Philippines Athletics is definitely on a trajectory of forward and upward. The Performances of John Obiena and Hidilyn Diaz in Olympics 2020 have energized aspiring athletes. Fans are anticipating more of what they saw in Tokyo and glimpses of recent events. Collectively they are echoing sentiments of “Liking, Loving, and wanting more“.

There is increased participation in Track and Field in the Philippines and the future looks bright. EJ Obiena is a talented Athlete. Fans are not sure why the issues with the Athletic Authorities. However, they are pleading with the authorities to let him participate and represent Country. Fans see no need to prohibit talent. If you think EJ Obiena is not talented, let us see you do the Pole Vault. There is anticipation that EJ Obiena will ultimately get a medal on the world stage in the Pole Vault.

The Philippines Athletes are progressively working on their talents to be as good as Jamaicans on the Track and Americans in the Pool. I sense many Pride of the Philippines among them, or a Burning Spear somewhere

Fans will forever revere Hidilyn Diaz. Hidilyn Diaz in the 55kg weightlifting event was ready to step forward and be the Philippines first Olympic Gold MedalistHidilyn Diaz, has been competing on the World Stage since 2007. She was a Silver medalist in Rio 2016 and was ready to be an Olympic Gold Medalist in Tokyo. She was determined to give every Kilogram of effort to accomplish her Goal. She withstood the Pressure from competitors to attain victory. Her performance was exemplary and a model for all Philippines Athletes to emulate. Olympics 2024 should conclude her Olympics Career. Expectations are she will participate in coaching aspiring Weight Lifting Olympic caliber Athletes.

The Philippines Olympic Gold Medal drought is over. Moving Forward we anticipate competitive Performances from James Deiparine, Kristina Marie Knott, Carlo Paalam, and Carlos Yulo in World Athletics Championships 2022 and Olympics 2024. As Philippines Athletes, prepare for World Athletic Championships – 2022. Pinoys expect their good fortunes to continue. Fans anticipate the Team will be competitive and hope all Athletes are in good health and filled with optimism after the typhoon.


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