It appears that the rebound of Elaine Thompson Herah (ETH) might be threatened. Pre- season 2022 she opened with a 400M experiment, which in retrospect failed. Pre- season 2023 she again opened with another 400M experiment, which objectively was a failure. Unless it was a planned 300M experiment, it failed or proved nothing. Said experiment can be done in Training. Fans have no interest in seeing their Star struggle. Lactic acid will embarrass any Athlete. Our Star is not focus on her Bread and Butter events. Since the coaching staff is confused, then it is time for Sponsors to speak up. Disappointment is in the air.

If an Athlete wishes to experiment with the 400M, then do it in Training. The notion that running the 400M will prepare one for the 200M is folly, at least for ETH. No one wish for a return to her previous Track Club but Fans are encouraging current coaches to get their act together. ETH is on the cusp of a three – Peat of the double, 100 and 200M, at Olympics in 2024. By Jove, get to that point coaches. If this conduct is a strategy then Fans are now asking what exactly is the Goal. Disappointment is Looming.

Fans anticipate Signature performances in the women 100M, 200M, 400M, and 800M. Competitive Athletes are planning to surprise. They are planning to deliver exceptional performances to cap the era 2016 – 2024. Fans believe the 100M world record will be 10.47 seconds, the 200M world record will be 21.2 seconds, the 400M world record will be 47.5, and the 800M world record will be 1:52.55 by the end of Track season 2024.

Track and Field 2023 is moving forward. Track and Field is creating excitement and the World is watching. Expectations are Stars will be ready and competitors will be back rejuvenated and determined to outperform their rivals. In the midst of all this excitement and anticipation, The Olympics women 100M Record Holder is seemingly inactive. Disappointment is Looming.

2023 and 2024, will be defining years for some Track and Field stars. Careers will end or begin in these two years. Women 100M record will be 10.47 and the 200M record will be 21.2 seconds. BeyondApparent.com thinks the Olympic record holder for the 100M is most likely to accomplish that success as long as there are no hidden injuries. Fans should not be distracted by 60M Events. There is an Ocean between 60M and 100M and you had better be able to swim.

Women 400M and 800M events will be very competitive. Gabby Thomas will hunt for treasure in the 400M event. The 800M is still unsorted. With the exception of Athing Mu, there is still no indication in 2023 of anyone ready to be World Champion in the 800M event. 

Jamaican Female sprinters, have unfinished business. Fans of Elaine Thompson – Herah (ETH) anticipate excellent years in 2023 and 2024. They are anxious for Signature Performances. The next two years 2023 and 2024 is Prime time to run 10.47 for the Women 100M event. If 10.47 is not attained Fans will wait decades for that opportunity. Base on 2023 performances, 10.47 in the women 100M is more likely to occur in Paris than in Budapest. That record will last forever and a Day.

Absent injuries, ETH should to be a Factor in the Women 100M and 200M events in Budapest Hungary August 19, 2023. Less than Signature Performances will be a disappointment. Elaine Thompson – Herah, has work to do but nothing to be nervous about. The Spear will be burning in Budapest and will make Jamaica proud

Athletes planning to be in the Women 100M Final in Budapest with a Personal Best (PB) slower than 10.7X should skip the event. Participating in the event with a PB south of 10.7X, will make you late for Dinner, where dinner is the Gold Medal. The Women’s 100M Final in Budapest 2023 is on Track for a Time of 10.61 or better. The Tail Gate Party continues to Olympics 2024.


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