Jamaican Male Track and Field Athletes capable of running sub 10.0 seconds for the 100M, sub 20.0 seconds for the 200M, sub 44.0 seconds for the 400M, sub 1:44 for the 800M, and sub 3:20 for the 1500M are invited to audition in Country for Track Season 2023. Be there or be square. Uniforms provided after a successful Drug Test. Hope to see you there.

The following Athletes were invited and encouraged to bring a Training Partner: Yohan Blake, Akeem BlakeAkeem Bloomfield, Oblique Seville, Jaydon Hibbert, Jaheel Hyde, Julian FORTE, and Andrew Hudson. If your name is not in the list then our scouts made a faux pas. Regardless please step forward. Many will represent Country in a Sport that undoubtedly is the original and the hardest.  

Fans are calling for an end to the drought of victories and a return to performances consistent with Heritage. Fans anticipate Jamaica’s male Track and Field athletes to resume dominance at World Championship 2023 and Olympics 2024. We expect Signature Performances. We know things will get better but it is time to get to work. Fans will patiently wait and provide pens for Signature performances.

There are prospects for Jamaica’s male Track and Field. It is time for all to Big Up. Usain is not the only one who can run. Did Usain take the best track shoes home? Thank goodness, he did not take the women shoes. Usain Bolt might have been an inspiration or the equivalent of an insurance policy but Fans are looking for a few good men to inspire and motivate others.

There were great expectations that success at Common Wealth Games 2018 would carry forward to Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. Unfortunately, Fans did not realize that expectation. At Commonwealth Games 2018, the team placed 11TH out of 43 with 27 Medals in total – 7 Gold, 9 Silver, and 11 Bronze. Not too shabby for an Island Nation. Fans anticipated improvement in Field events such as Long Jump, Triple Jump  Javelin, Discus, Shot Put, Hammer throw, and High Jump. Those gains did not materialize in Tokyo 2021 but they are forthcoming.

Hurdling has caught on. Jamaica’s Male Hurdlers are demonstrating what Fans expected in this Event. Hansle Parchment won Gold and Ronald Levy won Bronze in the 110M hurdles Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. Jaheel Hyde has some work to do in the Men’s 400 meters hurdles but Fans think he is on the cusp of doing something special. Track and Field is hard work and Perseverance.

Omar McLeod still impress despite not making the Team for recent International campaigns. His performances boosted interest in the 110M Hurdles event. The 110M Hurdles is an event in which Jamaican Athletes should excel. It is time to get ready for World Athletic Championships – 2023. I am 100 percent behind Hurdlers. Is it possible that Omar McLeod, Hansle Parchment, and Ronald Levy could produce a 123 in the 110M hurdles? Fans think it is possible. However, there is a new person on the Team – Rasheed Broadbell. The Tail Gate Party continues to Olympics 2024.


Telegram Delivered Today

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