June is speed month. Stars will put their Head, uniform, and Track shoes on. It is the month before Track and Field Rematch between Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, and Shericka Jackson at World Championships 2022. Some Stars are not ready but they are getting there. Elaine Thompson-Herah (ETH) is the Fastest Woman Alive but that does not mean she will always win in June. Regardless of what transpires in June, she is the Fastest Woman Alive.  

In Rome, Shericka Jackson ran the 200M in a time of 21.91. That is a good step forward for her season. Pundits and naysayers should remember that Shericka Jackson can run faster. Her performance sends a strong message regarding expectations for the 200M event at World Championships 2022. To Pundits and naysayers who like to bash ETH, sending a warning will require a minimum time of 21.51.

There will be lots of Fans chatter such as; we think ETH will destroy the Field again, or we think Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce is going to defend her World Championship Title, or we think Shericka Jackson is getting tired of being third Fiddler and generate an upset. All results are possible if you believe.

Which Star will be the Phantom of the Opera? Will Gabby Thomas impose her will and be a World Championships Track and Field party crasher. Will Mboma experience a miracle and make an appearance. We will just have to wait and see. Whatever!!! The Five – Elaine, Shelly, Shericka, Gabby, and Christine Mboma will be factors. World Championships 2022, as it pertains to Women sprints, will revolve around the FIVE

Fans are in anticipation of a rematch between Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, and Shericka Jackson at World Athletic Championships 2022 in Eugene, Oregon. Elaine will keep focus on the prize and stay hungry. Fans anticipate Elaine will be ready to perform at World Athletic Championships 2022, July 15 to July 24.

Athletes planning to be in the Women 100M Final in Oregon with a Personal Best (PB) slower than 10.7X should STAY HOME or skip the event. Participating in the event with a PB south of 10.7X, will make you late for Dinner, where Dinner is the Gold Medal. The Women 100M Final in Oregon 2022 is on Track for a Time of 10.47 or better. The Women 200M Final in Oregon 2022 is on Track for a Time of 21.5 or better The Tail Gate Party has begun.


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