Philippines Athletes are confident about their chances in the upcoming 2021 Olympics. On the Women, side of the Track Kristina Marie Knott with Personal Best in the 200M of 23.01 and 11.27 in the 100M appears to be the best on the Team. Pending satisfying Olympics qualification requirements, I expect her to be competitive.

Satisfying Olympics qualification requirements is something most Athletes overlook. However, in the next two months qualification requirements will be Front and Center. Compared to Jamaica, The Philippines Team will travel up the Road to Japan.

Kristina Marie Knott will be an inspiration to her Teammates. Her performances In the Women’s 100M and 200M is impressive. In the Women’s 400M Hurdles, Robyn Lauren Brown has potential. Her technique is good but needs to work on Speed. The 4x100M Women’s Team looks ready to compete with a little bit of improvement. The Women’s Team appears competitive. Women’s Pole Vault will have an entrant from the Philippines that might surprise Tokyo. There are Women Athletes whose mettle will be obvious in Olympics 2024.

On the Men, side of the Track and Field competition, several Athletes standout, but James Deiparine looks promising as well as Eric Cray. Eric Cray’s performances are impressive but he has some major work ahead to improve and be successful in Olympics 2021. The Men’s Team might be competitive in the Field but probably not on the Track.

In the 400M Hurdles, Eric Cray with a time of 50.21 is the best for that event in the Philippines. He has Speed but Technique needs improvement. The 110M Hurdles features Clinton Kingsley Bautista with a time of 13.98 but with tremendous upside. For the100M, Anfernee Talaboc Lopena with a Personal best of 10.61 is the best I observed. He has potential but might not have enough time to be competitive in Olympics 2021. T Anthony Beram, with a time of 20.83 in the 200M and 46.39 in the 400M, in 2021 looks impressive. In the 800M, Carter James Lilly at 1:47.52 with a little bit of work could improve his time to 1:45:00 and be competitive.

The Men’s 4x400M Team should be competitive. Ernest John Obiena should deliver in the Pole Vault, fingers crossed. The fans are expecting improvement in 4x100M. Carlos Yulo should maintain is form in Gymnastics in the Olympics. Swimming and Gymnastics will be frontline for the Filipino Team.

The Philippines Athletes are progressively working on their talents to be as good as Jamaicans on the Track and Americans in the Pool. I sense a Pride of the Philippines among them, or a Burning Spear somewhere.


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