broken. Citizens who are employed and like their Insurance should be left alone. However, leave the door open should their status change.
  • Those employed but underinsured should be included in the plan.
  • Those employed but cannot afford to be insured should be granted access and provided for consistent with Direct Primary Care entities like Atlas MD.
  • Those unemployed and not insured should be granted access and provided for consistent with Direct Primary Care entities like Atlas MD.
  • For those unemployed and not insured or employed but cannot afford, the Government should develop a partnership with local Clinics to service these individuals and reimburse clinics on a pre-determined or defined scale.
  • Government should encourage Direct Primary Care entities like Atlas MD and local Clinics to engender solid relationships with Local and Regional Hospitals for support or advanced procedures.
  • If unemployment status changes, then individuals should declare and contribute to the cost of their care.
  • Cost for care should = (Historical average Dollar benefits/ current Annual Salary) * Cost for each Service
  • If the above is not maintained and ultimately satisfied, then the annual amount for each Tax Year should be withheld from Refund.

Are we there yet? It will be a tragedy if Law Makers cannot focus long enough to Repeal and Replace the current fiasco known as “Affordable Health Care”. Any legislation with the word Mandate will fail to deliver according to expectations. There seems to be a fixation on the word mandate to the extent that it continues to be a part of Legislation from the Clinton era to now.

Will someone put the word Mandate back into the Dictionary. Equally relevant, any legislation which tries to give more than the necessary credence to Insurance companies will fail to deliver according to expectations.

Law Makers need to determine how much and what involvement should Insurance companies have in the development of the ultimate document. If Insurance companies are given a major role in the crafting of the ultimate document, it will fail to deliver consistent with the real need of the people. Do not expect Insurance companies to assist in the legislation of equitable and in some cases free Health Insurance for the people.

Yes, in some cases based on a means test or affordability scale some of my fellow Americans will require free Health Insurance and Care. And why not. If you can go abroad and provide free Health Care, then why not do it for our citizens. Charity begins at Home.

No Insurance company is about to craft legislation that will take money out of their pockets willingly. That is just not good business practice. However, this matter is not about the business of Health Insurance. It is about the people and their need for affordable Health Insurance devoid of complicated verbiage. Insurance companies will not lose money. Sure, they may lose money on the Health Insurance line item but they will make it up on another line. Do not believe that the Health Insurance companies only sell Health Insurance. The current White House Administration should know that very well.

Now is the time to repeal the current fiasco known as “Affordable Health Care”. Timing is everything. The Republican Party and the newly elected Administration must seize the moment and act accordingly but with more forward thinking. Everyone is consumed with the cost to Government. I agree that is important but we are not there yet. The current stage is the draft. The current stage is the Pro Forma. No plan is complete without revision. There will be time enough for counting, when the deal is done.

Millions of Americans are, or soon to be without Health Care because they cannot afford Health Insurance. I realize that Legislators feel the need to provide input and be part of the Legislation and that is awesome but let’s get on with the provision. I hope the “Freedom Caucus” and Democratic Party are aware of that reality.

Where will the money coming from? The money comes from a reduction of each current line item on the budget reduced by what you think provision of Health Insurance will cost. Any detail discussion of this premise is unnecessary in this article. The best Financial person in the Administration should be able to take what I just wrote and convert it into a revised budget.



Term Limits for Members of Congress


It is time to enact Term Limits for members of Congress, Senators and Representatives alike. I propose a maximum of 8 consecutive years. It is time to get rid of the stagnation on Capitol Hill. The stagnation is so enormous that the stench has permeated country and preventing progress. This once vibrant nation with ideas flowing like water has been reduced to the fluid motion of molasses.

If the Presidency is limited to two terms in fear of undue influence, then Senators and House members should be limited in like manner for the same reason. Members of congress are entrenched in their political ideology and refuse to open their minds and compromise for the good of the people.

Once stagnation sets in, interest is no longer that of the people but for self. Self motivated Senators and House members become career politicians. Career politicians become impediments to forward thinking ideas. Career politicians become obstructionists and their interest is that of the Lobbyist they represent.

Career politicians fail to realize when the merits of their ideas are no longer relevant. Their constant objective is to return to the failed policies of the past hoping that Americans with short memories have forgotten.

The current Tax cuts has not produced any significant new Jobs in the last 8 years.  The unemployment rate is evidence of that. There is no indication whether by Inductive or Deductive reasoning that continued Tax cuts will enable the creation new jobs. If Tax cuts did not create jobs in the last 8 years and specifically between 2008 and 2010 then what is the reasoning behind continued great expectation. The American people are hungry for a resolution.

We need a flow of new people and ideas on Capitol Hill. In the past I encouraged a previous minority leader in the House of Representative to retire to Ohio, find a rocking chair, and sip on his favorite beverage. That encouragement was followed and at last check he is having a great time. Quite candidly, I wish other politicians on Capitol Hill would do the same and retire to their State or another Country. The time to enact Term Limits is now.

Leon T.