There is hope all Athletes despite the impact of COVID-19 were able to stay mentally and physically fit. Natoya Goule is fit and in Track shape. Her performances in Boston and London were stellar. She has done well in preparing to be an Olympian. She has been training and is psychologically prepared. There is Local opposition to the staging of Olympics 2021 but the Athletes in Japan are ready and Natoya Goule will be.

Natoya Goule is a star. She will be a force to reckon with in Japan. She has improved her display of confidence at the start Line and now wave with exuberance. Despite finishing sixth in Doha 2019, she continues to improve her performance in the 800 Meters. Goule will be ready to win at Olympics 2021. She will make more VLOGS after the Olympics. It is refreshing to see an athlete step away and establish a new frontier. She is a Burning Spear and has my vote for flag bearer in the opening ceremony. Below are things that Natoya Goule can do to ensure victory.

Training should not be fun. It should be hard work but NO Pain, NO Gain. She has my vote for flag bearer in the opening ceremony.

Work on a Sprint Finish.

Develop more confidence in her stride or Form

Believe in herself and tune out opponents or the competition

Think of Olympics 2021 in Training

Think of the Records for the event and aim for the fastest time. World time is 1:53:28. Olympics is 1:53:43.

The following Splits are recommended, First 100M – Next 600M – Next 50M – Final 50M. Do not run in the Pack. Do not engage in a Jog in the park. Run the Race, get into the heads of the competitors, and run the splits. Mentally and physically, practice the splits. Get to the point where there is no thinking, just running.

First 100M establish Momentum

Next 600M maintain Momentum, follow the leader, and always stay in striking distance of the Leader but at her Pace. If the Lead changes, follow that leader. If the Pace is too slow, go by and stay at her Pace (one she has proven she can maintain during Training). Do not Jockey for the lead it will ruin Stamina.

Only exert enough energy to maintain Momentum. The mission is to win and break the Record if she can.

Next 50M (100M to the Finish Line) get ready to sprint. This is like a running start in Relays but longer. Ask a member of the 4 x 100 Relay team to work with her on that in Training. Be serious it will make a difference.

Final 50M run as fast as she can to the Finish. Leave it all on the Track. Focus on the Finish Line. The only Race she is running is the current. Past and future races are of no concern. This is where work on Sprinting will help.

In Training and Competition Imagine, she is in the Olympics 2021 800M Final. See herself winning the ultimate Prize.

Develop that strategy and run every Race accordingly. Tweak it a little where necessary.

COVID-19 caused the rescheduling of Olympics 2020 but Athletics is essential. Sports Fans look forward to seeing Olympic caliber Athletes perform, especially those who compete in Track and Field including the Marathon. There are many things happening in the world, from the Caribbean to South China Sea but now is the time to support and encourage all Athletes preparing to perform in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Olympics 2021 is schedule for July 23 to August 8 2021. There are Geo-Political issues in the Region that could have an impact on the event but conditions not expected to deteriorate significantly, before September 2021.


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