Elaine Thompson – Herah (ETH), presumably has two new Coaches, Derron Herah, and Bert Cameron. Who are they, what is their Track and Field experience? Can they train an exceptional female athlete? Derron Herah has some Track and Field experience but not a Star or Household name.  Bert Cameron was successful in his own right as a 400M talent. Athletes who were not Household Names are often good Coaches. Therefore, Fans will step out on the Limb and anticipate a successful campaign for both men. The first opportunity to Grade will be at World Athletic Championships 2022.

Rematch: Fans are in anticipation of a rematch between Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, and Shericka Jackson at World Athletic Championships 2022 in Eugene, Oregon. Elaine will keep focus on the prize and stay hungry. If training is somewhat regimented and structured, preparation should be fine. Despite the presumed lack of experience of her new coaches, Fans anticipate Elaine will be ready to perform at World Athletic Championships 2022, July 15 to July 24.

The Athletic season starts in February. Fans are pleading with the Stars to avoid Indoor competition. Avoid feet and Achilles heel injury for the next three years. Even if Elaine, Shelly, and Shericka have a slow start to the season, nothing to be nervous about they will hit their stride by April in time to search for Easter Eggs. The psychological preparation begins in the month of May, speed will be on display in June, and Athleticism will be ready for Prime Time in July.

Athletes planning to be in the Women 100M Finals in Oregon with a Personal Best (PB) slower than 10.7X should STAY HOME or skip the event. Participating in the event with a PB south of 10.7X, will make you late for Dinner. The Women 100M Final in Oregon 2022 is on Track for a Time of 10.47 or better. The Tail Gate Party has begun.

World Athletic Championships – 2022 should be entertaining. There is a possibility that Elaine Thompson – Herah will run 10.47 and 21.2 for the 100M and 200M respectively. Fans anticipate Shericka Jackson will join the 100M 10.6X club. A review of Olympics 2021 and Prefontaine Classic 2021 show Shericka Jackson closing fast at the end of each race. This is confirmation that Shericka Jackson is making progress with her Speed. There is work required on her start. Start is not limited to getting out of the Blocks it includes forward progress by or about 30 Meters into the 100M and 200M events.

Some athletes could have a career-challenging year in 2022. For example if Shacari Richardson finds it difficult to beat 123, she may not participate in World Athletic Championships – 2022. Will Christine Mboma get faster and allowed to compete in the 400M? Will Gabby Thomas decide to compete in the 100M? Fans of Gabrielle Thomas are not keen on her ability to be a Star in the 100M. Her Athletic history seems best suited for the 200M. Gabrielle Thomas can be a star in the 400M event if she studies this race. Regardless she will compete.

Redo: Natoya Goule is a Fan favorite. She has a chance to redo her attempt to deliver victory. Despite a disappointing performance in Tokyo, she is still highly regarded in the 800M event. While she did not make the Podium in Tokyo, Fans believe she has a Championship run in her. It could well be in the 800M Final at World Athletic Championships – 2022.

Goule should be ready to win the 800M at World Athletic Championships – 2022. It is refreshing to see an athlete step away and establish a new frontier. She is a Burning Spear. She will be a force to reckon with. Her mission is to stay away from the Lead, and maintain striking distance until the last 100M. Will she accept the mission? Your guess is as good as her Fans.


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