POTUS WON Election 2020. The only legitimate votes were the ones tallied before Democrats made what should have been a Concession speech. If you listened carefully, that speech disclosed the plot to manufacture as much Mail-in Ballots required to win the Election.

POTUS LOST Election 2020 because of failure to use Executive Order to prevent Mail-in Voting. Poor Cabinet choices and Asian spousal effect was also significant. In addition, it does not appear the Campaign Team developed a strategy or Plan to control and monitor Mail-in Voting.

Democrats had a well thought out Plan with help from External entities to steal Election 2020 and some Republican Senators were involved, starting at the top. Even so, there was still time on January 06, 2021, to find and show that the Mail in Ballots was phony and in some cases counterfeit. Democrats staged the charade of an attack on the Capitol with the assistance of Subversive Elements. Democrats support and use of Subversive Elements will come back to destroy. That there were Republican Senators involved in the plot is Tragic but shines the light on Wolves in Sheep clothing. Empires die from within.

Republican Senators, who did not support Trump, will be replaced at time of re-election. You know who you are. Do not come begging for Campaign donations. Democrats could not have prevented the Overturn of Election 2020 without Active assistance from Republican Senators, starting from the top. Praise God we avoided the Ides of March. However, expectations are God will comment on the Electoral Fraud.

POTUS WINS because the 75 Million plus people who voted for him will remain loyal and support Candidates he promotes moving forward. 75 Million Plus people believe “America First”, “America Great Again”, and with no apologies. The current crop of Republican Senators, excluding about 10 Objectors, will be voted out of office at time of re-election. Said Senators will be like the Green Bay Tree that withers and dies. Senate Republicans who think they will inherit POTUS SUPPORTERS are mistaken. They will continue to complain at News Conferences like sophomores in High School but Patriots will not listen.

The Republican Party is now “TRUMP PARTY” moving forward. All the idiots who think TRUMP SUPPORTERS will vote for them are Old, Washed up, or MORONS. Republican Senators with aspirations of being President will not succeed. Do not come begging for Campaign donations. It is time for those Republican Senators to get lost. Patriots will not notice their disappearance. Some suggest that Trump supporters need to be De-Programmed but Beyondapparent.com disagree. The programming is here to stay.

Moving Forward, POTUS undoubtedly the best President since Lincoln, needs to do the following: PARDON HIMSELF, Establish a Special Prosecutor, Establish a Commission to do Forensics on the Voting machines and Mail-in Ballots, Start a Conservative Media Organization, Continue Rallies, and Establish a Search Team to find Senatorial candidates in each State. The current Republican contingent in the US Senate needs a “Face Lift”.


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