POTUS WON Election 2020. The only legitimate votes were the ones tallied before Democrats made what should have been a Concession speech. If you listened carefully, that speech disclosed the plot to manufacture as much Mail-in Ballots required to win the Election.

POTUS LOST Election 2020 because of failure to use Executive Order to prevent Mail-in Voting. Poor Cabinet choices and Asian spousal effect was also significant. In addition, it does not appear the Campaign Team developed a strategy or Plan to control and monitor Mail-in Voting.

Democrats had a well thought out Plan with help from External entities to steal Election 2020 and some Republican Senators were involved, starting at the top. Even so, there was still time on January 06, 2021, to find and show that the Mail in Ballots was phony and in some cases counterfeit. Democrats staged the charade of an attack on the Capitol with the assistance of Subversive Elements. Democrats support and use of Subversive Elements will come back to destroy. That there were Republican Senators involved in the plot is Tragic but shines the light on Wolves in Sheep clothing. Empires die from within.

Republican Senators, who did not support Trump, will be replaced at time of re-election. You know who you are. Do not come begging for Campaign donations. Democrats could not have prevented the Overturn of Election 2020 without Active assistance from Republican Senators, starting from the top. Praise God we avoided the Ides of March. However, expectations are God will comment on the Electoral Fraud.

POTUS WINS because the 75 Million plus people who voted for him will remain loyal and support Candidates he promotes moving forward. 75 Million Plus people believe “America First”, “America Great Again”, and with no apologies. The current crop of Republican Senators, excluding about 10 Objectors, will be voted out of office at time of re-election. Said Senators will be like the Green Bay Tree that withers and dies. Senate Republicans who think they will inherit POTUS SUPPORTERS are mistaken. They will continue to complain at News Conferences like sophomores in High School but Patriots will not listen.

The Republican Party is now “TRUMP PARTY” moving forward. All the idiots who think TRUMP SUPPORTERS will vote for them are Old, Washed up, or MORONS. Republican Senators with aspirations of being President will not succeed. Do not come begging for Campaign donations. It is time for those Republican Senators to get lost. Patriots will not notice their disappearance. Some suggest that Trump supporters need to be De-Programmed but Beyondapparent.com disagree. The programming is here to stay.

Moving Forward, POTUS undoubtedly the best President since Lincoln, needs to do the following: PARDON HIMSELF, Establish a Special Prosecutor, Establish a Commission to do Forensics on the Voting machines and Mail-in Ballots, Start a Conservative Media Organization, Continue Rallies, and Establish a Search Team to find Senatorial candidates in each State. The current Republican contingent in the US Senate needs a “Face Lift”.


Telegram Delivered Today

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Fox News has no Authority to declare the winner 🏆of the Presidential Election or for that matter any Election. The Media is overstepping their bounds. They harassed POTUS for 4 years and now they are stepping in for the KILL. The Marxist Party lost the Election. They know that investigation and recount will prove that. Therefore they are in a “Heated Rush” to get there false narrative out and into the minds of the Electorate.  Claiming formation of a Transition Team is ridiculous. Not so fast Marxists.

Fox News and the New Marxist Party are trying to send a message to Blacks and Latinos who voted for POTUS but that message will fail like the Democrat Party. For the first time in Country there is an Election but no Inauguration, or we will have a redo of the Election, or we Republicans will avoid or ignore the Inauguration. The Fake media heralded Declaration will be rescinded. That narrative will fall flat. Candidates only rush to declare victory without a Concession if they are certain they did not win but wish to bully the opposition. The Marxist Party is a bully entity.

The now defunct Democrat Party committed Fraud on the Electorate. This Fraud was not just political it was Personal. This was revenge for the 2016 Presidential Election results. The Marxist Party and the Vote Counters in the 2020 Presidential Election engaged in widespread Fraud and deception.

Republicans should demand a Re-count of all States in the Marxist column and take the next FOUR years to complete that exercise. Who wants to vote for a cognitively challenged Turncoat? His News Conferences, are laughable at best and Fraudulent at worse. If you look and talk like Judas then you are. One cannot conjure a reason why anyone would vote for this Marxist Presidential candidate. Those who voted for him must have drank the Kool Aid or hate success.

The Marxist Party, the Media, and the Voting Bureaucracy colluded to play the numbers Game and steal the Election from POTUS. The Voting Bureaucracy was not counting or reporting the votes. They were scheming and calculating how to present the farce and Fraud. We should demand a redo of all the States in the Marxist column. Republicans should take all FOUR years to complete that exercise. POTUS should not concede.

Where are the Republican Senators? When do you plan to speak up in defense? Ordinary Republicans will ignore a Media declared Marxist President. Such declaration could have grave consequence.

Those of us who are good at Math expected that Fraud. Such fraud is a continuation of fabricated Polls. When the debris is all collected, Country will not be a Socialist enclave. Let us begin the Investigation of that Geezer and his Son Collusion and Quid Pro Quo activities. Collusion has been the Marxist Party activity since Jimmy Carter.

You can fool some people sometimes but you cannot fool all the people all of the time. Republicans will stand up and fight for our Rights. All options are on the table.

Fox News sold out to the highest bidder. Fox News gave new meaning to the words “your enemies cannot hurt you but your friends will”. They endeared POTUS then stabbed him in the face on Election night. Fox News has sold out to the Marxist Party and its Funding sources including the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Conservatives will now move to “NEWSMAX“.

The Republican Party reached out to Minorities. The Latino community responded well. Unfortunately, the Black Community is still lagging in their support. There is much to say in disappointment but one will forgo that utterance. Suffice to say, that anyone in the Hood who still thinks, “better days are coming “by and by”, you are wrong. Your mission, should you wish to Move Forward, is to make your Heaven and Hell right here on Earth. 🌎That includes stop voting for Democrats. They are now Marxists. Stop confusing the word Democrat with “Democratic”. There is nothing Democratic about the now defunct Democrat Party. POTUS might not have delivered Fish 🐟but he is teaching you how to Fish 🐟 Reach out to Tim Scott for information on Opportunity Zones.

I am not sure how this Crisis, Dilemma, and Debacle will end. Perhaps, a visit to the altar is required. Course that is a place to which the Marxist Presidential candidate will not be invited. The Church recently denied him Holy Communion. Get out of this House, you Heathen.

The 2020 Presidential Election and our History is tainted. Subversive Elements, Hypocrites, and Parasites refuse to accept the Results of the 2016 Presidential Election. Disruption will become common and the Marxist Party will be collateral damage. Regardless POTUS will stay in the White House. He will Never Give Up.


Telegram Delivered Today

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